Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Eve

We left Chattanooga Saturday morning and headed back to Birmingham. Robbie and Jake went straight to their annual Star Wars movie viewing and Hollon and I went home to decorate for Jake's birthday. Because we had been in Chattanooga that morning, it put us at a late start for the day. As soon as Rob & Jake got home, they changed immediately and then we headed to our church's Christmas Eve service. My parents had been in Atlanta earlier that day with my sister, but they came back through Birmingham so they could see Jake on his birthday. They met us at the church. The kids did well during the service, but it made me a little sad that this is the first year that someone didn't fall asleep in my lap. After the service, we came home and finally got to celebrate Jake's birthday. 

Of course Hollon has changed a lot over the last 2 years, but the one that shocks me is Jake. What a jump from 6 to 8. 

Gran giving Jake his birthday spanks

Hollon loves a reason to hit someone, so of course she joined in

Our family

This is what happens when you eat candy all day

Blowing out his candles

This picture just absolutely melts my heart. This is the second time that my parents have spent Christmas Eve night with us. I love that they get to snuggle with the kids while we watch a movie Christmas Eve night and then get to see the kids open their gifts in the morning. 

Hollon making sure she stays on the naughty list until the last possible moment
kicking Jake

Be still my heart.
I've always been a Daddy's girl and Hollon is quick to try to replace me

Jake wanted one last picture with Chippy before he went back in a box to get lost until the kids start asking about him next year to the North Pole

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Happy Birthday Jake!

On December 24th, Jake turned 8!

Highlights from Jake's year of being seven...

He had a blast putting together all of the legos he got for Christmas

He went to his first hockey game

He had his 7-year-old birthday party at Laser Tag

Our best friends from Chattanooga came down to celebrate

Jake ran in the Mercedes Marathon 

 Spring baseball try outs were in February

He was Tater of the Week

First spring baseball game of the 2016 season

Visited the Easter Bunny

He had a cheering squad at each baseball game

Learned to ride his way too small bike without training wheels

Spent lots of time at the park

Went on a field trip to Old Baker's Farm

Had field day at school

Last day of 1st grade!

Went to the beach the first week of summer

Went bowling for his baseball team's end of the season party

Spent a week with Mimi & Granddad and attended Dawson's VBS

Spent lots of time this summer outdoors

Spent a few weeks at summer camp. Out of the 3 weeks he attended, he got camper of the week twice!

Finally got a big boy bike!

Spent a week with Nana & Gran and attended FBC Prattville's VBS

And had fun on rope courses that Gran built

Spent a week with Mimi, Granddad, and cousin Jackson at GG Kathy & Granddad Jake's summer cabin in NC

His friend Grant from Fairhope came to visit 

Went to Stone Mountain with Hollon family

Had pre- back to school fun trip to the zoo

Had tons of light saber fights. Even if most were with sister.

Started 2nd Grade!

Went to many Auburn football games and tailgates

Went to his first big night game (Clemson), stayed the whole time and didn't get back to the RV until midnight

Attended many games with the family

Instead of football, played fall baseball

Went to an Auburn game with Mimi & Granddad and experienced his first rolling of Toomer's Corner

Went on a beach trip during fall break with cousins

His new school opened!

Went as Anakin Skywalker for Halloween

Sister & I ate Thanksgiving Feast with him at school

He went on his first bike ride at Oat Mt State Park

I say it every year, but he truly is the absolute best big brother a little sister could ever have

I adore this boy so much my heart could burst. He is so sweet and kind. He cares about others and takes taking care of his little sister very serious (which also includes trying to be the boss of her). He loves a good time, he loves his friends, he loves to socialize. He is an huge extrovert. He loves Jesus, loves going to church and loves reading the Bible. He is getting ready to accept Jesus into his heart and I couldn't be prouder of him. He loves his family, his grandparents and his cousins. He is getting older, getting a little too cool for mom. But will still hold my hand and still wants me to tuck him into bed each night. He gets so excited when I volunteer at his school and it melts my heart when he looks at me with so much pride. He is the one who made me a mom. He made me one unexpectedly, he came into the world early and in dramatic fashion. But he is one of the absolute best things that has ever happened to me. I could not ask for a more amazing son. 

Happy 8th Birthday Jake!