Wednesday, March 30, 2011

$7 Haircut

You get what you pay for. In a hurry last week, I ran into a chain hair salon that was advertising $7 haircuts. Jake's hair grows so fast, so every time I turn around, I feel like I'm getting his hair cut. The stylist was so sweet & talkative, we were just chatting away. I was just looking at the back of Jake's head, so I could tell that she was keeping with his style of haircut. It wasn't until Robbie got home & said "what on earth happened to Jake's hair?!". Oops. I guess I should have been paying more attention.

I present to you Ramona Quimby's twin

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jake's Big Boy Room

I love Jake's nursery & have been very happy with him in the crib. Jake seems to like the crib too. He goes to bed easily and plays in the crib when he gets up. He has never tried to get out and I like him being caged up. He could sleep in the crib until he is 5 for all I care. I feel safe him being in it. I looked at many cribs before picking out the one we did. It's a conversion crib (goes from crib to toddler bed to full size bed). Now I don't think that conversion cribs are the best thing since sliced bread (especially when you calculate in the cost of the $150 toddler bed conversion kit & a plastic toddler bed is cheaper then that) but, for a boy, this was my favorite bed and I thought that it would make a cute toddler bed and handsome full size bed. I've been in no hurry to convert to a toddler bed. I just like the feeling of him contained in his crib (and he seems to like it too). This is what his bedroom looked like when we left Chattanooga:Whenever we do get ready to convert to a toddler bed, it will look something like this:

I love Jake's crib bedding. I picked out the pattern & material and it was handmade by my special aunt and monogrammed. I loved that the color was so soft against the dark wood. But, I knew when we converted to a toddler bed, I'd probably have to pick out bedding that was more for a toddler. I imagined something like this:
Well, we moved to the corporate apartment, which is furnished. The guest room had 2 twin beds in it, so there was no room for a crib. So we just set up Jake's pac-n-play. It was a tight squeeze for him, but he didn't seem to mind. A few weekends ago when I was out of town, I accidentally forgot the pac-n-play at Amanda's house. Hum. My father-in-law travels to Hattiesburg once a month, so I knew that the pac-n-play would only be out of commission a few weeks. Not really wanting to spend $50 on bed railings for only a few weeks, Robbie came up with the idea to put one of the mattresses on the floor. So, in all of it's glory, I present to you Jake's first big boy room.

It is right out of Pottery Barn Kids. I don't know which is better. The fact that we have poor man's bunk beds or the fact that our son is sleeping on the floor. Below is a close up of the lovely bedding. It is called poo-poo brown stripe and is soft as a sheet of cardboard.

So how did he do? Well, let's just say that we have walked in to find this...

(he got into my craft cabinet)

And this...

(emptying out all of the drawers & trying to put on the clothes)

And this...

So in summary, Jake is loving it. Robbie & I do not love it. He will definitely be sleeping in a crib until he is 5.

Road Trip 3 - Chattanooga, TN

This road trip was fun because Daddy was along! We headed up to Chattanooga for a fun weekend with friends.

Connor & Jake playing at Jonathan's 1st Birthday party

One of his favorite things in the world... swinging

Connor & Jake playing that night when we cooked outJake & Addie Sweet friends reunited! Since we have the cable cut off at the house, we stayed with the Addie's house. Jake & Addie enjoyed one last play date Sunday morning in their pajamas.Enjoying breakfast It was so much fun to see our Chattanooga friends. That has been the hardest thing about leaving Chattanooga, is not seeing these sweet friends every weekend. We've missed them so much!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Road Trip 2 - Hattiesburg, MS

Two weeks ago, Jake & I packed up & headed down to Hattiesburg, MS to visit my best friend Amanda. Amanda & I met when we were freshman sorority pledges at Troy University. We were both from small towns, knew hardly anyone & had both just broken up with our high school boyfriends. Our sorority had lots of girls from Montgomery, Troy & Dothan. We were the only ones from Red Level & Pine Level. We clicked immediately & the rest was history. A year after I graduated from Troy, I got a new job in Birmingham & moved in with Amanda who was already living in Birmingham. We lived together for the next 3 years until she got married. We have had a great friendship over the last 13.5 years. Even though we have lived in different cities the last 5 years, as soon as we see each other, it's like nothing has changed. I got to Hattiesburg Thursday evening. After we put the kids to bed, Amanda & I went out to grab dinner. When we came back, we stayed up until 2 AM just talking, catching up & reminiscing. Rather it was being out in college, sitting on the porch of our apartment in Birmingham or sitting on the deck outside their house, our lives have changed, our families have multiplied, but our friendship is still strong, true & faithful.

So now to the fun stuff.... the pictures! Amanda's neighborhood has a great little park nearby. It was perfect for the boys!
The boys swinging
Sellers & Gabe
Gabe dressed up as a pirate sheriff
Beck the firefighter
On Friday, my other best friend Stephanie drove over from Fairhope to spend the weekend with us. I was like a kid on Christmas morning I was so excited. To get to spend a whole weekend with my 2 very best friends & all our boys. It was loud, crazy, but so so so much fun. And there were lots of little boys! Amanda's kids: Sellers (5), Gabe (3) & Beck (8 months) / My kid: Jake (2) / Stephanie's kid: Grant (2)

Jake & Grant taking a bath
Hanging out at the park. We were too scared to try to take 5 kids out too far! Trying to get a picture of the 4 older boys was NOT easy. (Go figure)
Kind of close
As good as it is going to get (from top to bottom: Sellers, Gabe, Jake & Grant)
Sellers! Amanda had Sellers when she & Mike were still living in Birmingham. I can remember Sellers being Beck's age sitting in the floor of my townhouse. I just can't believe that he is a little man now! He was SO SO sweet to Gabe, Jake & Grant. He let them play with his toys, he watched them up in the playroom while we were downstairs, he would help them do stuff. I hope that Jake becomes as sweet, funny & polite of a little guy that Sellers is. (Right now, Jake is pretty much stuck at a very bossy stage!)
Sellers & Jake (and little boy behind them giving the stink eye)
Jake & Gabe swinging (that's stink eye's dad, brother, baby-sitter, ??? behind them)
Such a beautiful backdrop
Jake (love the static in the hair!)
Gabe & Jake
The boys
Jake was OBSESSED with baby Beck. He was consistently in Beck's face trying to talk to him, giving him choking hazards (& taking them away which of course made Beck cry). Beck like his brothers was just laid back & took it all. Amanda let Jake hold Beck & you would have thought that you gave him a train he was so excited. After that, he would just continually ask to hold the baby. Unfortunately, he thought that the baby was much more fun awake then asleep. If Beck was asleep, Jake would yell "Wake up baby!". I'm sure Beck's parents appreciated it.
The boys eating snacks getting ready to go out on the boat
Boat Ride!
Beck driving
Which of course meant Jake had to drive.
Sellers & Grant
Feeding the ducks
Jake & Gabe playing in the courtyard
Amanda, Stephanie & me our Freshman year (1997)
Post College (2001)
New stage - getting married (2006)
Another new stage - having babies. Amanda had just had Gabe & Stephanie & I were about 20 weeks pregnant with Grant & Jake (2008)
Today... 3 marriages, 5 kids & 13.5 years later

"If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man that falls and has no one to help him up." Ecclesiastes 4:10

Amanda & Stephanie have always been there for me to pick me up. I am forever grateful for their friendship, for the laughter, the memories, their thoughtful words and forgiving spirit. After all these years, we've celebrated the good times, cried on each other's shoulders during the sad times, held each other's hands during the tough times and laughed at the many many funny times. How much I dearly love these 2 friends and their precious children. I am so blessed to have their very special friendships in my life.