Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Over the Weekend

Jake helping us cook
On Friday night, our friends Matt, Brooke & Anna James were in town, so we met them over at the Lookout's Baseball Game. The kids had so much fun, considering we would not let them play on the steps & the game didn't start until 7:00. They made it until about the 5th inning. Not bad, I'll take it! Jake & Anna James were a great pair. Anna James fed Jake all of her snacks. She thought that it was funny & Jake was just happy to have someone giving him more food. I think that Anna James thought that Jake was a puppy dog.
In return, Jake let Anna James wear his shoes. (Jake had taken off his shoes halfway through the game & Anna James loved wearing them. How funny!)
It was a great visit with a very special family!
On Saturday, Jake decided to play a little golf
Watch out Phil!

We also decided to turn his play set box into a house, complete with a sunroof & window (which he kept thinking he was small enough to climb through). Jake really didn't understand the concept of playing "in" the box. He would climb in, poke his head out the sunroof & then climb out. Over & over. But he had fun & that was all that mattered!
He also kept forgetting that you couldn't stand up in the box!

On Saturday night, we went to a shower for Alli & Chris. We have to be selective on the nights it is worth it to ask someone to babysit & we felt like this could be a party that Jake could handle. (Plus the neighborhood is close to ours, so we knew we could make a quick escape if need be.) While not as easy as a year ago (when he would just sit in his car seat & sleep or just let people hold him), but we managed! The house had a screened in back porch 2 stories high, which Jake loved because he was outside, but I was terrified he was going to bust a hole through it! He loved the food (of course!) & the puppy dog. He still doesn't like for strangers to pick him up, but he had no meltdowns, so I counted it as a success!

Jake sharing his toys with Addie
On Sunday we went to church. Jake was very concerned about getting his hair ready.
Of course Robbie was not a fan of the outfit. But I couldn't help it! He does kind of look like Ben Franklin though with the hair & knee socks on his chubby little legs!
Speaking of chubby little legs, could you not just eat these legs up?!?!
Good night! What a great weekend!!

Some Updates:

  • Jake is still shy around people. He warms up after about 30 minutes, but those first 30 minutes are brutal. I've come to realize that anything you complained about other people's kids doing before you had kids, your child will do that same annoying thing! It would drive me nuts when other people's kids would not come to me. I took it personal & wrote them off as an unfriendly kid. So wrong! Jake is such a lovable, sweet & funny little boy with a big personality, you just have to give him room to let it show & get comfortable. It surprises me though. I thought that with him being in daycare starting at 8 weeks & us hanging out with so many different people on the weekends, that he would be the friendliest kid on the block & used to being around new people. Another theory of mine, proven wrong! The good thing is, once he does warm up, it is golden!
  • I have no idea what to do with his hair! Robbie likes it long, but it drives me nuts because it will not stay tucked behind his ears. I know what I want his hair cut to look like, but his hair is just not thick enough right now. So we are in that weird looking stage. We just go it trimmed a few weeks ago & I already want to get it trimmed again.
  • He loves playing outside, climbing, banging & showing off how strong he is. He loves to try to pick up heavy things like a laptop (which gives me heart failure) & push things around like chairs. He loves to try to raise his push toys above his head. He usually ends up banging it against head. Thankfully he has a hard head!
  • He blabbers up a storm, but you can't understand anything he says. He will repeat some words that you ask him to say, but he has to be in a really good mood to do so.
  • He can point to his eyes, nose, mouth & belly button. He refuses to acknowledge that he has ears.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy (almost) 16th-Month Birthday Jake!

16th-Month Birthday just doesn't have the ring that the first 12 months have!

Happy boy! Eating his snack after school.
Sad boy. He ate all of his snack.
His new mission: Trying to open doors. Especially if they lead to outdoors.
While mommy & daddy were away celebrating their anniversary (see post below), Jake stayed in Chattanooga with the Bush's. He stayed the first half with Aunt Andrea & family, and the weekend with Mimi & Granddad. He had such a great time!

On Saturday was cousin Jackson's birthday party. It was a Lego Rock Band party. Jake thought that he was one of the 8-year-old's. Here he is waiting for his turn to play.

Outside riding Brutus

Hanging out with Granddad
Playing outside
He loved riding in Granddad's convertible! Here he is with Mimi
He thought that he was so cool. Here he is on the phone.


Monday, April 19th was mine & Robbie's wedding anniversary. We've been married for 2 years & together for 4 years. Robbie planned a trip for us to Savannah for a long weekend. We had such a wonderful time! Robbie has been to Savannah several times, but it was my first time to go. What a beautiful & neat city! We stayed in a beautiful hotel, ate wonderful meals & just enjoyed some alone time walking around & hanging out in a beautiful city. It was so great to just reconnect. We may have our ups & downs, and I may not sit in his lap, show PDA or call him babe, but he is the love of my life, my best friend & soul mate. I am so lucky & blessed to have such a sweet, supportive, Christian & all around awesome husband! Happy 2-Year Anniversary Robbie! I can't wait for many many more years of celebrations!

Saturday afternoon we went out to Tybee Island to a festival at the lighthouse

Our hotel, Avia. We highly recommend!!

View from our room

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yea Spring!

I'm so glad it's spring & we can break out the shorts! A few pictures of Jake before school the last few mornings. He is impossible to take a picture of in the mornings. He won't stand still & wants to grab the camera. I wanted to get a picture of him in his Master's polo on Friday, but he refused!

Before I wet down his hair. He gets the craziest bed head! (See last picture below)

Brushing his teeth after his bath

Look at that crazy bed hair in the morning!

Chris & Alli's Wedding Shower

On Saturday night Robbie & I helped host a wedding shower for our friends Alli & Chris. We can't wait for their wedding next month! Both Chris & Alli are avid golf lovers. They got engaged on a golf course, they are getting married on a golf course & they had just returned from The Master's. So of course green was the theme!

I ventured away from birthday decor & tried my hand at shower decor.
The invitation
Door hanger
Congratulations banner
Invite & Frame
Just some of the food & the cute centerpiece that Kimberly made
B for the future Mr. & Mrs. Bolt
Sweet baby Dru. He was perfect for the day in his golf outfit & club!
Lara & Alli
Some of the hostesses with Alli. Emma, Lara, Alli & Kimberly
Chris & Alli got 3 sets of their entertainment glassware!

Robbie & I (Thank you Aunt Andrea & Uncle Johnathan for baby-sitting!)