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Disney Day 1 - Hollywood Studios

Day 1 - Tuesday, May 30 - Hollywood Studios

We had 8:05 breakfast reservations at Hollywood & Vine (park didn't open until 9), so it was just our family on the bus ride to the park!

We rode over with my brother's family and then my sister's family and parents were on the next bus
It kind of felt like the Griswold's

Hollon & Marrell

Maddox, Jake, Marrell & Hollon

There was a police officer handing out stickers to the kids. Hollon was scared of him, but Gaines happily talked with him.

Hollon took her stickers and then ran far away from him

Mae Stanley was often times the center of attention

This fan of my parents caused many a fights

Once we were able to enter the park, I wanted to get a picture of all 7 kids. Hollon was extremely upset that it was Gaines turn to hold the fan.

Sweet Gaines offered it to Hollon

This was the only character meal we did. We booked it for 2 reasons. 1) Because it has the Disney Jr characters and they are the favorite for the little kids. 2) So we could get into the park early to sign Jake up for Jedi training. Back when we went to Disney 2 years ago, Jake did not get picked for Jedi training. {here} It was my mission this trip to get him picked this time. Being that we were there an hour before the park opened, we were able to get him signed up and got to pick whatever time slot we wanted. Success!
I was nervous on how Hollon would react to the characters. To my surprise, she loved them! She got very excited when she would see them enter the restaurant and would want to see them immediately. It made it almost impossible to get her to eat her food. Doc McStuffins came to our table first. Hollon happily ran up to her and hugged her.

Every time Hollon would meet a character, she would get that star-glazed look in her eye. It was so sweet and about made me cry every time. 

We also discovered that while Hollon was super excited to meet the characters, she had the most awkward hug and pose with them. It was like she wasn't completely sure about the person touching her.

Hollon was super excited to meet Sofia

Our first fast pass was for the Toy Story Mania! ride. This was one of our favorites from last time, so we were excited to kick off the trip with it.

Hollon & her Gran
Hollon & Mae Stanley in their matching outfits
Made by Mimi

I love Mae Stanley's eyes in this picture. She did not trust cousin Hollon with that fan around her.

After the ride, it was time to head over to watch Jake & Woody do their Jedi training

Jedis - Woody & Jake

Teary eyed mom moment #2.... seeing Jake finally do the Jedi training

Woody signed up for the Jedi training as well. I love his mic light saber drop at the end of his fight.

After the Jedi show, the older kids all went to do Star Wars rides and character meets and my mom, sister & I took the little kids to more of the Disney Jr shows.

We took the kids to see a Little Mermaid sign along show. Gaines had never seen the Little Mermaid, so he was not impressed. Hollon loves the Little Mermaid, but even she acted like it was a little stale. At the point of the show that Ursula gives her evil mean laugh, Gaines, Hollon and Mae Stanley all began to cry and wanted to leave! Fail!!

After the Little Mermaid miss, we took the little kids to see Disney Jr Live. They enjoyed that much better!

Gaines hung back with Nana

Our last fast passes of the morning were for the Frozen Live Sing Along. My sisters kids didn't really care that much about Frozen, so her family and my parents headed back to the resort and the rest of us stayed. There was a wait to get in and a wait for the program to start. Hollon fell asleep. And it was a deep sleep, like she wan't moving. Hollon LOVES to sing Frozen songs and I had been so super excited for her to attend the Frozen sign along. I was going to be so disappointed (for her & me!) if she slept through it. Thankfully she woke up as they started singing. She was still groggy, so she certainly wasn't belting out the songs like she normally does. But seeing her eyes light up watching the characters sing those songs. It is one of those moments I'll cherish forever. I got video of her watching them sing and the snow falling at the end and it makes me teary eyed every time I watch it. It is too large to post on the blog, but it is the sweetest!

After the show, Robbie & Jake went to ride Tower of Terror (Jake didn't ride it last time we were there) and I took Hollon to meet Olaf.

Awkward hug
Tower of Terror
Jake & Rob are on the last row, far left
After that, we headed back to the resort as well. The pool was open, plus they had a fun little splash pad area for little kids.

This was such a sweet moment. 
Gaines and Hollon can, um, fight a little a lot. Hollon especially is a horrible sharer with Gaines and dramatically cries if she doesn't get her way. There were some little steps up to the slide, but there was water squirting everywhere. Hollon wanted to go down the slide, but was scared to walk up the steps because of the water squirting her in her face. She wanted me to go get Jake and have Jake walk with her, but I told her Jake was too big for the splash pad. I asked her if Gaines could hold her hand and walk her up. She said yes, and so Gaines did. It was the sweetest! Every time she would go down the slide, Gaines would hold her hand and walk her up the steps. 

Heading back to our room to clean up and head back to the park

Hollon and Minnie doing a little sliding while we waited on the others

Our whole family!

Fun with cousins

My dad watched Hollon so Robbie, Jake and I could ride the Rock 'n' Roller coaster. It was one of our favorites from 2 years ago and is still a favorite!

From 2 years ago....

We then rode Toy Story Mania one more time

The park was getting ready to close and our plan was to watch the Star Wars fireworks show. But a storm started to roll in and the fireworks were cancelled. It was starting to thunder, so there was a mass exit of people from the park. It was crazy and the kids were freaked out. Our bus back to the resort was jam packed full. I was sitting with Hollon in my lap and Jake standing in front of me. Hollon kept telling him to move😒. Thankfully, the resort was close by and we made it back right as the bottom was about to drop out. It was such a fun day and made me even more excited about the next 3 days. Hollon usually sleeps horrible when she sleeps in a big bed with me. She was so tired, she slept through the entire night and didn't even roll over once. #miracle 

Thoughts: We love Hollywood Studios because of all of the Star Wars themed activities, but I really wish there was more for the little kids. I can't wait for the new Star Wars land and Toy Story land to open in a few years. We are hoping to go back once those are finished.
Go Figure: I'd cry so many times. (Not boo-woo cry, but misty eyed cry) Seeing Hollon get excited about Sofia from across the room, watching Jake finally get to do the Jedi training, being showered with snow at the end of the Frozen show and my children's amazement of it. I know I was way more excited about these things and seeing them experience them.
Jake's Favorite Rides: Same as last time - Toy Story Mania, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster & Star Tours
Hollon's Favorite: Toy Story Mania, Frozen Sing Along, Meeting Sofia
My Favorite Moments: The relief feeling of knowing that the early character meal was worth it, because Hollon got to meet some of her favorites, but mostly because it allowed us to beat the crowd and get Jake signed up for Jedi training. I have plotted this plan for 2 years and can finally erase some of the mom guilt for not getting him signed up last time. Being excited that Hollon was excited to meet the characters. Jake taking the Jedi training so seriously. Seeing my kids have so much fun with their cousins.

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