Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Our First ER Visit

Jake had the late (7:30) baseball game last Monday. Everything started out fine. Jake was playing 3rd base and went to catch a pop up fly ball in the 3rd inning. He overran it a little the ball just missed his glove. But his cheek caught it. It wasn't a line drive and it didn't knock him out. Rob is a coach, so he was on the field and was the first one to Jake. I figured it would just give him a black eye. I could hear Jake crying and that broke my heart. He is a tough kid and doesn't normally cry. So I knew it had to hurt for him to cry at baseball. They helped him off the field and I met them at the fence. He went straight into my arms, which also broke my heart. I was shocked with they removed the towel to his face to see a huge deep gash. Thankfully one of the dads is a firefighter and helped give him first aide. I called his after hours pediatrician and they said because the gash was as big as it was, and on his face, to take him to Children's ER downtown to get it stitched up. Thankfully my sweet in-laws took Hollon and Rob, Jake & I headed downtown. 

We had to wait over an hour in the waiting room. Jake was being such a trooper though!

They put some numbing cream on it, which helped a lot. And then we got a room. Jake was excited to sit in the hospital bed and that he could control the TV with the remote. Bad thing is, at 11:30 at night, there is not much on for an 8-year-old to watch. But he was still excited.

They checked to make sure none of the bones in his face were broken or fractured. Then they were ready to stitch him up. Problem was the boys had smeared eye black all on their cheeks. That eye black is hard to get off anyway, but extremely hard to get out of a cut. It took a nurse, nurse practitioner and doctor all trying for 45 minutes until they could get it clean enough to stitch up.

Finally, around midnight, Jake got 10 stitches and was all fixed up. 

We kept him out of school Tuesday. He was still a little sore, but mainly because he was so tired from being up so late the night before. We have felt so much love from our little community. The night it happened, we had friends offering to watch Hollon. We kept getting texts from people not even on our team checking on Jake. People stopped by our house, sent messages, continued to check on us. It was just a cut on the cheek, but people were still so concerned. The thing that meant the most, were moms that told me their sons prayed for Jake. How sweet! 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Week in Review - Bubbles, St. Patrick's Day & Baseball

Someone didn't take a nap on Monday, so she fell asleep on me that afternoon. I knew if I laid her down, she would wake up. Even though I had a thousand other things I could have been doing, I just sat there and held her. I tried to memorize everything about her, her features, her sounds. The kids are growing so fast, I feel like every time I blink, they look so much older.

Ready for a new week at school

These were all of her "modeling" poses. She would pose and then say, "take my picture". 

The kids have been obsessed with hide-and-seek lately. That afternoon, we were not playing, but I couldn't find Hollon. (Thankfully she giggles a ton, so she is pretty easy to find.) I walked in my closet and found this.

It's Wednesday! Music day!!

So, some days, Hollon will wear whatever I put on her. Other days, she fights me like crazy. This was a day she fought me. She loves this pink dress. It is her favorite and she would wear it every day if I'd let her. 

This is all of the crap she insists on sleeping with

Jake had a haircut scheduled for that afternoon. Afterwards, I took the kids to get ice cream as a treat.

Our old bubble maker bit the dust, so I bought a new one for this summer

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Someone was extremely upset with me, that I had the nerve to put a dress on her that wasn't pink.

Saturday was opening ceremonies for baseball and Jake's first baseball game of the season! We ate breakfast before heading to the park.

Hollon's outfit - made by Mimi
Jake will never stand with his friends and let me take a picture, so I just have to take action shots

Jake with Dad/Coach

Pep talk by Coach Tom before the game

Dad coaches first base

Sister was actually really good during the game. It had rained that morning, so the park was a muddy mess. Any sane, practical mom would have dressed their child in old grungy clothes. But I'm neither sane nor practical, so I dressed my child in a cute outfit with WHITE leggings. And red suede Livie and Luca shoes. (Her rainboots didn't match. Duh.) Needless to say, leggings and shoes are ruined.

She played for the longest time with this leaf and stick

I snapped this picture of her with Granddad. I didn't realize until I just now posted it, that they are both doing the same thing with their hands!

We won!!

Baseball will wear you out

The Bush's were coming to get Jake & Hollon later that day, so Rob & I could go to a neighbor's house for dinner. Hollon read while she waited.

After church on Sunday, we hung out, out back

And Jake & Dad played catch