Monday, November 30, 2015

Where have we been?

I am FINALLY getting around to updating the blog. Hollon was sick with hand, foot & mouth virus, I had to travel for work, then Jake was sick with strep throat and then we were gone for 6 days for Thanksgiving break. Below gets us caught up until we left for Thanksgiving break. Hopefully I can get Thanksgiving posted before Christmas rolls around. Keep clicking "older posts", because it took me a while to update everything. Not that any of it is more interesting than watching paint dry.

2015 Football Season Week 12

Jake went to school Thursday & Friday, so we felt like he was fine to go to Auburn that weekend. It was the last game of the season that we planned on taking the kids to. We didn't leave until Saturday morning for Auburn, so it was nice to have just a low key Friday night. 
Hollon kept using the rug as a blanket. And for some reason, she played with this jar all morning.
Daddy's new truck made the best playpen! 

An empty cup make for great entertainment for a 15 month old
Jake was excited once his friends showed up.

The playpen works for the big kids as well
Jake, Alex & Owen
Sweet Emily

Hollon stealing treats from Mimi

Kisses for Daddy

This is what her hair looks like if not pulled back with a bow or clip

I carried Hollon to the game in Bjorn and she slept the way there and the first part of the game.
Once awake, she was ready to go!

We The Bush's have the best seats for kids. We are right off the tunnel, no steps to climb and we have the 6 seats on the end. And we are the first row. (Rob & I's actual 2 seats are a few rows behind. But we usually sell our tickets and buy 2 from the Bush's.) The kids have loved hanging on the rails over the years. And I am grateful for not having to apologize a thousand times for my kids kicking someone in the back.

About the time Hollon woke up, Jake fell asleep in my lap. 
And this is why we don't take the kids to big games :) :) :)
Jake woke up before halftime and we stayed a until after halftime. We could have probably made it till the end of the game, but we were almost broke from Jake eating out the concession stand and I was honestly ready to head back.

The walk back to the RV
This is when being mama to a baby when you are almost 37 catches up with you.
It was a very long walk back.
(And no, Hollon is not wearing capri pants with tights.
They are pants, but just pulled up from sitting in the carrier.)
Daddy got stuck carrying Hollon's backpack.
Jake & Daddy looked like twins in their navy pullovers and jeans
Both kids were completely wiped out. 

We got back on Sunday, got changed and then headed to a birthday party. The boy is Jake's age and the sister is Hollon's age and their birthdays are only a few weeks apart. Sister bear was happy to wear a birthday outfit to celebrate her friend's first birthday. (Or she was just happy to have found toilet paper to play with.)

Once at the party, just hanging out waiting on her friend to come down.

All the older kids were outside playing. The parents all surprise attacked the kids with silly string. Jake thought it was the best thing ever.

I counted the whole weekend as a success, because it was the first time we came back from Auburn in the last 3 games without an illness! 

Week in Review

We had just spent the weekend in Auburn. Last time we were in Auburn, Hollon woke up Sunday sick. This time, it was Jake's turn. Sunday rolled around and Jake was running a fever and not feeling good. I kept him home from school on Monday, and by Tuesday he was not any better. So off to the doctor we went.

He was diagnosed with strep throat and a respiratory virus.   

Sister bear excited that she wasn't the one sick
Thankfully Hollon didn't get sick and was able to go to school. Having both kids at home and trying to work is not the easiest.

Trying to wear her pajama top as pants

Finally by Thursday Jake was feeling better and had been on antibiotics long enough to return the school. We missed his Thanksgiving feast at school Wednesday but were able to make it to his football team's end of the year bowling party.

Jake informed me that he didn't want me to take any pictures. So I only snapped one of him bowling and then respected his decision. That is one of the reasons there are not as many pictures of him on the blog. He is getting older and mom running around snapping pictures of him cramps his style. #sigh

I was able to snap a few pictures of Coach Tom and the other coaches handing out trophies. 

The next day Jake had a field trip with his class to the McWane Center Children's Museum. Before Jake started school, we were members and went at least once a quarter. Once he started school, we haven't been back, so he was super excited to go. He doesn't want me to take pictures, but he wanted me to chaperon. I'll take what I can get! Jake's school requests that you only take pictures of your child, but no other kids (even if you know them and are friends with their parents). And Jake wouldn't let me take any pictures of just him, so we have no pictures from the field trip. But we had a great time!  

2015 Football Season Week 11

Week 11 had Auburn playing Georgia. The kids were supposed to spend the weekend with my parents, but due to a death in my sister's in-law's family, my parents needed to watch her kids. One of our awesome friends in Auburn that has kids was not going to the game, so she offered to watch the kids while Rob & I went to the game. So many thanks to Katherine! 

On Friday night, our friends were hosting their annual party, and Mimi & Granddad graciously were guilted offered to watch the kids. They took them to a cookout/bonfire where we keep the RV when not tailgating. 
Jake & Mimi dancing to My Girl
As normal, Hollon slept horrible and was not in the best of moods Saturday morning.

She cheered up once friends arrived
Emily is Katherine's 3-year-old daughter and was a wonderful help with Hollon

Just a little girl chat

Hollon & Granddad

Hollon not respecting people's personal space
Sunday morning, getting ready to take the RV back to the storage lot.