Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Week 4 - Oak Mt Camp & Bad Weather

For the 4th week of summer, Jake went to camp at Oak Mountain State Park. He went a few weeks last year as well, and loved it. So we decided to sign him up for a few weeks this summer as well. 

First Day of Camp!

Another week of daycare for Miss H

It rained almost every single day. So a lot of camp was spent inside, and they only got to swim in the lake 2 days. But they still had fun indoors. Most of my pictures of Jake at camp are from the camp's facebook page.

Day 2!

Our entertainer

Pictures from Jake's camp

No, that is not Jake, the one looking at the camera! He is in the background (beside blonde kid with the top of his head cut off). But he liked this activity, so I wanted to save the picture. Those poor counselors! There is only so much you can do when it rains, when you are at a outdoor camp! This day, they got a ton of shaving cream, put it all over the tables and let the kids draw in it.
By day 3, Jake was over the pictures. 

Hollon was not

She was singing for me (in between looking at herself in the mirror) and kept telling me to "take a picture"


 Once we got home, Hollon played in the rain puddles

 More rain! And bad weather in the forecast for today.

They had horrible weather this day. Tornado warnings and everything. At Jake's camp, during the tornado warning, they had to go sit in the bathrooms. He said it was stinky and boring. When I got to Hollon's daycare, they were all in the hallways. Those poor teachers!
No I did not snap this picture! This was the picture they sent out to parents to let them know that everyone was safe. That is Hollon's teacher in the green standing by the crib. Hollon is in the pink rainboots seating across from her.
Every Friday, the daycare has a theme that the kids can dress up as. Usually it is something we have no costume or outfit for (like Egypt or Safari). But on this Friday, it was dress up like a princess or knight. Hollon was super excited to get to wear a princess dress.  
I had a hard time picking which one to let her wear. I liked this one, because it is short, and is easier for her to move around in (which I felt like her teachers would appreciate). But it gets glitter EVERYWHERE (which I'm sure her teachers did not appreciate).

Even in a princess dress, she can find something to pout about and be dramatic. 

Jake was chosen as a camper of the week! So very proud of him!

Usually Jake doesn't let Hollon touch his legos (which is why we had to buy her, her own), but on this night, he was letting her help him sort them.

Ready for church on Sunday!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Father's Day

I got no pictures of the kids with Rob or either of the Grandfathers. 
But these are some amazing fathers.....

"The righteous man walks in his integrity;
His children are blessed after him."
Proverbs 20:7

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Chattanooga Friends Come to Visit

There is a band that Robbie and his best friend Zach have seen a few times. We saw them in Chattanooga not long ago and when we heard they were coming to Birmingham, the boys booked tickets. The concert was at Avondale, which is an outside venue downtown. The weather was perfect!
Kimberly & I
Please excuse my purse. Would not have been my first choice, but I needed something large enough, that I could wear as a crossbody, to put my wedges in, in case I wanted to change into flip flops later in the evening.
(Now, if that doesn't make me sound like a young little 20-year-old, I don't know what will.) (Yea right, I'll be 40 in 2 years😲)
The band sings yacht rock, which is music from the 70's. (Maybe you knew this? I did not.) One of their signature props is the sailor hat. (Hence, why half the people behind us in the photo are all wearing them.) Thankfully, Robbie did not waste spend $15 on a hat. Our friend Zach did. We just borrowed for the picture.

I feel like I am always thanking grandparents in a blog post. (Oh right, I usually am!) But Robbie & I truly have what have to be some of the very best parents (that are grandparents) in the world. Sweet Mimi & Granddad watched the kids for us. Not just our 2 kids, but our friends 2 kids as well. That's right. 4 kids, 2 of which are not even their grandkids. We normally would not just ask for them to watch random kids! They know Zach & Kimberly's kids very well and have spent time with them. It also helps that the older 3 (ages 8, 7 & 4.5) are pretty laid back, easy going and self sufficient. So they were really just having to deal with a high maintenance 2-year-old.
Saturday we went to the pool

And played in sprinklers in the backyard

8 year old humor... pretending the sprinkler water was them "peeing"😒

We ate dinner and then enjoyed ice cream cones for dessert

The 3 older kids fell asleep upstairs watching a movie