Thursday, January 26, 2017

Week in Review

Monday was MLK Day, so we enjoyed the 3 day weekend.

Ready for the school week on Tuesday
Sometimes it is just pointless to try to get a morning picture
 She had put Peppa & George in this basket and was feeding them

She LOVES George's stuff dinosaur 

Usually in the mornings, I open the front door to distract her from whatever toy/show/iPad she is playing with to get ready to go. She likes to stand in front of the garage door and yell at me to open it.

Tuesday night, we were hanging out and Jake offered to read Hollon a book (which also included sitting in her chair under her blanket). 

 Tacky Wacky Wednesday
You will see these shoes talked about A LOT. They make an appearance at least once a day. Sometimes it causes a funny moment. Sometimes it causes a fight. On this particular morning, Hollon was insisting on wearing them to school. She has actually gotten a lot better at walking in them over the last week, but this is when they were still pretty new to her. She kept falling. So I let her wear them around the house that morning. 

Parenting Win! By the time it was time to leave for school, she had fallen so many times, when I asked her if she wanted to put on her rain boots (her next favorite shoes), she agreed. 
(Don't be jealous of the parenting win. We had a major clothes battle this week and I lost.)

Showing me how she can jump in her boots

Ready for Thursday

It is hard to take her morning picture when she won't stop staring up at the TV

You get lots of pictures like this

She let me take her picture before naptime. She is with her 4 favorites - pig as a pillow, Minnie Mouse, Good Night Moon book and blanket.

Hollon had not been feeling great all week, so I decided to just keep her home Friday. Work was pretty quiet and we just had a low key day and she was able to rest up.

 It was a beautiful weekend, so we spent Saturday afternoon outside
I picked the dress, but Hollon picked the shoes. And insisted on wearing these socks with them.
 She is finally figuring out the water gun

Jake was running around with some of the neighborhood boys

 We played with bubbles

I can't believe her hair is long enough for a ponytail! I love it, but it makes me sad at the same time. Way too grownup for my taste! I tried keeping her hair pulled back all weekend, because her runny nose was horrible. 

Lounging around that evening

She has done this with her toes since she was a baby. She especially does it right after you take off her socks or shoes. Or when lounging.

And the shoes are back. 
This was dad's first time to see them in all of their glory.
Please note how way too big they are for her
 Jake told me he wanted to "photo bomb" some pictures. So I obliged. 

Messy high ponytail: ✔
Too tight/small skinny jeans: ✔
Clear plastic heels: ✔
Ready for a night on the town

She reminded me of Naomi Harper from Mama's Family

Showing us her dance moves.
At this point, Robbie was hyperventilating into a bag.

A little live action

Ready for church on Sunday. Thankfully, the heels did not come out for church.
These were taken after church and Jake said there was no way he was tucking his shirt back in

Then she started doing this

And it was time to end the photo shoot