Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week in Review - Valentine's Parties, Field Trip & Jake's Birthday Party

I tried putting all of Hollon's stuff toys on one side of her changing table. Mistake! She just wants to open the door, pull them all out and then leave them all over the floor. She doesn't play with them. She just wants to drag them out.

It was Valentine's Day!!

It was so sweet. Both kids were ready for bed and Jake was in Hollon's room reading her a story.

Ready for Wednesday!
Yes, in all morning pictures, she is running down the hall.
This is the only way to take her pictures in the morning right now.
If we have time before we leave for school, we'll go outside for a few minutes and explore.

And work on our jumping

And on our bossing

I LOVE this video of Hollon. This was that afternoon and I was cleaning our bathroom. I had the jets running in the tub, cleaning them out. Hollon was fascinated, because the water was so high. In the video, she is telling me the bubbles are coming and they got on her nose.

You have to watch her, because if Jake doesn't put up his homework when finished, she'll get a hold of it.

On Thursday, Jake's class had a field trip to American Village. They only needed 2 volunteers for this field trip and it is one that they went on in kindergarten as well (so most of us moms have already been). Two dads ended up going! I was more than glad to sit this one out. (Sorry History & America!!) The wife of one of the dads sent me a picture her husband took and Jake's teacher sent me a picture.
Jake as president

We are having battle about shoes every morning. The only shoes she wants to wear are her white keds. I know it could be worse, but it still drives me crazy. She has so many cute shoes, but only wants the keds. 

That afternoon, we walked to the park


Bossing around Peppa & George

She stood in the garage and told me to "take her picture"
She was supposed to be napping, but was instead ripping one of our favorite books apart

Instead of a big birthday party this year, Jake decided to invite 3 of his best friends over to spend the night. (His first time to have a sleepover!) First Jake picked to go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner. 
Impossible to get 3 boys to look up while playing a video game
There was a Harlem Wizards Basketball Game that evening against several of the Pelham teachers, so Robbie took the boys to that and Hollon & I headed home to get things ready. 

I got Hollon a new Paw Patrol toy to try to distract her from wanting to play with Jake & his friends

It worked for a little while, but then she started to get antsy wanting to know where Jake and the boys were. She was also not happy that I wouldn't let her have a birthday cupcake until they got home. 

The boys got home and we sang Happy Birthday and had cupcakes. Then the boys went upstairs to play video games and watch movies.

We let them have popcorn, pizza bites and candy. I apologized to the parents the next day, because I'm pretty sure they all had stomachaches. 

First Sleepover!
We had breakfast the next morning before everyone went home

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week in Review - Out of Town

Two weeks ago, I had to go out of town for work. I cannot thank my precious in-laws enough for helping us out so much. We could not have done it without them and we are forever grateful!

On Monday, Hollon spent the day at their house. They sent me this picture of her. She was just relaxing in their bed, eating raisins. (Which probably means when they went to get into bed later that night, they were surrounded by smushed fallen raisins.)

That afternoon they headed over to our house to wait for Jake to get off the bus. Then they watched the kids until Rob got home from work. 

Ready for school on Tuesday!

Enjoying breakfast at Mimi & Granddad's 

Hollon's teacher sent me this picture one day. If I'm gone during the week, I just buy the kids lunchables to pack in their lunchboxes. That way, Rob or his parents don't have to fiddle with making sandwiches and sides. It is a treat for the kids and makes the mornings a little easier for them. Hollon especially loved the lunchable oreo dessert.

Her teacher sent me this sweet picture

View from my hotel in downtown Chattanooga

I got home Thursday night. On Friday was Hollon's first round of Valentine's parties. 

Being silly in the garage. And making us late.

That afternoon we played outside once brother got home

This was so sweet, when Rob was putting her to bed, she popped back up and hugged him one more time

Ready for Saturday

We stopped by a friend's baby shower on our way out of town and then headed BACK up to Chattanooga for the evening (we had bought tickets before we knew I was going to be working in Chattanooga that week). We came back home Sunday and are now just getting ready for baseball season to start!