Saturday, December 30, 2017


Here is what we've been up to in December.....

Hollon brought this little wand home from my parents one weekend and she is obsessed with it

Her favorite dress for the moment

Church ready....

Putting water and sugar in her teacups for our elf Chippy

Dancing Queen

We roasted smores one night

Jake is playing basketball this winter. Usually we only do 2 sports a year (fall & spring). But we've found it's easy to get lazy and just stay indoors during winter. We want Jake to stay active, and we actually do better as a family when we've got a structured schedule. Plus, we are hoping this will help him with focusing. This is the first time he has ever played basketball, but so far, he seems to enjoy it!
He is #10

Meanwhile, sister HATES the games. She doesn't like that the refs blow the whistles too loud, she doesn't like that balls come down and hit the bleachers, she doesn't like that she can't run out to Daddy (who is helping coach). 

Jake and Hayden with their good friend Ryleigh who lives in our neighborhood (and is in their class) and came to see them play
Hollon's dance studio had a little mini performance before their Christmas parties

My phone started acting crazy during ballet and wouldn't let me take video

Got at least a little bit of this

Sister walking in some high heeled booties and footed pajamas

We went and saw Santa. And then rode the carousal. 

I attempted to make these

They looked like this when I pulled them out of the oven

And looked like this when I let them cool and tried to take them out of the muffin pan
And my kids fought the entire time while making them.

And I leave you with what is like living with a very opinionated, hard headed 3-year old....

My Birthday

Usually for my birthday, we take Friday off, go Christmas shopping, spend a day to ourselves Saturday and then go to a nice dinner Saturday night. Saturday started off like normal. We went to lunch and then planned on going shopping that afternoon before dinner. Right after we were seated for lunch, Robbie tells me that we will not go shopping afterwards. I'm completely confused, and then walk in my 2 best friends. 


Back several months ago, Robbie reached out to Stephanie & Amanda to see if they would travel up to Birmingham to surprise me for my birthday. The darn snow storm about ruined it, but by Saturday the roads were clear enough they could drive up from Fairhope, AL & Hattiesburg, MS. 

I usually hate surprises, but this was one of the best surprises I've ever gotten. I love these 2 girls so dearly. So for them to take time out of the busy holiday season, to get sitters for the weekend for their kids, for their husbands to give up a Saturday to make it happen, for my husband to plan it all. It just meant the world to me. I am blessed far more than what I deserve.
at lunch
We spent the afternoon hanging out

And then checked into our hotel (which was originally an old building downtown, that they have turned into a boutique hotel). Robbie had upgraded to a suite

He arranged for us to have dinner in a private room at an amazing restaurant

And then we hung out on the hotel rooftop afterwards

I truly feel so blessed. These girls mean the world to me. And the fact that Robbie went to so much trouble to arrange everything, I could just never express my gratefulness enough. 

39 was an awesome birthday.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Snow Day

We knew on December 8th that there was a chance of snow. We woke up to the most beautiful snow I've ever seen in the south. It was so light, so fluffy, so thick. And it happened early in the morning, so everything was cancelled for the day. (Unlike 2014 Snowmageddon which took 10 years off my life {nightmare recapped here}😲) But this one, was beautiful. No ice, no early closing, no craziness. Just the entire city of Birmingham shutting down to enjoy the prettiest snow I've ever seen.
Yes, that is my husband in a thin long sleeve shirt with the sleeves pushed up😲

Our neighbors joined us to play in the snow

We walked down to the playground because there are some large hills and we thought the kids could slide down. Wrong. 4 kids, 3 which are girls = high maintenance. They were cold and ready to head back. So Darren walked back to their house to get their SUV to pick us up and drive everyone back home.

Once we got back (warm inside), we made actual "snow" cones

With Popsicle we melted in the microwave

Her thoughts of being cold and wet....

Her thoughts of special treats and playing with friends....