Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! We had a very low key Father's Day. Robbie has a big test at the end of the month, so he spent most of Sunday studying. We ordered pizza Sunday night though, sat outside & ate and just hung out as a family. Robbie & Jake are laying down in the bedroom now watching golf. Not the fanciest or most elaborate celebration of Father's Day, but doing what counts with the ones you love. And Robbie & I cannot wait to celebrate soon with our own dads.



3 amazing fathers that give their love, time, support, hard work and most of all shows all of these things by way of example, not just by way of words. Love these 3 fathers and am so grateful for their leadership in our families.

Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Over the Weekend

The Bush's were headed down to Niceville, FL and asked if Robbie, Jake & I wanted to tag along. Robbie couldn't, because he is studying for an upcoming test, but I took up the offer for Jake & me. My best friend Stephanie's parents live in Niceville, so I figured I wouldn't have to twist her arm too hard to head over & spend the weekend with her parents so I could see her. So Friday afternoon we headed down!

Because it was supposed to rain all weekend, when we got into town we went straight to the beach. Jake liked the sand but was unsure about the water at first. He opened up to it pretty quickly & of course cried when we made him leave to go eat dinner. 
Jumping in the sand

With Granddad walking on the ocean's edge

Saturday morning, Stephanie's parents invited us over to swim at their house. Jake had a great time swimming with Grant.
Swim train. Jonathan was nice enough to handle both boys in the pool so Steph & I could hang out & talk!

The sweet Behrens invited Jake's cousin Jackson over as well
Saturday afternoon, we stopped by a shopping center. Jake rode up in a Star Wars ride. He was acting so brave because Jackson was with him! 

We were staying the weekend at Granddad Jake's house. (Granddad Jake & his wife are on their annual summer RV excursion. We missed you guys!) Granddad Jake's house is right on the lake/pond, so Jake thought that was pretty cool.

Granddad & his 2 grandsons

 Saturday night, the Bush's kept Jake so I could go out to dinner with Stephanie & Jonathan. We had such a wonderful evening & of course I didn't even think about taking a picture. While we were at dinner, the Bush's all went out to dinner as well.
Granddad & Jake (I promise Mimi was on this trip as well. Not sure how she missed every picture!)

This is what happens when you skip your nap. You fall asleep in the middle of dinner.

Uncle Johnathan, cousin Jackson, sleeping Jake, Mimi, Granddad & Aunt Andrea

Having to be carried out

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Checklist:
For the guys - bike ride & golf... check. For the girls - lunch, pedicures, morning walk & brunch... check. For the kids - staying up late, lots of snacks & playing outside... check. For the family - cookout with our closest friends from Chattanooga.... check. It was a perfect Memorial Day Weekend.

Friday after work, we headed up to Chattanooga. Friday night we stayed with the E family and they cooked out.
The kids - Addie, Connor & Jake enjoying dinner outside

Sweet Addie

The kids thought it was funny to lock Mr. Zach out.

They have control of the house now
Saturday morning, the guys got up for an early morning bike ride. 
Playing balloon tennis

Connor & Jake!
Once the guys got back, us girls went to lunch & pedicures. Saturday evening, we all headed over the the S family's house to cook out.
Poor Mr. Andy got stuck playing red light green light with the kids

Of course you have to have ice pops
And do lots of running around

Precious Mia. She didn't know what to think of all of those big kids.
Addie excited for there to be another girl

Saturday night we stayed with the S family
Addie & Jake cleaning off. Playing outside all day long is a little mess!

Sunday morning, us girls went for a walk along the Riverwalk in downtown Chattanooga and then out for brunch. 
Eating breakfast Sunday morning on Mr. Robbie
We got back and the guys left for a round of golf.
More ice pops
And more running
Headed to the park!

Connor & Jake
Nothing says fun like throwing berries down a drain
Driving the remote control cars

Monday morning, our crew headed back down to Birmingham. We went to the pool that afternoon and then cooked out and just hung out outside.
Jake loves for us to draw a race track in chalk on the patio. All of his cars are lined up for the race.
He's obsessed with counting things
Just grilling some hamburgers
And the perfect way to end a perfect weekend? ICE CREAM!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!