Monday, January 25, 2016

Wig-in Out

Hollon got a hold of a wig while at Mimi & Granddad's. In case we wondered what she would look like with a full bob of hair, here it is....

Friday, January 22, 2016

What We've Been Up To - First few weeks of 2016

2016 started out with a spidery bang.
Jake had gotten home from school, but Rob wasn't home from work yet. I was walking through the foyer, and see a huge black spot high on our wall in the living room. Upon closer look, I realize it is a huge spider. There are 3 things I'm deathly afraid of. 1) Driving on an interstate in heavy traffic 2) Cockroaches 3) Spiders. I was trying to stay calm and figure out how to kill a spider I couldn't reach. It was over the archway into the breakfast room and Hollon kept walking under it. So I tried to put her in Jake's room to keep her away. Of course then Jake had to come out and examine the situation. He is just as afraid of spiders as I am (sorry Robbie), so of course he freaked out. So he & I are both freaking out and Hollon could care less. 
Jake trying to keep Hollon away
She was too busy stuffing her face with food to care
Seriously. Could have cared less that a huge spider could fall and attack us at any moment.
I know you are on the edge of your seat. So what happened with the spider? The spider ended up falling on the curtains and then to the ground. I sprayed an entire can of bug spray on it until it shrived up and died. We are still trying to air out our house from the smell. Robbie could only shake his head once he got home from work.

Once dad got home (after the spider scare), Hollon entertained us with some karaoke. 

Then she insisted on putting on rainboots to take care of her baby.

This is how she "takes care of baby". She mushes her down in the stroller.

Hopefully no one uses it as a direct reflection of our parenting of her. One second she is so sweet to baby, and then the next, she throws her out of the stroller and runs over her with it. 

One of the days she didn't have school, she was upstairs with me while I was working. She was sitting in her chair just talking to her baby. I wish I had it on video. It was the sweetest thing. Of course as soon as I tried taking a picture of it, she looked up.

Jake put this whole lego set together by himself

Just chilling out in my pajamas before school. (Hollon loves to just wear one sock or shoe. I honestly don't understand it. She will pull one off and insist on wearing the other. It switches up which foot she prefers.)

Hollon & I enjoyed watching Alabama win the national championship. (I keep trying to recruit Hollon to be an Alabama fan. Robbie & Jake are both die-hard Auburn.)

Ready for school!

Jake got the game Operation for Christmas and we play it several times a week.

We always have to give sister a turn

Reading one of her favorite books

Just sending out a few emails

Hollon loves to put toilet paper rolls on her hands. That's normal right?

It is finally getting cool enough to wear our winter dresses to church.

Ready for another week of school

Just as soon as Hollon wakes up from her nap, she wants you to come get her IMMEDIATELY. She screams until you do (which leads to slobber all over her mouth and snot all over her nose). I don't lay her down with a clip in her hair, so when she wakes up, her hair is a mess. So she looks like this...

Mad that I was taking pictures and not picking her up
Brother had a dentist appointment that afternoon. This face looks sweet & innocent, right?
Well, it is not. 
While at the dentist office, Hollon was prancing around the waiting room. People were talking about how cute she was, and she was eating it up. She walks up to a lady that was looking on her iPhone. She looks up to speak to Hollon. As soon as she does, Hollon grabs the phone and wakes away saying "mine!". I died! I quickly of course take it away from Hollon and gave it back to the woman. She was a mom, so thankfully understanding. We definitely have some things to work on. 

One day it was raining so Hollon finally got to wear her rainboots to school. She kept showing them off to this little boy in her class. The mom, teacher & I were dying laughing because H was showing her boots and the little boy could have cared less. The more we laughed, the more Hollon showed off. Before long, there was a whole group huddled around them laughing. H loves attention, so it was right up her ally.

See. I told you she wakes up from her naps mad & a mess.

Waiting outside for brother to come home

Usually Hollon is difficult to use an iPad around. I got the bright idea to put her in her highchair and let her watch what brother was watching. It actually worked for at least a little while.

Normally it is like this...
She looks at what you are looking at on the iPad
Then she invades your personal space
And then just completely blocks your view
(Yes, these are Christmas pajamas worn with a pink bow)
#notchristmas #doesnotmatch #donotcare
When not fighting over the iPad, they can be so sweet together. I keep meaning to write a post about their age difference (6 years) and the pros & cons. This is definitely one of the pros. I love when Jake reads to her.

Hollon's very favorite books right now are the Llama Llama books. Everyone in the family (mostly Robbie & me) have to read these to her several times a day.