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Disney Day 2 - Magic Kingdom

Day 2 - Wednesday, May 31 - Magic Kingdom

Even at the most magical place on earth, I still cannot get a decent shot of these 7 kids

Hollon loves Cinderella's castle. I was so excited for her to see it in person, I seriously thought I was going to throw up (so embarrassing). Her excitement did not disappoint!

teary eyed moment #724, 319
Important (not really) to Note: No, Hollon's hair is not super greasy and yes it had been washed. Every day putting sunscreen on her, it would get all in her hair. So every day her hair looks greasy and limp. #finestraighthairproblems

Our family

My sister's family

My brother's family

We were at the park way early (before opening) and the kids had lots of steam to blow off

The oldest 4
Since we were at the park early, we were going to try to get in as many rides as possible, before our fast passes started and lines started getting long. I watched Mae Stanley and Hollon so that Lindsey and my parents could ride Splash Mountain with Lindsey's family. (Robbie, Jake & my brother's family went to ride Big Thunder Mountain.
Lindsey & Gaines are in row 3. Brooks & Woody are in the last row.

Mom & Dad are in row 3
I took Hollon and MS where we could watch the logs coming down the big hill. Hollon declared that she wanted to ride. (Not only was she not tall enough, but she would have hated it.) Thankfully, they had a little play area, so I took her to that. She played and I held MS in the shade. It was a favorite moment!

The rest of the crew rode Splash Mountain after riding Thunder Mountain
Billy & Maddox row 1, Robbie & Jake row 2, Leigh Ann & Marrell row 3
After the thrill seekers were done, we all headed over to our first fast pass, Peter Pan. Then we split up a little. Marrell was at her Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique appointment. Hollon was too young to sign up, but I had brought her a Cinderella dress and let her put it on to check out the castle. She was so cute and happy! (Jake was off exploring with Gran)

We got to see them putting the finishing touches on Marrell's hair

Hollon enjoyed just twirling around among all the princesses 

Afterwards, Hollon kept saying how beautiful Marrell was. She couldn't stop looking at her! She kept calling Marrell "Belle".
Be still my heart. Look how Hollon is looking at Marrell.
After that, we rode the teacups. Pictures of my kids on the teacups are one of my favorites.

After that, we met back up with Jake and he & Robbie went off to ride some rides and I took Hollon to meet some princesses. 
Elena of Avalor

And then Hollon met her favorite..... Cinderella

Cinderella telling Hollon how beautiful her dress was. Hollon was BEAMING.
(And it made it worth the fact that Hollon's Cinderella dress got glitter EVERYWHERE and was a hot sticky mess when trying to hold her)

I think this particular Cinderella had been up late the night before

Hollon was highly impressed with the gift shop

She was super excited to ride the carousal

We met up with the group again. Everyone except Hollon, MS & I had fast passes to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. While everyone went to ride that (it ended up breaking down and no one got to ride it😞) I took Hollon & MS to meet Ariel.

Poor Ariel could barely understand anything Hollon was saying. She was first showing her, her shoes and then was pointing me out holding the Mae Stanley (the baby).

Mae Stanley was not impressed

Bahahahaha! MS just lumped over and cried!

Hollon's awkward pose
On the bus back to the resort, she was zonked out

We rested at the resort, ate dinner and then us kids, spouses and older grandchildren went back to the park for late magic hours. My sweet, sweet, sweet parents watched the 4 younger kids, so we could do this. πŸ˜‡

Because Hollon is a girl and Jake is a boy, and there is a 5 year age difference, there is very little that they would both want to do at the same time. So most of the trip, Robbie was with Jake and I was with Hollon. I was so excited for the evening magic hours, because I could finally spend some time with Jake. He is such a blast, and just makes me smile. We had an awesome evening.

We got to ride the Buzz Lightyear ride together

2 years ago...

We were walking across the park to meet up with my sister and Brooks and the fireworks show was going off. It was crowded, so Jake was holding my hand. They were playing the sweetest song and it was such a bittersweet moment.

Getting to ride the classic old rides like Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain with my sister was awesome. We relived old Disney trips and had so many laughs. It was an awesome night.

We rode Splash Mountain and got soaked!
Robbie & Jake row 2, Brooks row 3, Lindsey & I row 4
We got in line to ride Space Mountain around 12:30 and Jake was honestly falling asleep standing up. We told him we could go back to the hotel, but he wanted to stay and ride this last ride. This boy is such a trooper!
Jake & Robbie

Lindsey (who has the best ride expressions), Brooks & me
Thoughts: Oh how I love Magic Kingdom. I love that there are rides that Jake loves and that Hollon loves. It was such a fun day getting to do the toddler girly stuff with Hollon early in the day, and then the faster stuff with Jake late in the day. And having a blast from the past with my sister? It honestly was as close to a perfect day as you could get.
Go Figure: Hollon would have the most awkward pose and smile with characters. And that she would be way more excited seeing them from afar than them touching her.
Jake's Favorite Rides: The mountains. Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain & Space Mountain.
Hollon's Favorites: Meeting Cinderella, tea cups and carousal
My Favorite Moments: Hollon's excitement seeing the castle & squealing when she saw Cinderella. Jake holding my hand while walking through the park and the fireworks and farewell music playing.

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