Thursday, October 20, 2016

Weeks in Review - Baseball, Auburn v/s ULM & Picture Day

Playing outside with brother

Jake has got to be one of the most patient big brothers. (Don't get me wrong... he can loose his cool about Hollon and get frustrated with her, but for the most part, he is extremely kind with her and wants to take such good care of her.) Hollon can't figure out how to make these water guns work and he spent the afternoon trying to show her. 

Which, she probably thanked him, by hitting him with the water gun. 

Ready for a new week at school

She is about to outgrow bloomer sets and it makes me so sad!

Trying to convince us that night that she was going to sleep in her tee-pee

And also trying to convince dad that he could fit in

Happy Wednesday

We bought a new (king!!!!!) size bed, so after work one evening, we tested out mattresses 

Hollon wasn't finished putting on her makeup for school Thursday

Jake had a baseball game that night. So far, we are undefeated! Fall ball is much more laid back. Plus, since our city fall league only has 2 teams, all of our closest friends are all on our team. So the boys, coaches and parents have all been having a great time. 

Long gone are the days of sister just sitting in her stroller watching. I bring a bag full of toys and snacks, which occupies her for about 5 minutes. The rest of the time, she either wants to run around with the big kids or play on my phone. Usually I pick letting her play on my phone, because at least that way, I can watch some of the game.

Jake has improved so much this fall. His hitting , fielding and running has gotten much better. 


I have to watch Hollon in the mornings, because she is bad about digging in her backpack, and pulling out things like her snack, diapers or change of clothes.

Just as soon as Jake was getting off the bus, we were having to leave to get his hair cut. So I had to wake Hollon up from her nap. I figured it was the perfect opportunity to snap a picture of her sleeping. (I don't dare usually snap a picture of her sleeping, because she always wakes up. So I can only do it, when I actually need her to wake up.)

Relaxing in the message chair while brother gets his hair cut

That weekend, Jake was getting a special treat. He got to go to Auburn with just Mimi & Granddad. Auburn was playing Louisiana Monroe and it was the 5th straight home game. I was already contemplating Hollon & I not going, but then Robbie said he was leaning towards not going as well. We were going to be gone at the beach for the next week and 2 weekends. And then we'd be back in Auburn that following weekend. It is really hard to be away every weekend for 2 months. So we made the adult decision, and stayed home to get some stuff done around the house. 

Chuck and Judy were of course still going, so they invited Jake along. He was very excited to get this special one-on-one trip.
Friday night in the RV with Bruiser
Ready for game day Saturday

We have never taken Jake to roll Toomer's Corner. Since the ULM game was an afternoon game and not a huge opponent, it was perfect to take Jake to. Being a typical 7-year-old boy, he thought anything to do with toilet paper was awesome.

Sunday night, Hollon was taking a bath and Jake a shower. Hollon is obsessed with bubble baths, so I let her take her bath in our bath tub and turned on the jets to make tons of bubbles. Jake was getting out of the shower and couldn't resist hopping in a bubble bath. 

Monday night, Jake had a baseball game in Alabaster. Nana & Gran came!
Gran teaching her bad habits like climbing the fence

Go #7!!

Jake with Gran & Nana
 On Tuesday was picture day at Hollon's school

She will kill me for this picture when she is older. But when I went to pick Hollon up, I couldn't find her. Her teacher said she was sitting on the potty. She didn't ever go to the potty, just wanted to sit on it for a while.

It was a beautiful day outside, so after Jake got home, we played outside all afternoon

Then we rode down to our neighborhood park

Hollon LOVES to slide

I love the look on Hollon's face

I have to let Jake climb the rock wall when Hollon isn't looking, because she'll try to climb it too. They have a smaller version on the toddler part of the playground, but she doesn't want to climb that one. She wants to do whatever brother is doing.

Going down the big slide. Again, there is a smaller slide on the toddler part, but she likes the large one. She is much braver than Jake was. Hollon sees Jake do something once, and she just follows right behind. 

Some days are just this type of day

You are just so upset, you unsnap your britches 

We've almost made it to the weekend. One day until we leave for the beach!

Later that night at brother's baseball practice

 Mad at me because I'm making her stop playing so we can leave for school

Next post will be all about our week at the beach for fall break!