Friday, January 30, 2009

Yea! It's Friday!!

While I'm working from home, I've got a mini-office set up downstairs. Usually Jake & I just play down there when he is awake. Lately I've been about to go crazy though! I don't do well confined to small places for extended periods of time. So, for yesterday's activity awake time with Jake, I decided we would hang out in his nursery. We were trying out his new toy.

Our friends Gary, Summer & Henry gave Jake a gift card & this is what he picked out! An activity mat!!
Checking out the toys
Jake was very pleased with his purchase

Now trying some tummy time. He either:
A) Just lays there
B) Tries to fly

Yes, that's right. Our son is not going to crawl, he is going to fly. He was so funny. He would just try to balance himself on the tummy. See video below...

After some flying time, Jake was in an extra good mood, so I decided to try to get some pictures of him smiling.
After 100 trys, I finally caught a smile with the camera. (I'm usually a second too late.)
Another smile shot. (Or nostril shot!)
Smiling wears you out

Hanging out with friends afterwards at their pad

Potential Injury Update

Okay, how many people looked at the Before picture below on a previous post & thought, "What an idiot! Does she not know that they make headrests that keep your child's head from being eye-level with their arm pit?!?!" It finally hit me that it probably was not comfortable for his head to be that way & that is probably why they make those head positioners! Poor Jake... his mom is slow! For the future, if you see a post or picture on the blog, and it looks like I'm missing something, please let me know!! I love & need advice at anytime!


Speaking of advice, does anyone have any on cutting a baby's fingernails? I was terrified to cut Jake's fingernails. I finally worked up the nerve & started cutting them. Halfway through, I accidentally nicked his finger. He screamed & it bled. I felt so bad! So now I'm even more terrified & panicked-stricken. We have the baby fingernail clippers with the magnifying glass (it doesn't help). Jake will not keep mittens on. He has the first hand's off by the time you put the other one on his second hand. I have also tried filing down his fingernails with a fingernail file. That didn't really do anything. So now, I have a son whose fingernails are long enough for a french manicure and whose face looks like Edward Scissorhand tickled his cheeks. Any advice?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jake - 5 Weeks

Jake had his 1-month checkup at the doctor yesterday. Everything went great. He is up to 9 lbs. 15 ozs. (almost 10 lbs!!) and he has grown to 21 inches long. His doctor was very happy with the progress & Jake is now at normal weight & height. When he was born, he was in the 5th-10th percentile for his weight& height. He is now in the 50th percentile. He is growing so fast!!

Chubby little cheeks

In deep thought

Kicks for a baby

Ready to go to the doctor. Nervous about mom driving for the first time with him!

Made it back in 1 piece & asleep

Meeting his new play toy friend

Playing with his new toy

It is all fun & games until your toy eats your hand!

In this video, you think that Jake's grunting means he is pooping. But when I went to change his diaper, it was clean. Guess that was just his way of talking to me!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy 1 Month Birthday Jake!

In his going home outfit (since he was screaming the last time he wore it, the day we actually went home from the hospital).

Just of few of his many faces...

Today Jake is one month old! I can't believe that a month ago we had our tiny little baby. He is now 8 lbs with chubby cheeks, a double chin & round little tummy. I can't believe how fast he is growing. It seems like each day he grows, changes and does something new. A few things about him now:
  • His hair is still blond. I've tried parting it, but it is not long enough. It naturally just sticks up everywhere. It doesn't really show up in photographs, but he has a good bit of hair. It is just very thin. As it gets longer, it has a little curl at the end, so he looks like he is sporting an 80's feathered look.
  • He had the hiccups a lot while I was pregnant with him. He still gets them several times a day now.
  • He still is a very good baby who sleeps a lot (thankfully). He does though, about once a day yell cry for no apparent reason. It is at different times each day, so I'm not really sure what is causing it. I guess he just needs to yell in my ear once a day.
  • My favorite face that he makes is an old man face. When he is stretching, he sticks his neck up and out. He looks like the Grandfather from The Simpson's.
  • He took his first bottle Thursday night. Robbie said that it took him forever to drink it because he kept letting the bottle nipple fall out of his mouth. Guess it will take some time for him to get use to.
  • We took our church directory picture this morning. He did very good & even managed to open his eyes for a few pictures.
  • Tonight we are going out in public with him for the first time (besides doctor's appointments). It will be our first dinner out as a family of 3.


Laughing on the blanket his Great Grandmother Maddox made for him. (Actually he's yawning, but I'm pretending for the photo he is laughing.)
With the blanket that both he & his father came home from the hospital in. (Doing his best Olan Mills pose)

We've tried tummy time each day. He usually ends up falling asleep.
Our little guy is growing up!

Best Friends Forever

Best friends like to pose the same way...



Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jake's Due Date

Yesterday, January 17, was Jake's actual due date. I can't imagine our lives the last 3 1/2 weeks without him. Even though his delivery was scary, I'm so grateful for the extra time with him. Just tonight, as I was rocking him to sleep, he was looking at me with those big blue eyes. Even though it was probably just gas, as he was starting to close his eyes, he had the biggest smile on his face. He just looked so sweet. I hope that Robbie & I bless his life just as much as he has already blessed ours.
How is this comfortable? Guess it reminds him of being squished in the womb!

The robe & slippers are a little large

Don't ask... his dad dressed him. Robbie has been dying for him to wear this onesie that someone made for us. I feel the same way about it Jake.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 3 Weeks Jake!

3 Weeks Old!Going with mom to her doctor's appointment

It's cold here in Chattanooga so he had to bundle up in his warm raindeer outfit

Who does Jake look like?