Thursday, August 17, 2017

First Day of School - Jake

First Day of Third Grade!
August 10, 2017

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
Jeremiah 29:11

Friday, August 11, 2017

Summer Week 10 - Last Week Before School Starts

Monday, ready for a new week!

 In no mood for pictures on Tuesday

Mad because I made her take off the princess dress so we could leave for daycare
 Much better on Wednesday. My mom got her the pigeon from the Mo Willems Pigeon book series. And it is her new favorite. The pigeon (which she calls a penguin and refuses to call it anything else) has gone everywhere with us.

Just eating an apple with pigeon/penguin 

He gets a bite as well

Having a tea party with talking Doc McStuffins (who lost her voice when Hollon drowned her in the water table) and naked baby (who Hollon refuses to let wear clothes)

Video of the tea party/doctor's visit

Thursday was splash pad day at daycare!

Jake's cousin Jackson was in town staying with Mimi & Granddad for the week, so on Thursday, I offered to take the boys to a local water park. After I dropped Hollon off at daycare, we headed to Alabama Splash Adventure.

The boys had a blast!

Jake coming down one of the slides

Thursday night, it was just me & this girl. Dad was on his boys trip to Chicago and Jake was spending the night with Mimi & Granddad. Little sister was NOT HAPPY to get left out. 

TGIF! Since dad was away, we sent him lots of pictures like this....

Usually, I take the kids to the zoo {here} and {here} for our back to school trip. But it was likely going to rain on Saturday, so we picked an indoor activity. We decided on Chuck E Cheese. Now, I know most people despise CEC. Strangely enough, I don't mind it. The one nearest to us, is fairly new, super clean, large enough that there are lots of things for the kids to do, but not so much that they get lost or overwhelmed. Plus, it is sometimes hard to find things that an 8-year-old boy and 2-year-old girl will both enjoy. So CEC it was, and the kids had a great time.  

On the roller coaster ride. The first time we rode it, I held Hollon in my lap. Later, she wanted to ride it again. So this time, I let her ride by herself and I just stood beside her and put my hand under her head and helped hold her on the bench.

The lady at the prize counter was so sweet and gave the kids some "extra" points. Hollon got a diamond ring and some skittles and Jake got a nerf type gun.

Showing their loot
 That night, we had dinner with our neighbors outside and then watched a movie. After Hollon went to bed, Jake and I watched another movie.

Meanwhile, Dad was in Chicago with some buddies.... 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Summer Week 9 - Cousin Visit to Nana & Gran's

It's a new week!

This girl's pout game is on point. On this day, she was mad that I wanted her to put her goldfish in a bowl. She of course spilled them all over the floor about 2 seconds after this picture.

Our next door neighbor had cheer camp each evening with her oldest daughter. The dad was out of town, so we watched the youngest daughter (who is Hollon's age) each night. It was hilarious watching those 2. I was pleasantly surprised, they got along 80% of the time. They usually only had 1 meltdown a night, and it was usually over them both wanting the same toy. The rest of the time, there was lots of pretending, lots of singing, lots of Frozen. 
They wanted Elsa gloves. Which we don't have.
So I gave them a pair of ivory winter gloves and white exfoliating gloves.
They were happy with that, so I went with it.
Wednesday was a super fun day! My sister & her 3 kids were in Prattville all week at my parents, so on Wednesday I took the kids down to play with their cousins and go swimming. The kids had a blast!
Hollon & Marrell


Marrell helping Hollon swim

Sweet Woody
Hollon & Mae Stanley lounging in their floats

After swimming & lunch, most of the kids hung out on the back porch. Marrell painted Hollon's toenails and fingernails and did her makeup. Hollon was in HEAVEN. 

The younger girls came inside and were playing in the playroom

Hollon singing the Family Finger song for Mae Stanley
Thursday was splash pad day for Hollon's class

Tea parties are always more fun with a friend


Tons of videos of the girls. They were just too funny!




Brother trying to keep them out of his room



Friday afternoon, I headed down to Santa Rosa for my annual girls weekend. 

...Twenty years of friendship...

While I was at the beach with my friends, Robbie was holding down the fort with the kids. I loved getting pictures like this...
Picnic dinner Friday night

Saturday morning walk

Saturday night movie night in a fort
(and yes, the kids wore the same clothes Saturday that they did Friday😨)