Monday, December 4, 2017

Nana & Gran's

The Monday of Thanksgiving break, we headed down to Prattville to take pictures of all of the grandchildren for my parents Christmas card. 

They were all laughing as Mae Stanley just stood there and cried

Maddox (13)

Marrell (9)

Jake (almost 9)

Woody (5)

Gaines (3)

Hollon (3)

Mae Stanley (1)

These 2 are a mess!

Once inside, everyone (except Gaines :) changed clothes and we let the cousins all play together for a while. Hollon kept trying to sit with Mae Stanley and read her a book.

Mae Stanley loved it

She was much happier to have the seat all to herself and her servants just stand in front of her and entertain her.

Hollon played in an old flower girl dress that I wore in a wedding as a little girl

The boys hung out on the patio watching tv

They decorated some turkey hats

Jake climbed a tree
And then he couldn't get down

Hollon showed that she will probably been just as nervous of a driver as I am. She was VERY concerned that Gaines was too close to the back of her car.

And then she did what I usually do when driving. Pull over and cry as everyone passes you by.

I got in lots of snuggles with this sweet little girl

And we ended the afternoon with lots of zip lining

Friday, December 1, 2017

What We've Been Up To

The Bushes took Hollon to a relative's farm in Montgomery that has horses. 

She got to explore and try on cowboy hats

Hollon loved riding the horse at the pumpkin patch. She was a little unsure on this horse though, because she was riding bareback, not on a saddle. 

Trying on more hats at Liz's house

Jake and Rob had a camp out with our church

Unfortunately they had to miss out on all of Saturday's events because they had to leave super early to make it to Auburn for the Georgia game. 
Jake slept the entire way
We had Friendsgiving with some neighborhood friends
Jake was completely annoyed that I would interrupt "guy talk" to take a picture
The little kids didn't mind

Little Turkey

We went to brother's basketball practice after dance one day

We had Thanksgiving feast at Jake's school

Hollon sang in her first school musical
Of course I had a microphone pole directly in my line of sight of her

Her little class is in the yellow shirts
Nana & Gran got to come up and see her perform!

I had a girls dinner one evening, so Rob took Hollon to basketball practice with him

Dinner with 3 of my sorority sisters. We all lived in the Phi Mu house together in college and now all live in Birmingham!