Thursday, June 8, 2017

Atlanta to Orlando

Disclaimer: The next 6 posts are on Disney and are extremelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy long. Lots of pictures, lots of details, and probably lots of boring to other people. But my memory is horrible, and these posts are my way of making sure that I never forget not only the big moments, but all those sweet little details. I go back and read my posts from our last Disney trip all the time, and I'm so glad I documented them. So I want to do the same for this trip. This trip, we added 12 people, so these posts got even longer! 

Thank you: A HUGE thank you to my parents. They came up with the idea for us all to take a trip to Disney together and graciously paid for a portion of the trip. My kids got to spend 4 days at Disney parks playing and making memories with their cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. It was such a special week that we will never forget.

Now on to the trip! I had the kids clothes picked out in my mind for months. It was exciting to actually lay them out to pack.

We left Eufaula Monday morning and headed to the Atlanta airport. Hollon took riding the shuttle to the airport very seriously.

Since we were loosing an hour and unsure about Atlanta traffic, we left early & we actually go to the airport several hours before our flight.

My sister and her family booked the same flight as us and met us at the airport. We were flying Southwest, which doesn't use assigned seats. You could see the people mentally noting to not sit anywhere near us!
5 kids. 4 of them age 4 and under

My sister, Mae Stanley, Hollon and I shared a row

Robbie, Woody and Jake were the row behind us

Gaines & Brooks were across from us

A storm rolled in after we had boarded, so we ended up sitting on the runway for about 30-45 minutes. That is a very scary feeling when sitting with a two-year-old.

I only had to hear Hollon say 687,652,458 times "let me hold my baby" 

Arriving at the Orlando airport

Because of the delay in Atlanta, we arrived in Orlando about an hour later than planned. My parents and my brother's family had driven down that morning and had already arrived at the resort. The kids were excited to go swimming, but a power outage at the resort resulted in the pool and restaurants being closed. Yikes! So we hopped on the boat and rode over to Disney Springs to eat supper.

We ate dinner from the food trucks and did a window shopping and then headed back to the resort to rest up before our first full day at Disney.

We were standing in a line, waiting to board the boat to head back to the resort. Hollon kept going under the rope and getting in the way of people getting off the boat. Made me extremely nervous on how she would do in ride lines! 

Resort: We stayed at the Port Orleans - French Quarter resort. It was one of the moderate Disney resorts. It was perfect for us! It was large enough that there was plenty to do and eat, but not so large that you felt like you had to take a taxi to get to the lobby, pool and bus stop. I would absolutely stay there again.

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