Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Father/Son Weekend at McCallie

Robbie's high school in Chattanooga has a father/son weekend every summer. This summer was the first time Robbie has taken Jake. Jake was so excited and I was excited for him and Robbie to get to spend some time together and for Robbie to show Jake where he went to school. They arrived early Friday evening.

Jake had a blast at the pool

Ole boy was wiped out (and he LOVED dorm living)

On Saturday, they got to participate in several different sports and check out lots of different buildings on the campus (like the science lab and game room)

One of the things Jake was most excited about, was jumping off "the tower". Jake had seen pictures and youtube videos of it. I was worried that he would get up there and get scared and Robbie would have to help him. But he did it! And he kept doing it again and again.

He loved the endless ice cream

Robbie had a great time catching up with some old high school friends

Sunday they went hiking

This was Jake the whole way home

What did sister & I do while the boys were away? We went to mall to look for Father's Day gifts and of course had to ride the carousal. 

And look at the lego store

She tried convincing me she needed this one

And when I said no, she said how about this one
Answer was still no.

 After the mall, I told her she could either go to Build-A-Bear or get her toenails painted. She choose to get her toenails painted. She has never gotten a pedicure, but she loves anytime someone is pampering her, so I figured she would like it. Plus, she is always asking me to paint her toenails and I have the hardest time because they are so tiny!

She did so good! She sat so still and I was dying because took it all so seriously. She loved the water bowl at her feet and liked that it had lights that would change colors. She even liked the massaging chair. I got so excited because I thought this could be a little treat she & I could do together in the future.
She picked the color pink for her polish

Her serious face

She kept wanting me to take pictures of her "pretty" toes

And then we got home, and I realized why it is ridiculous to take a two-year-old to get a $30 pedicure and it will be a while before we do it again. On the way home, she had scratched the paint off both of her big toes. 😞

And then got mad at me because we didn't have the same toenail polish at home to paint them again.

After the toenail polish meltdown, we played outside for a while with friends, ate some dinner and then headed down to our neighborhood pool for the first movie night of the summer. 

The movie didn't start until 8:00, so Hollon made it about 45 minutes before complaining that she wanted to go home. So we said our good-byes and walked home. She was out about 1 minute into the walk home.

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