Monday, January 23, 2012

Jake's 3rd Birthday Party!

We had Jake's 3rd birthday party at the McWane Center on Saturday. I was a little apprehensive about it because it was our first time to do a party outside our home & I've never been to a birthday party there. They did a good job & I LOVED just being able to show up, hang out with guests at the party & then have them clean up! I was a little bummed that they had strict rules about no hanging things & no balloons (which basically meant no decorations). Which of course once we got there, they said of course we could hang things (darn me being a rule follower!). So I threw up a little photo banner that I had planned hanging from the tablecloth. Oh well, my pocketbook is smiling at least. The best part of the party is all of our friends & family that joined us. Jake had been so excited about the party and he was not disappointed. He loved playing with his friends & especially loved the cake. Thank you everyone who came and made his day so special. 

With our McWane package, you got to pick a "specialist" to come & do a party demonstration. We picked a "bubble-ologist ".

Playing with the bubble tub in the party room

Sweet Samuel & Hill enjoying some bubbles

Jake refused to let me get a picture of him standing still

Jake spent the entire time of everyone singing Happy Birthday to him drinking his juice box

Jake & Jude

Emily Grace & Addie

Emily & Marrell

Anna James

Enjoying the birthday cake

He really enjoyed it

The setup was very nice. One part of the room was used for the birthday cake and the other part of the room the kids could just play in. It allowed for plenty of room for the adults. We had the party room for an hour then everyone got to go enjoy the children's museum.

My attempt at a group picture

Jude & Connor

The McWane employees gave our guests some noise makers. The kids of course used them as everything but. They were swords, golf clubs, wands, etc...

Connor & Jake playing in the museum

Jake & Marrell

Cousins! Marrell, Maddox & Jake

The kids playing

The Strickland's spent the night with us. Jake was excited to have Addie spend the night.

Addie trying to kiss Jake

Happy Birthday Party Jake! We love you!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good-bye 2011

Recap of previous years posts (click title to go back):
2008 Surprises
2009 Happiness
2010 Peace
2011 Change

2011 was definitely a year of changes. We started the year celebrating Jake's 2nd birthday with his "friends" birthday party in Chattanooga. It was bittersweet, because we knew that it would be the last big gathering with our friends in our Chattanooga house. In January Jake & I moved down to Birmingham to join Robbie who had been there since November. We went from a 3 bed / 2 ½ bath 2 story house to a 2 bed / 2 bath corporate furnished apartment. I went from working outside the home in the corporate office 50 hours a week to part time remote working from home about 35 hours a week. Jake went to full time daycare to Mother’s Day Out at Valleydale every morning from 9:30-1:30. All of this in 1 month. We adjusted fine & were just enjoying all being back under the same roof.  In the spring, we welcomed new little friends Tharp & Harper. Robbie & I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary in April.  In May, our time in the corporate apartment was up & since our house in Chattanooga had still not sold, we moved in with Robbie’s parents. With the new location & being the summer, Jake changed Mother’s Day Out programs & started attending Asbury Tues-Wed-Thurs from 9:30-1:30. In July our house sold. Praise!! Also in the summer, we welcomed new little friends Lucy & Hill. In August we took a mini-family vacation with my best friend Stephanie & her family to the beach. In September we bought our house & moved in. Yea to having room again! Also September Robbie celebrated his 33rd birthday and Jake started his permanent Mother’s Day Out program at Westwood and he loves it the best! In the winter, I celebrated my 33rd birthday & we welcomed new little friends Mia & Mary. We celebrated Jake's 3rd birthday with a small party with our families. He will have his big birthday party in January & he is so excited.  Robbie & I ended the year with friends on Ono Island for New Year's.

Some of the changes were fun, some were stressful, but they were all part of God’s plan for our life. So good-bye 2011!!

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9