Friday, October 25, 2013

Girls Weekend Part II

Robbie & I usually plan 2 girls/guys weekends a year. They are good for your soul. There is no pressure, no schedules, no drama, just hanging out, catching up and relaxing. It just so happens that my 2 girls weekends were 2 months apart and both at the beach. I mean, there is no better place to relax than the beach!

This weekend, it was myself, Margaret & Kimberly. We all became friends when we were living in Chattanooga. Robbie & Kimberly's husband went to high school together and Kimberly's husband & Margaret's husband were in the same fraternity in college. We all found ourselves married & living in Chattanooga. Margaret & I were both in our first year of marriage and Margaret, Kimberly & I all experience our first pregnancy within a year of each other. None of us had parents/grandparents that lived in Chattanooga, so we had to always help each other out. Us 3 couples became very close. We all lived within minutes of each other, our kids got a long great and we were all just very similar. We saw each other almost weekly. Rather it was cooking out at one of our houses, our Sunday night dinners at Lupi's or trips we planned together, our friendship became like family. First Robbie & I moved to Birmingham, then Margaret & her family moved to New Orleans. So now we are all spread apart and I miss them so very much. So I was super excited to see them this weekend so we could catch up!

Friday night at dinner

Saturday, we rented some beach chairs, and just hung out at the beach. It was so nice. I love the beach this time of year. It is not crowded, the water is beautiful and it's just nice & cool. We laughed, caught up, reminisced. It was such a good time.

As the sun was starting to set

Saturday night at dinner
Note: No I'm not sunburned. Not sure why my face looks so red!

It was such a nice, relaxing, perfect weekend!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2013 Football Season - Week 7

Auburn was showing Monster's University on a jumbo screen on the baseball field, so we took Jake once we got into town Friday evening. It was so nice! They offered free hotdogs, popcorn & coke. You just had to show up & bring your blanket to watch the movie in the outfield. So fun!
Jake before the movie
Saturday was super fun because Stephanie & her family joined us for Auburn's Homecoming! This was Grant's first time to go to a game and Jake was super excited to have him.
The boys playing with Aubie

Grant & Aubie
Sweet Elizabeth!

Robbie & Jonathan took Jake & Grant to the game while Stephanie & I stayed back at the RV with Elizabeth.
The dads & their boys

On the way to the game
The boys did great at the game. They made it close to halftime and then headed back. It was super hot, so we didn't blame them! We watched football games the rest of the day, ordered some pizzas and just hung out at the RV. It was a wonderful time! (And of course the only people who ended with no picture together was Stephanie & me!)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Just Random Stuff

Jake's first homework project

He is obsessed with taking a bath in my bathtub & turning on the jets.
He loves the over abundance of bubbles.

A little scooter ride to the park

Our little patient

Recovering nicely at home

New toys make it easier!
In other random news & things I want to remember....

I know when I read other people's blogs, whenever they talk about the funny things their kids say, it never really seems that funny to me. It's because half of what makes what the kid is saying funny, is the voice they say it in. You can't hear Jake's voice, so I'm sure none of these things will seem too funny to you. But they are funny to me and I want to remember them, so I'm recording them here.
-Anytime he gets something, he'll say "this is just what I needed for my calculations!".
-When he's mad, he says he is serious. It's because whenever I'm getting on to him, if he is not listening, I'll tell him "I'm serious". So he thinks serious means mad. So if I say something he doesn't like, he'll say "well that makes me very serious".

He has become obsessed with the different girl & boy parts (if you know what I mean). He loves to talk about them, touch them, ask questions about them. It's only slightly uncomfortable.

He asks us every day if today is his birthday. And everyday, we tell him no. And then he throws a fit. And tells us that is not fair.

There are currently 946,725,763 items on his birthday wish list. And it grows daily. He is so excited to have a party. I of course thought it was because of my wonderful decorations or celebrating with his friends or the yummy food. Nope. He told me he couldn't wait for his party, because all of his friends would come and bring him gifts. Then he started naming the different gifts each friend would bring. I had to break it to him. 1) We do not invite friends just to get gifts; 2) You do not get to tell your friends what they will give you; and 3) Your friends are not purchasing $100 gifts for you. It is so much fun leading up to December 24.

He has started sleeping in our guest bedroom. He had outgrown his toddler bed, but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for in a big boy bed yet. When the Bush's moved out, that cleared out that guest bedroom. It will hopefully become a nursery some day in the next 10 years, but until then, we figured we'd just leave the double bed in there for our guests. After Jake's surgery, we knew he needed a bed he could spread out in, so we set him up in the guest bedroom. He now calls it his bedroom and his actual bedroom his toy room.

And in VERY EXCITING NEWS, my little sister Lindsey is pregnant! Blessing. So happy for them and we know that Woody is going to be the best big brother ever!  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2013 Football Season - Week 6

What a fun weekend in Auburn! Robbie's best friend from high school, Robbie Page came down from Delaware to spend the weekend in Auburn. Robbie P. comes down for at least 1 Auburn game a year. In fact, the first time I ever met Robbie P. was when he came down to visit Robbie the weekend of the Georgia/Auburn game in 2006. It was when Robbie & I were just dating. That was 7 years ago, but seems like yesterday! We dropped Jake off at my parent's Friday morning. (Thank you so much Nana & Gran!! I don't know who was more appreciative, us or Jake!) And then we headed to Auburn.
Played a little golf

Well, the boys played golf. I drove the golf cart.
We hung out & had a great dinner out that night. Saturday was the Ole Miss/Auburn game. We had some special visitors - Ashley, Jeremy & Morgan! Ashley went to Auburn the with tailgating group. She & her husband Jeremy now live in Wisconsin, so it's always exciting when they came down for a game. And this visit, they were plus 1! Welcome to the tailgate Morgan!
Morgan's grandmother (KK) (who also happens to be in our tailgate group),
Morgan & Henry playing football

Sweet John Gregory spent the afternoon transporting ice &
 items from one cooler to the bucket

Look at those sweet curls!!!

Henry - the ultimate baby-sitter
He was so awesome with Morgan
This was him watching over her while she slept
He had to keep his brother Owen from waking her up

Great spread of food by the hosts that weekend -
The Hill's & The Bentley's

Chad, Robbie Bush & Robbie Page
 We walked to a friend's tailgate before the game. It's a tent setup, so you loose some of the RV conveniences, but it was so nice being so close to the stadium! And the former Miss America Mallory Hagan was a guest at the tailgate. I watch the Miss America pageant, so I knew who she was (Robbie had no clue). Of course I just stared awkwardly the whole time and took pictures with my phone from afar. I can't believe she was Miss America & she couldn't even keep her eyes open for my photo. (I thought she was a professional:)

At the game!
Chuck, Judy, Robbie B. & Robbie P.
After the game
All 4 of them were at Auburn at the same time
Ashley, Chad, Brian & Robbie