Thursday, July 23, 2015

What we've been up to...

I promise Jake still lives with us. It just doesn't look like it in the pictures below. He has been in full day camps or with the grandparents most of summer. Hollon has gotten in a lot of time as the only child. Jake is at camp Nana & Gran this week and he has one last YMCA camp next week. Then he'll be home with me until school starts. So I've got a lot of fun things planned for us that week! 

A month ago, Hollon turned 10 months old. Getting pictures of her with the sign is getting harder & harder. She is always on the move.

She loves to stick her tongue out

"Stop taking pictures of me & get me out of this crib!"

She is pulling up on EVERYTHING

I love those chunky little feet & toes

That hair. This is the most it will sit down.

Hollon thinks putting something behind her head is playing peek-a-boo

I have so many pictures of Jake sleeping in his crib. I love them. He was a heavy sleeper and it never woke him up. As evidence below, it does wake Hollon up.

The lights are off, I just sneak very quietly in,
As soon as she hears the click, she is up immediately. And mad.
So I just have to take pictures of her sleeping on the monitor

Getting in lots of time just she & I. She starts Mother's Day Out in September.

We've hung out a lot outside in the evenings

When we were going to Chattanooga for the fourth, Hollon started crying just as we hit town. She was hungry and ill and wanted to be picked up. We were only about 30 minutes away, so we hated to stop. So we just kept going. And she just kept getting madder. She was screaming so loud. And Jake slept right beside her through it all. Didn't even stir.

We've had lots of dinners outside

Hollon sometimes falls asleep sitting up. It drives me crazy. It cannot be comfortable, but as soon as I walk in to lay her down, it wakes her up. She'll sit up, cry and then fall asleep again sitting up.

She loves the little food squeeze packets

She was soooooooo tired this night. I finally got some photos of her actually sleeping.

I had my girls weekend with my 2 best friends from college. Our friend Amanda bought a vacation house on the bay near 30A and they have been remodeling it for the last year & a half. The house is amazing and they have done a fantastic job. This was our view every morning & evening.

On Saturday, we heading back to Amanda's after getting massages and suddenly Amanda stops and yells "What in the world?!?!?" At first it looks like a huge dog running down the road. Then we realize it is a miniature pony with this long crazy mane. And 2 adults are running around after it. We didn't know if we should keep going or stop & help. We ended up just sitting there taking pictures.

My two very best friends

Back home to my little peanuts

Playing peek-a-boo

I usually have 500 pictures like this on my phone taken by Hollon

Hollon has slowly warmed up to the walking toy

She will use anything as a drum

She also loves brother's rescue bots

That's all folks!

Friday, July 17, 2015

4th of July

Fourth of July Weekend, there were several things going on in Chattanooga, so we decided to make our first trip up there since Hollon was born. (Not counting our family trip to the lake at Thanksgiving.) It was fun to see almost all of our old friends and introduce them to Hollon. Chattanooga holds such a special place in our heart and our friends there do too. Most of us were all pregnant with our first child the same year. It was fun to see so many 5 & 6 year olds that I knew as babies!

The kids & I picked Robbie up from work Thursday afternoon and got on the road to Chattanooga. We met the Strickland family for dinner once we got into town.
Hollon & Addie
I wish I could package up Addie and bring her home to babysit all the time.
She is AWESOME with Hollon & Hollon equally adores her.
We were spending the weekend with the Strickland's and their kids had fun showing Hollon the "baby" toys.

Hollon has Jake's old Leap Frog phone. She loves it. It is her favorite toy. Tyler has the newer version. Hollon could not believe it. I could not get her to put it down. As soon as we came back to Birmingham, I had to get her the new one. (Poor sister usually ends up with all of brother's old toys that are now six years old.)
What?!?! This is what toys from 2015 look like?

They also had a remote that she loved

The 2 silly older kids
Addie & Jake
Addie introduced all things girls, dolls & princess to Hollon

On Friday, the 3rd, we cooked out at the Stickland's. Another family we are good friends with came over as well. The guys all went to McCallie together.
Tyler in his 4th of July gear

Sweet Addie

Jake, Addie & Tyler
(2 out of 3 looking at the camera is not bad)

My silly Jake
What a difference a year makes!
Last year (8 months pregnant with Hollon) and this year
Kimberly made cupcakes for the kids

Cheering the cupcakes
Jake, Ethan, Addie, Tyler & Dru
(Jake, Addie & Dru are the same age [5/6] and Ethan & Tyler are the same age [3])
Yea to Independence Day Eve!

Baby munchkin (eyeing the cupcakes) and Daddy
The boys went a little overboard with the fireworks
They obviously did not see the 465 different PSA's that I did
on what can happen when you shoot fireworks at home
Smoke bombs were one of the kids favorites

Hollon was not impressed

Still not impressed
Once it got dark, the sparklers came out

Hollon officially passed out
(No afternoon nap will do that to you)
Please notice her hand is still on that phone

On Saturday, the 4th, we went to Pops in the Park. This is one of our favorite Chattanooga events. Each 4th of July, the Chattanooga symphony plays a concert in Coolidge park by the river. You bring your blanket, your food and your fun. Robbie had been going for years, but my first time going (2006) was when we were dating. (I was still living in Birmingham, thankfully the 4th fell as part of a long holiday weekend that year!) The next year I went (2007) Rob & I were engaged. The next year (2008) we were newlyweds and 2 months pregnant. In 2009 we attended for the first time with a baby and in 2010 & 2011 we attended with a toddler. In 2012 & 2013, we didn't attend, as we were already in Birmingham and the 4th fell during the week. But we were back in Chattanooga in 2014 (we just didn't make it to Pops) and now again in 2015! So good to be back at Pops! 

Our first year with kiddos and this year
(I didn't get a photo of just Jake & Addie at Pops.
This was just taken the day before.)
Our little crew of munchkins

Hollon still with that phone
We got supper from the food trucks and had a picnic

One of the highlights of the evening was Lara meeting up with us. Lara holds a very special place in our hearts and this was her first time to meet Hollon.

The Bush's & The Strickland's

5 years & 2 more kids later
Lara with Miss Hollon

After the concert came the fireworks

Tyler was not too crazy about them

Jake & Addie were impressed

Once again, Hollon was out early due to very short naps that day

The fact that she can sleep through fireworks gives me hope that
she has it in her to be a deep sleeper like her mom, dad & brother
The girls

Kimberly, Lara & me
2 of my very dearest Chattanooga friends
Friends for over 20 years. Robbie & Lara

Lara, me & Rob at my first Pops and then this year
Just a few more sparklers after we got home and baths and pajamas

Jake with his special sword sparkler

Baby munchkin was out
On Sunday, on our way out of town, we stopped by another good friend's house. They were having a pool party. The guys all went to McCallie together and again, all of us girls were all pregnant with our first the same year. There were a lot of little 6-year-olds there!

Little McCallie legacies 

Jake rocking the inter-tube with Mr. Mark
We finally got home Sunday night. Tired, off schedule, but with our hearts full and lots of new memories with some of our best friends.