Thursday, June 22, 2017

Summer Week 3 - VBS and Daycare

For the 3rd week of summer, Jake had Vacation Bible School and Hollon started summer daycare. I learned my lesson and started dropping Jake off first, because Hollon cried and cried when we left Jake and she had to go with me. Especially since VBS was at the church we attend on Sunday's and where she goes to Mother's Day Out. She kept saying it was "her church" and "her school". 

One of my friends sent me this picture of Jake during VBS. He was explaining what Jeremiah 29:11 meant to him.

I didn't get a picture of Hollon on her first day, but one of the teachers emailed me a picture of her playing. 

Carrying her nap sack into school

Crazy shenanigans after VBS & daycare

Dance party.....

Lately, Jake & Hollon have been asking to sleep together. I finally gave in and they actually both fell asleep. The first few nights, I would move Hollon to her crib whenever Robbie and I went to bed. This night, I didn't move her and just let her sleep in Jake's room.

MISTAKE!! She got up about 1 AM, got out of bed and I like to never got her back to sleep. 

Every morning I forgot to take pictures before we left the house

One afternoon, after VBS, but before I picked up Hollon, I took Jake to see a movie, his choice. He picked Captain Underpants.

We had a bad storm roll through one evening and the power went out. Hollon was dressed in her Cinderella dress, but wanted Elsa gloves. We don't have any Elsa gloves, so I was getting her some gloves out of our winter box. She found a beanie while we were looking for the gloves, and insisted on wearing it as well.

And then had a sword fight with Anakin Skywalker
Sometimes you just have to make do! 

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