Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This & That

Just enjoying a bike ride with my shades
Jake's class got to build a stuff animal. His class's animal was a raccoon. Jake was very excited it and insisted that the raccoon be buckled in.
Jake & Rocky

Jake was wearing his helmet backwards, because he thought the reflectors were glasses

Bike riding with dad

Last day of school!

Comparison of his beginning of the year & end of the year photos
School program

Jake & his wonderful, awesome teacher Mrs. Christy.
Mrs. Christy has been such a blessing & has made the school year so wonderful..

A little sprinkler fun

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

We started off the Mother's Day Weekend, with a tea party for the mom's at Jake's school. (Jake refused to call it a tea party though, because he said he doesn't like tea.)
This is his picture that he drew of me

This was a little survey the kids did on their moms. Here are my thoughts...
*Favorite Food: Pasta - Not sure why he said my favorite food is pasta? We actually eat
very little pasta.
*Favorite Drink: Yucky Drinks - HA! I died laughing when I saw that. Anytime I'm drinking
something that I don't want to share with Jake, I just tell him that it is a yucky drink that he
wouldn't like. I didn't realize I said it so much!
*Favorite Place to Shop" Wal-Mart - Every single kid in his class put Wal-Mart. Ha! 
The school also made a booklet with questions answered from the kids. Here were the questions & Jake's answers:
1) What does your mother look like? Jake's Answer: She looks like Emma Bush. My Emma's eyes are green and her hair is brown, I guess.
2) What are some nice things your mother does for/with you? Jake's Answer: She plays in my room with my train table. I play outside with the soccer ball... and football... and basketball... and scooter. We go to the beach and saw some fish and whales and sharks and dolphins and it scares me. (Emma's thoughts: Jake & I have not played with his train table in over a year. We do play soccer, but his dad is who he plays football & basketball with. And we ride his bike every afternoon, not his scooter. But the funniest was the beach part. He is talking about when he went to the beach with my parents. A small school of fish swam by & completely freaked Jake out. But there were no whales, sharks or dolphins.) 
3) What are some things your mother likes to do? Jake's Answer: She washes some clothes and works out and she goes run and drives her car.
At the Mother's Day tea

The kids made crowns for their moms

Which Jake insisted on wearing
On Friday, Jake & I headed down to Prattville to see my family.
Two peas in a pod - Jake & Marrell

They kept buckling each other into an old baby rocker.
Marrell did not like this game.

Jake did like the game
Do not ask me why they have no clothes on 

On Saturday, we celebrated my mom's birthday. Happy Birthday Mom/Nana!!
Nana with her oldest 3 grandchildren
We missed you Woody!
The sweetest part of the day was after lunch, my dad brought out my mom's birthday cake & the grandchildren sang Happy Birthday to her. It was so sweet to hear their little voices singing happy birthday to Nana.

After lunch & cake, the nice clothes came off & the play clothes came on (and believe me, these play clothes are a dozzy!). Why? Because the kids said the needed a mud bath. Which in translation means they want to go play in the creek beside my parent's house.   
Marrell in her Dollar Tree Spongebob hat. Ha! Love it!!


Jake insisted on laying down in the creek
Marrell & Maddox

Gran & Jake

Late Saturday afternoon, Jake & I headed back to Birmingham.
Can you say wore out?
On Sunday we all went to Church
So thankful that this little guy made me a mom
Mimi reading Jake a book
We spent Sunday afternoon on the patio just hanging out 

Perfect way to end a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend
 Mother's Day is such a special day. It's a chance for me to honor my own mom & tell her thank you plus a chance to reflect on the blessing that has made me a mom. But I also know its a hard day for some. If you have lost your mom or have a broken relationship with her, I'm sure mother's day can be a hard day. And especially for those women out there, that want so badly to be a mom, I can't imagine the feelings that would come with mother's day. I pray for those women and hope one day that their wish will come true.

I became a mom quicker than I expected, but it has been the greatest blessing that I have ever been given. I cherish the fact that I have a little boy that calls me mom and its something that I don't take for granted. His hugs, his kisses, his love is the greatest gift that he could ever give me.

Monday, May 13, 2013

More Pictures of Jake at the Race Track

These were pictures from Robbie's phone, that he just sent me. Jake's mouth is wide open in every single picture.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jake's Weekend of Fun

2 Weekends ago, Jake got to go to the fair & meet this Gator Boys. Last weekend, he had another action pack weekend. It started Thursday night, when he got to ride down with his Dad & Granddad to the RV, which was in the infield of the Talladega race track. It was dark by the time they got there, but boy was he surprised Friday morning. He was at the RV &  he got to see race cars. Jake loves the movie Cars, so he was super excited.
Sitting on the viewing deck of one of the RV's that was parked with Rob's group
(Um, can we say extremely not kid friendly? Robbie said he was having a
heart attack the whole time Jake was up there. Rob wouldn't let him move from the seat.)

Jake kept looking for Lightening McQueen

Watching the cars out the window
(I cannot get this picture to turn!)

Enjoying one of the beds in the sponsor RV that was with the group

Jake trying to help the guys setup

With some of his "swag"

He was not having fun at all
Jake was having so much fun, Robbie was scared that he would completely meltdown when it was time to leave. (Jake & Granddad were coming back to Birmingham Friday afternoon.) Thankfully, since my sister's husband Brooks was going to be with Robbie all weekend getting their redneck on in Talladega, Lindsey & baby Woody came to spend the weekend with Jake & me in Birmingham. Jake was super excited about Woody coming to visit!

...Until he realized that Woody is now mobile. And can grab things.
And take toys away.
(Look at those beautiful blue eyes on those sweet boys!)
I LOVED having my sister up. After the kids went to bed, we stayed up until 2 in the morning just laughing & talking. Such a wonderful time! Then on Saturday, my mom was coming up to go shopping with us. My dad was going to come up to watch Jake, so he figured he might as well bring the other 2 cousins as well! Jake, Maddox, Marrell & Dad spent the day at the park while mom, Lindsey, Woody & I shopped. Jake was over the moon to get to spend the day playing at the park & it be with M & M.

 On Sunday morning, Lindsey & Woody headed back to Atlanta.
Robbie was still in Talladega and the Bush's were in Auburn, so Jake & I had the whole day to ourselves. It's been so long since its just been the 2 of us, I wanted to just soak it all up. We decided to go to the McWane Center.
Jake wanted his picture in the fish's mouth
 I hope Jake enjoyed the last 2 weekends. They will be pretty hard to top, but I'm glad he's had so much fun. He is at such a fun age. He is old enough to appreciate and have a good time, but still young enough to be easily excited. He is such a sweet boy and kept telling me all weekend how much fun he was having. This is such a fun age & we are just trying to soak up every minute of it!