Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hollon Elizabeth - 4 Months

4 Months Old Recap:
Likes: She still loves for people to talk to her. Especially if they get right up in her face, talk in a high pitch voice and laugh a lot. She loves to hold onto your finger.She loves for you to sing to her. Loves to eat, especially if it comes directly from mama.She loves to be cuddled and held in a cradle hold. She loves her mama, daddy & brother. Especially mama, but I think that's just because she loves the food she gets from me.
Dislikes: She does not like being ignored. 
Milestones: She will laugh for long periods of time. And it is the cutest laugh.But it gives her the hiccups. She is also starting to hold things.
Sleep: She was starting to occasionally sleep through the night before the holidays. But now she is back into getting up once a night to feed. It is a quick feed, so I'm hoping that now the holidays are over, we can start trying to eliminate that middle of the night feeding. I just swaddle her lower body, I keep her arms out. She seems fine with that unless she takes her pacifier out of her mouth and can't get it back in.We are still extremely inconsistent with our daytime naps, so that is one of my new year's goals.
Eat: My milk is very random. Sometimes I have a lot and sometimes I don't. It doesn't seem to bother Hollon, she is putting on weight and has plenty of pee & poop diapers, so I'm not too worried about it. We have her 4 month old checkup next week, so I'm curious to see what her pediatrician says. I'm also hoping the pediatrician gives us the okay to start rice cereal. Hollon still eats 3 times a day. Sometimes she gets a lot of milk, other times, not as much. I still need Hollon to eat from me several times a day though because I still have weight to loose I love breastfeeding.
Appearance: Her dark hair is still falling out. But she still has a patch on top and in the back at the base of her head. (It looks like a mustache on the back of her head.) The new hair coming in is lighter, so it is harder to see. Big blue eyes, chunky thighs and skinny long feet.
Size: Size 2 diaper. 3-6 months clothing just does fit her. She can wear some 6-9 months clothes, but they are a tad too big. The red outfit above is a Montag 3-6 months. From the waist up, it is almost too big, and from the waist down, it is almost too small. #poorthing #builtlikehermom #stumpy

Our House at Christmas

We didn't decorate much for Christmas this year. Between starting kindergarten, Hollon's birth, Auburn football & Jake's football, fall was just crazy. The first few weeks of December, we did NOTHING. By the time we got around to getting a tree (more on that below) and actually getting Christmas decor out of the attic, we were midway through December. So we just put up the tree and decorated the mantel and called it a day.

So our Christmas tree.... by the time we went to get one, Lowe's & Home Depot were out. So we bought one from a Christmas Tree lot. We had a great experience with them, I wish we would have used them in years past. We looked at trees that were labeled 9-10 ft. They had some beautiful full ones, but we thought they would be too round for the corner in our house. We picked the skinniest one they had. We got it into our house, into its corner, and realized this tree is HUGE. And a lot taller than we thought and very full. I can't imagine if we had picked one of the full trees. It would have taken up our whole living room. We had to move furniture to get this one to fit. The ornaments around the top were basically just tossed up there. To put the bow on top (which is way too tiny for a tree that large), Rob had to put the step stool ladder on the patio coffee table, lean the tree over, and toss it on there. (Being the wise people we are, we didn't think to put the bow on first when the tree was still outside and was one its side to be brought in.) Even though this tree was massive, I wanted to soak it in. This will be our last real tree for a while. I never thought I'd go with an artificial tree, but at this point, it would just be easier. We found one we really liked before Christmas that was a display and agreed if it was on sale after Christmas and still available but in a box, we would buy it. If not, we'd just keep doing a real tree. After Christmas, Robbie found the tree at a random Lowe's and it was half off, so we purchased it. I'll just have to light some evergreen candles to feel like it is a real tree next year. 
Christmas tree before Christmas with all the presents under it

The picture below is extra special because we finally have 4 stockings hanging from our mantel. When we moved into the house and made new stocking holders & stockings, even though we were only a family of 3, I made an extra one for when we expanded our family. I never imagined we'd have the trouble we did and each year when I would pull out our decorations, I'd wonder if we'd ever get to use that 4th. So happy to finally get to use it this year.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Santa Picture & Christmas Card

This post wraps up our Christmas holiday. There are a ton of posts, so click 'Older Posts' to keep reading about Christmas 2014. (Or don't, because unless you are my mom, this recap is going to bore the heck out of you :)

Over the Christmas holiday, we took the kids to see Santa. We were so busy trying to make Hollon smile, we didn't notice what Jake was doing. What on earth is he looking at?!?

Our Christmas card this year was a Christmas card/ Hollon's birth announcement. It was a 3/4 cover folded card. (Of course it scans odd)

Inside left
Inside right
I was happy with the card, but disappointed with the font on the inside.
On my online proof, you could read everything. On the actual card, you could not.
I wish I would have designed it differently. Oh well.

Back cover
Our Christmas cards from past years:

(folded card, inside of card was just text)





Hollon Christmas (December 27-28)

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Prattville to celebrate Christmas with my parents & siblings.
Hollon wearing my dress from when I was a baby at Christmas

Hollon & Marrell

Sweet sisters - Marrell & Maddox

Someone lost her 2 front teeth!

Opening gifts gets a little messy between 8 adults & 6 kids

Jake opening gifts

Transformer Rescue Bots!

Gaines enjoying his ABC book

Hollon with Uncle Billy & Aunt Leigh Ann

Nana opening some of her gifts


Cousins make the best of friends

Woody playing his Super Why game

Uncle Billy & Gaines

Aunt Lindsey & Hollon
Basically we just pass around each others kids

Lindsey already has 2 under the age of 3, I think she could add one more...

Of course we all had to ride the zip line
Lindsey going down holding Woody



Lindsey & Woody


You can't make everyone happy
Uncle Billy with Hollon & Gaines

Hands full with the 3 youngest grandchildren
Sunday, we all went to church together
I just love Woody's little curls

Our crazy little crew
Gaines (9 mths), Marrell (6), Hollon (4 mths), Maddox (10), Jake (6) & Woody (2)

Nana & Gran with their 6 little munchkins
So that's our Christmas recap

It's time to put our feet up

Hope you enjoyed it

It was our best Christmas ever!