Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Update

On Thursday, our friends Brooke & Matt & their 10-week old daughter Anna James stayed with us as they were on their way to Knoxville for the TN/AL game. It was so much fun to have a baby in the house! Anna James is such a good little baby. The few times she would cry though, it would cause Jake to stir around. We enjoyed our 2nd weekend in a row at home. On Friday night we went to McCallie's football game & on Saturday we enjoyed being able to watch football at our own house. We also made progress in Jake's nursery. We refinished 2 pieces of my furniture that were used in my nursery as a baby. I think Robbie got more than he bargained for with the antique chiffrobe. It needed more work than I originally thought. It has been moved several times & is very old. I don't think that I'll ever be able to convince Robbie to let us have another piece of antique furniture again! I just love them so much & am so happy with the finished product. Thank you Robbie, you did such a wonderful job!

We will use the 3-drawer chest as a dressing table

All that is left to do with the chiffrobe is replacing the door mirror. Because it is an odd size, we had to special order it & it should be in on Monday.

A few months ago, Robbie & I found a crib that we fell in love with at a baby store in Chattanooga. Robbie's sweet parents gave us the crib as an early baby shower gift. It means so much to us, and we are so happy that it will be a gift that Jake will use for so many years to come. The crib is a convertible crib, so it will convert to a toddler bed & a full size bed. Jake thanks you Mimi & Granddad! Robbie & I planned to pick up the crib during the weekend. Friday during the day, Robbie went by & picked up the crib, put it together & had it ready to surprise me when I got home from work.

2 Trimesters Down, 1 To Go

As of Saturday I am 28 weeks along and entering my 3rd trimester. I cannot believe that we are down to our last trimester. 12 more weeks to go. The first part of the pregnancy seemed to go by so slow. In week 19, we found out we were having a boy & I felt him move for the first time. Since then, time has flown by. I have been very lucky during the pregnancy, I only hope it continues. I have not been sick any & have felt good. I am starting to become more & more uncomfortable each week though, but I try not to think about it. I want to make sure to save up my complaining for the last few weeks, when I'll probably need it most! Jake is doing well. Some days he is more active than others, but his movements are not uncomfortable... yet. He is actually moving around as I write this entry. Each time he moves, it is a reminder of the miracle growing inside me. I smile every time I feel him. I think he can sense when Robbie is nearby though because he tends to move around more when he is around. Especially if Robbie puts his hand on my stomach. We had a doctor's appointment last week & everything is looking great. His heartbeat was good & he is measuring for normal growth. This was the last of my 4-week appointments. I will now start going every 2 weeks. I am embarrassed to admit that for the last 2 weeks, if I sat a certain way, I could see a small hump in the middle of my stomach. I thought that it was a body part of Jake's. I would rub the little hump & talk to it. I asked my doctor which body part of his it might be. Turns out, that it is just the muscles in my stomach separating, causing a hump in my stomach when I sit a certain way (or something like that). Anyway, it's not Jake, but my own body part that I've been talking to. Oh well! Won't be the first mistake I'll make!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Robbie was in Auburn for the game while I stayed in Chattanooga to attend a wedding. Since I was staying in Chattanooga, my best friend Stephanie came up to spend the weekend with me. It was the first time in years that the 2 of us have spent the weekend together, just the 2 of us. No husbands, no parties to host, just a weekend of shopping, eating out & comparing pregnancies (our due dates are 2 days apart). Jake likes to stay in the bottom center of my stomach, while Grant likes to hang out on Stephanie's side. While it has been so much fun to be pregnant at the exact same time, it makes us both a little sad that we will not be able to be there for each other's sons birth. We have been there with each other through all major events in our lives for the last 11 years. But we will be traveling down to Fairhope to see them in '09 as soon as possible. I can't wait for Jake & Grant to have their first real play date. Hopefully Jake will love road trips as much as his parents. So, how soon can you travel 6 hours in a car with a newborn?

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lara's Birthday

Happy Birthday Lara! Friday night I helped host a birthday party for Lara. I was so excited to finally get to do something for her. She has been such a good friend to both Robbie & I. She was one of the first of Robbie's friends that I met. We hit it off right away and became instant friends. I lived with her the year before Robbie & I were married and she & Robbie have been friends since junior high. So she is a very important & special person to Robbie & I. We were both so excited to celebrate her birthday with her and celebrate what an awesome friend she is!

Lara with hostesses Shelly, Kelli & myself
Beautiful view of downtown Chattanooga from Kelli's deck

Emma, Lara, Jamie, Jennifer & Shelly
Robbie, Zach & Chris
Emma, Lara, Kimberly & Alli
Robbie & I (25 weeks! Only 15 more to go!)

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthday Sandwich Weekend

Robbie & his good friend Zach share 9/27 as a birthday weekend (Robbie's is the week before & Zach's is the week after). Since we go to all of the Auburn home games & Zach & Kimberly go to all of the TN home games, there are not a lot of weekends in the fall that we are all in the same city. This year, as both guys celebrate their 30th birthdays, the Auburn / TN game fell on their birthday weekend. We enjoyed a large crowd of both Auburn & TN fans at the tailgate and game. It was a great birthday sandwich weekend!

Celebrating Friday night

Kimberly, Lara & ILara & Robbie

Game Day SaturdayTN Friends - Zach, Kimberly, Abby, Chris & Alli w/ Robbie & I

Lara & I

Henry enjoying the tailgate

Auburn / TN Tailgate Group

The Regular Tailgating Group - Tricia & Brett w/ their son Cole, Gary & Summer w/ their son Henry and Robbie & I