Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bush Family Reunion

Saturday, we headed down to Eufaula for the Bush Family Reunion. The reunion is only every 3 years, and we missed the last one, because we were at the beach. Even though we were leaving for Disney on Monday, we really wanted to attend, so we drove down Saturday morning and stayed for the weekend and then drove to Atlanta on Monday to catch our flight. 

The reunion is held at a state park and we stayed in the RV with Rob's parents. They brought their pug Bruiser, which Hollon claims as her own. Both of my kids love walking the dog.

Jake got to see lots of his 2nd cousins (Rob's cousins children)

Of course Hollon thought she was one of the big kids

Abby and Jake racing

Sunday was the reunion. Hollon refused to leave the playground area, so we basically saw no one.

Granddad Jake's Family
2 sons - Chuck & Mike
5 grandchildren - Andrea & Robbie (Chuck) and Chris, Eric & Michelle (Mike)
7 great grandchildren - Jackson-15 (Andrea), Jake-8 & Hollon-2 (Robbie), Abby-9 & Hayden-7 (Chris), and Evan-3 & Lucas-1 (Eric)

The Chuck Bush Family

After the reunion, Rob's Uncle Mike took Jake out on a boat ride to see the alligators

Hollon didn't go on the water, but she did enjoy playing in the boat on land

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