Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Discovery Museum

Saturday morning we went to the Discovery Museum with friends. This was Jake's first time going & he had a great time! Started having some meltdowns as it got close to nap time & lunchtime, plus it was getting crowded, so that was our cue to head out. We were there for an hour & a half though & would highly recommend it. Lots of fun!! (The pictures do not do justice. Jake refused to look at the camera for pictures, he was too busy running around.)

Digging for artifacts in the sand pit

He could have stayed here all day. He LOVES to stick his hands in water & play.

Connor & Jake playing
Cleaning the museum a little

The meltdowns were starting to come (This is him lying on the floor crying. People were having to step over him. Not our finest!)

Chair lift
Daddy & Jake

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Low Key Weekend

Since our last weekend was so packed & busy, we had a very low key weekend this weekend. Jake wore basically no clothes all weekend except to go out to eat or run errands. A toddler is so much easier to handle in a diaper only!
Fresh off of nap time
Look at that little hiney!
Being the old creepy guy that just sits & looks out his window at his neighbors
Ooh, did you see what they just did?
Just reading a good book
"Could you just please leave me alone lady?"
Bath time! All smiles!

Jake's new backpack

Trying to rock on his rocker if mommy would just get out of his way!

This morning before school. His shirt is so funny, but he did NOT wanting me taking a picture of him.
Tired little boy with Monkey watching over him
Yes I posed this. I thought that it was too funny that he sleeps with a stuffed monkey & there was one on his pajamas. Monkey was rubbing Jake's hair. (Thankfully Jake is a VERY heavy sleeper.)

To stop & play OR just keep going?

So, should you stop & let your child play on something if you know they are going to throw a fit when you make them leave? Jake & I were at the mall early Saturday morning. Our mall has a little soft playground inside. It is usually very crowded, so I normally would not stop to let Jake play. But, since it was early, there were no other kids playing. I decided to stop & let Jake play (even though he had been content just sitting in his stroller). Jake had a great time playing. After about 15 minutes, it was starting to get crowded. There were lots of other kids now & their parents were too busy playing on their phones to notice their kids about trampling my toddler. So I decided it was time for Jake & I to move on. He threw the BIGGEST fit. Screaming, lying on the floor, the whole 9 yards. (And let me tell you, that trying to pick up 35 lbs. of dead weight throwing a fit IS NOT easy or something you can do gracefully!) After we got outside, he calmed down, but I asked myself "why did I even stop". Yes, he had fun, but it was such an ordeal leaving. So, is it worth it to stop & let them play, or should I have just kept going?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

What a wonderful 4th of July! As I get older, I love the 4th of July more & more. I understand more about the scarifices that so many have made for our freedom. Plus, the 4th is such a great holiday to stay in town, go to fun events & hang out with wonderful friends. The holiday started off with Jake's school's annual 4th of July parade. Go figure, I forgot. So Jake went to school not only not wearing anything red, white or blue, but he was wearing his green Snoopy St. Patrick's Day shirt! Whoops! I thought about going home to get him a change of clothes, but knew that was silly & would be a waste of time. It's not like he cared or noticed. So he was in the parade unpatriotic. Again, because I forgot about the parade, I had a conference call scheduled. I considered trying to take it from the parade, but again knew that Jake would not really notice or care. I went last year, and honestly felt kind of silly. They basically just walk around the church. I figure I've got lots of other times to feel guilty about, so I'll just pass on this one!
Saturday morning, while the boys played golf, the moms & kids got to together at the pool. I was only able to get 1 picture. I was too scared to try to take pictures while my toddler was running around. 3 moms to 3 kids ratio, meant no pictures! I did take one quick one though of cute little Addie in her bikini. Thankfully her dad had already left to play golf when her mom got her ready for the pool!
Saturday night, we went to the annual Pops on the River down in the park downtown. Robbie & I have gone every year since we have been dating (he was going long before that!). It is always so much fun (Even though we missed you Lara!). Every year, I think back to what we were doing that previous year. The 1st year Robbie & I went together (2006) we were just dating. The 2nd year we were engaged. I was positive that the 3rd year we would be celebrating as a married couple. I had not planned on celebrating as a married couple & a newly pregnant couple! Last year, Jake had just started really moving & rolling around. Then this year, he was running all over the place. It really was a great night spent with great friends & great kids!

Jake (18 months) & Addie (11 months) before dinner, waiting on their friend Connor (19 months) to arrive

Jake wearing daddy's sunglasses at dinner Our group (minus Alli & Chris who had not yet arrived)

Our family 2010
Our first Pops on the River as a couple dating 2006 Our little All-American boy Cousin Jackson is spending the week with Mimi & Granddad, so they were up in Chattanooga over the weekend to pick him up. They brought him to Pops to celebrate with us. Jackson got stuck with all the kids playing on him. Especially Jake. In this picture, he looks so sweet. He was actually tackling Jackson. Jake loves to wrestle! Jackson was being a great sport about it though! Jake adores his cousin Jackson!
We picked a spot in the very back so the kids would have plenty of room to run around
Jake tackling Zach
Connor enjoying a piggy-back rideJake & Daddy (I'm sure Robbie would say Jake is making this face because of the outfit I made him wear!)
Alli being a natural holding Addie!
Jake with his light saber. Granddad had bought Jackson a light saber. Of course, as soon as he Jackson started playing with it, Jake wanted it. Jackson was sweet & let Jake play with it for a while. But then Jake would not give it back. Jackson kept suggesting to me that it would be a good idea for us to just buy Jake his own. Ha! After enough fighting, sweet granddad bought Jake his own light saber as well. Of course, Jake never wanted to play with his light saber, he only wanted the one that Jackson was playing with. He is such a mess!
Fireworks time! Jake & Addie watching the fireworks safely in their daddy's arms On Sunday. Happy 4th of July!

Sunday night, Zach & Kimberly cooked out at their house
Jake giving kisses to his girlfriend Addie. Addie's daddy kicked us out of the house after that.
One tired little boy. He even slept through the fireworks!
Since Lara was out of town & not able to join us Saturday night (she has been at every Pops that Robbie & I have been to), she came over Monday night & we cooked out. Much fun!