Sunday, June 28, 2009

Babies Everywhere!

This has been such a fun summer because we have welcomed so many babies! Mark & Amanda welcomed David 3 weeks ago. Last Friday, Tripp & Amanda welcomed Dru and my cousin April & her husband Allen welcomed Jackson. Then on Saturday Charley & Misa welcomed Arianna. Jack & Vanessa will welcome a baby girl very soon and Zach & Kimberly will welcome Addie in August. So many new playmates for Jake!

We threw Kimberly a baby shower on Saturday. We had such a great time & just can't wait for sweet Addie to get here!
Kimberly (center) with hosts Paulette, Alli, Alli's mom Joan & myself
Alli, Lara & I
The food was great!

Lots of fun gifts to open

Addie got so many cute little things!

Catching Up

Catching up on posting pictures. We are doing good and just enjoying some time actually being in town. Jake had a great 6-Month birthday and has had fun playing with his gifts. He is still eating well and LOVES food. He stares at people when they eat in front of him. He starts moving his mouth just as soon as he sees food. He loves to eat! So far, he has ate carrots, squash, peas and zucchini squash. We are making his food and it has not been too hard. (Actually, Robbie makes it! Jake & I just watch. Jake drools at the mouth just watching him make it.) We highly recommend the Beaba Baby Food maker. They sell it at Williams & Sonoma. We really like it because it does it all in 1 machine (steams, puree, heat & defrost). Very convenient! Jake sleeps very well at night. He goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps until around 6:30. He would probably go to bed even earlier, but I keep him up, since I don't get home until later! We are slowly moving up his bedtime. The good thing is he goes straight to sleep! He doesn't sleep quite as well during the day, but his teachers are working with him on it. I am really starting to see traits from Robbie & I in him. He has Robbie's laid back attitude, but I can also see my stubbornness. He loves to laugh and have people talk to him. He loves attention and does not like to be left alone. His bottom 2 teeth have come in and EVERYTHING goes right into his mouth. His hair is finally growing, even though it will not show up in pictures. I promise it is there. He is growing longer, which helps make him not seem as round! We go for his 6-month checkup on Wednesday, so I can't wait to see how he is doing!

Standard pose whenever he sees food
Eating carrots

My parents were up one weekend. My dad would make the toy jump out from behind the pillow. I have never seen Jake laugh so hard. The video of it is even cuter. I'll post that later in the week.

He loves his jump-a-roo

His new play toy... his feet

Enjoying his first Night Fall. It is a free concert in downtown Chattanooga every Friday night during the summer.

On Father's Day

Before church. He looked so sweet in his outfit. Thanks Summer, Gary & Henry!!

Before school one morning

His birthday present from nana & gran. It is the cutest thing! It is a rocker & plays "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". We'll post some video of him on it later in the week too. (I've got a lot of catching up to do!!) He is too cute on it!

He couldn't stop smiling

His birthday present from mommy & daddy.
He was so busy playing, he won't even look up

Finally got him to look up
Making his silly face
Happy boy!
I'm pretty sure he is saying thank you mommy & daddy
Okay, I said over & over again that I would NOT buy Jake an exersaucer. They are too big, they don't match anything, they don't fold up and they are just plain in the way. Plus, who knows if Jake would even like it, and then we would be out $100. Well, they have them at his school & he loves it. He lights up when he sees it. So, what do Robbie & I go do? Go out & buy Jake the biggest, brightest, tackiest one Babies R Us sells. I was right. It is too big, doesn't match anything, was expensive and sticks out horribly. But as you can tell by the pictures above, he loves it. He had so much fun playing in. And just hearing that laugh, made it all worth it. (At least the legs fold in so that it kind of folds up!) But now our house is over ran by baby toys. And Jake just turned 6 months! We need a bonus room quickly! In the picture below, there is a rocker, doorway jump-up, papasan chair, swing, and exersaucer. In the picture below that, there is a play mat (that is normally on the floor) and his tailgating chair that we are using to feed him in. Not included in the picture is his pac-n-play, which is in the den as well. There are more places for Jake to sit than adults!

Good Night!

Jake 6 Months

Some comparisons of Jake the first few weeks after he was born and now.
In his swing


In his crib


His little feet


He has always liked looking at his monogram then...
He still likes looking at it. He can roll over & touch it now...

In his robe & slippers


Asleep in his crib


Some comparisons between mine, Jake & Robbie's baby pictures at 6 months.


Emma - 6 Months

Robbie - 6 Months
Jake - 6 Months

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jake

On June 24, Jake will be 6 months old. The video below is some of our favorite pictures of the little guy. He has touched our hearts more than we could ever imagine and our love for him is indescribable. Happy Birthday Jake!

Ignore the small video in the bottom corner. I couldn't figure out how to delete that off!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of the amazing men that Robbie and I have had the honor of being raised by...
Gramps (Robbie's grandfather)
Granddad (Robbie's grandfather)
Robbie & his dad
Papa (my great-grandfather)
Paw-Paw (my grandfather)
(Note: my other grandfather passed away before I was born)
My dad & me
Jake & Granddad Jake
Jake & Granddad
Jake & Gran
Happy 1st Father's Day!