Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Tuesday was the last day of school for both kids before Thanksgiving break.

We headed down to my parents on Thursday for Thanksgiving with my family.

First up - getting my parent's Christmas photo with all 7 grandchildren. Which is basically the equivalent of getting 7 cats to do a pyramid. 

Just the grandkids

Our typical photo success...

Gaines & Marrell

After the photo shoot, the kids changed into their Thanksgiving clothes and worked on destroying my parents house.

A fan favorite - the hammock swing

Hollon meeting Mae Stanley for the first time

Sweet little Gaines

Marrell, Woody, Gaines & Maddox

There was lots of fighting going on
Gaines getting Uncle Billy

Uncle Billy getting Gaines

After lunch, Hollon got to hold Mae Stanley. 

Marrell, Hollon & Mae Stanley

Then later that afternoon, all of the kids went out to jump on the trampoline 

And a little football

Playing with the candy machine in the play room
Hollon's face was the face I made when I found out how much candy they had eaten
Holding Mae Stanley was another crowd favorite
Jake & MS
Eating their last bit of candy before sitting in a car for the car ride home

Nana & Gran's SEVEN grandchildren....
Maddox (12)

Marrell (8)

Jake (8)
Woody (4)

Gaines (2.5)

Hollon (2)

Mae Stanley (7 weeks)
Friday morning, we got up and went to Oak Mountain state park. Robbie & Jake were going on a bike ride and Hollon & I were going to the playground. Robbie was taking Jake on one of the family friendly mountain bike trails. It was Jake's first mountain bike ride.
Hollon was NOT pleased that she didn't get a bike

She was all smiles though, once she saw the playground. Especially the swings & slides, her favorites.

After their ride (they rode for over 3 miles!), they joined us at the playground

After the park, we headed over to Robbie's parents to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family. His sister and her family were down from Chattanooga. 

Hollon was not amused to share her favorite seat with Sam the dog

Playing in the fountain 

Cousins! Jake (8), Hollon (2) & Jackson (14)

Jackson & Jake getting ready to watch a 3D movie

Later that evening, we all played Heads Up

It was a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday!