Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2 Weeks in Review - boo-boo report, Granddad's birthday & jump house

Big brother & little sister before a football game. I need to get a picture of the back of sister's bloomers. They have ruffles and gold paw prints. She knows she looks cute & prances around the ball field. Because brother plays and dad is a coach, we are there super early. Hollon acts like she owns the place. Brother has been doing great this year. He is center and snaps the ball. His snaps have been great and he now helps block as well. 
Excuse his helmet hair!

As a special father/son treat, Rob took Jake to a movie one night. 

Sister waiting on brother to get home from school on Wednesday

She got her first boo-boo report from school. She face planted on the mulch trying to get on a tricycle outside. She got a bloody nose and scratches on the left side of her face. This was after she woke up from her nap and it already looked 50% better.

Thank you Aunt Lindsey for my cute outfit!

This child LOVES shoes. She loves her shoes, mom's shoes, even dad's shoes. If there are shoes within her sight, she will put them on and walk around in them. 
Little girl / big shoes
Trying to walk in them

Yeah! It's Friday!! Just digging through the mulch waiting on brother to get home.

Her favorite place to sit and wait for brother

Friday was Granddad's birthday, so we were going over to their house to help celebrate. I had a few errands to run beforehand, and Jake talked me into getting silly string to surprise Granddad with. Of course Jake told Granddad as soon as we got there. Needless to say, Granddad got Jake first with his own silly string!

Granddad being a good sport. Jake had a hard time holding the nozzle down long enough for it to be silly "string". His ended up being more silly "dots".

Jake & Granddad
After dinner, getting ready to celebrate with cake

Saturday, we spent the day outside. We even drug out the bounce house, little holes and all. Thankfully it held up to some light jumping. We have certainly gotten our money's worth!
Sister's first time in the jump house

Hollon brushed her hair (she loves hair brushes) while a clip was in her hair

Just as much as she loves the front door step, she loves the back door step just as much. This girl loves a seat.

Just a little static in the hair

Runs in the family

Our neighbors joined us that afternoon to watch games on the patio

Merrin & Hollon
Merrin is a month younger than Hollon
Whoever invented cornhole, probably didn't intend for it to be a climbing toy

Merrin, Collins & Hollon
Please excuse their hodge podge of clothes. It suddenly got cold!
Sunday, I went to the Bush's to monogram some things and Rob had both kids at home. Jake was inside playing, so Hollon got some alone time to jump in the jump house all by herself.

Unfortunately all this cuteness didn't bring the Cubs a win

I was washing our chair slipcovers, so Hollon's highchair was in the floor. It has been her new favorite seat.

We decorated a pumpkin for Halloween

Yes, a few days later, the washed slipcovers were still in the dryer (keeping it real!), so the highchair was still on the floor. Sister got the tray snapped on and couldn't get out.

Paper templates for carving a pumpkin are overrated.  
Thankfully, Jake looses interest in any craft project after about 2 seconds so he had already abandoned the project. I made a few more cuts freehand and then called it a day. I forgot to get a picture of the finished project, but you certainly couldn't tell it was supposed to be a bat hanging upside down. The inside got moldy after a few days, so we tossed it. 

Jake reading Hollon her favorite book.

After school when Jake got off the bus, Hollon wanted to hold his hand. It was so sweet, so of course I wanted a picture of it. Jake was not amused. 

Hollon was very excited

Trying to act annoyed

But he is such a giggle-box, he couldn't stop laughing

We had another weekend of enjoying beautiful weather on the patio.

Jake jumping in to make Hollon laugh

I'm not sure how much fun Hollon thinks this is
The Bush's came over to watch the Auburn game and we cooked out that night. Hollon was chowing down on some corn on the cob.

A mouth full of corn

Trying on Mimi's glasses

In Sunday School, Jake made a mask

This little stinker is now in the walker's class.