Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Here & There....

I know I sound like a broken record, but... things have been CRAZY! Football traveling is our norm for fall. The twists are the new house (which still looks like we just moved in) & the work travel for both Robbie & I. One week, Robbie & I were both out of town for work, in the same city, but never saw each other. But, I'm super excited because the holidays are coming up & they are my FAVORITE! Come on December!! 
Jake loves matchbox cars. Too bad they love his hair too. -Disclaimer- Jake's hair is WAY too
long. This child has the fastest growing hair. I just got it cut & it is already back in his eyes. Is
there a way to slow a child's hair down from growing?

Too small pajama shirt... check. Underwear... check. Fireman boots... check. It's gonna be a good day.

Guess you can tell this is our uniform on the non-Mom's Day Out days
Over the weekend, we tried to get some pictures of Jake for our Christmas card

What's new with my almost 3 year old?
*Loves to say "please honey?"
*Loves the Little Golden Books from the Chick-fil-a kids meal
*Has been entertaining us with his Turkey song from school
*Wants to eat macaroni & cheese for dinner every night
*Has started wanted to bring over 20 toys to bed
*We left Puppy over at Mimi's house, so to get Jake to go to sleep, we had to give him a different lovie & tell him it was "Puppy's brother". For some reason, Jake insists on calling it "Puppy's sister". It worked though & we made it through the night without puppy.
*Gets excited when he sees Santa, but doesn't understand who he is

2011 Football Season Week 11

Our Auburn tailgating crew is full of little boys. Seeing the kids play together makes the Auburn weekends so special & enjoyable. The thing I love about the Auburn tailgating group, is it 3 generations long. At each of our tailgates, we have parents & we have kids. It is a great mix. And hopefully a tradition that will keep on going. 
Cole (6 years) & John Gregory (6 months)
Hill (2 months)

Owen (almost 2)

Alex (2 1/2)

Jake (3)

Henry (almost 4)

The boys (missing Cole & John Gregory)

Great friends from college

The Bush's

Jake at the game

Jake & Aunt Andrea

This is what happens when the football game falls right during your nap time

Back at the RV, rested up

Henry, Owen & Jake
Jake & cousin Jackson
I can't believe we only have 1 game left. The season has flown by! The Alabama/Auburn game is always so much fun. I can't wait!

2011 Football Season Week 10

This was a very special football week. We took the RV out of Auburn & headed down to my college town of Troy, AL. How I ended up at Troy, is a true testament to God's plan sometimes being different from what we plan. My whole life, I planned on attending the University of Alabama. That is where all of my family had graduated from and I grew up loving that school. I was accepted & ready to go. Then, at the last minute, I did something that would make any parent cringe and I changed my mind to go to a college to follow my high-school boyfriend. Surprisingly (HA!), we broke up after the first few weeks of school & I was heart-broken. Due to scheduling conflicts, I couldn't transfer from Troy to Alabama mid-year, so I decided I'd wait until the end of the year. After weeping uncontrollably for several weeks over my broken heart, I decided I might as well venture out & meet some of the sisters in the sorority that I had pledged. As they say, the rest is history. During that freshman year that I thought I would be so miserable, I met the most amazing group of girls that would become my best friends. By the end of the year, I decided that Troy was not so bad. In fact, it was absolutely perfect. And each year, I met more friends, had more fun, and made more memories. I see these girls often (but not often enough!), but rarely is it in Troy. So it is always fun when we can make it down for a game. The last game we went to was when Robbie & I were engaged, so it's been a long time coming! And the weekend did not disappoint.

We got to use our Troy flag!

Maybe not as big as our normal Auburn tailgate, but just as special

Thursday, November 3, 2011


We had a great 1st Halloween in our new house. I was super excited because I figured this is my last Halloween to pick out Jake's costume. His first Halloween he was a kangaroo and his second Halloween he was a shark. I wanted him to be an armadillo this year, but evidently, armadillo costumes for toddlers are not that popular. But I did find a scooby doo costume that was pretty cute. I bought the biggest toddler size they had, and thankfully tried it on Jake before Halloween. WAY too small. So then began the quick hunt for a new costume. Everything in the toddler sizes were too small & all of the kid sizes looked too old for him (evidently full body costumes are not popular in kid sizes). I finally found a monkey costume that I squeezed Jake into. After lots of bribing negotiating, I won & he wore the costume. He did make a pretty cute monkey & he got lots of candy. So we both had a happy Halloween!

How do I get this thing off?

Seriously?!? Can I please take this costume off now?
Jake did really good trick-or-treating. He loved going up & ringing the doorbell. The biggest challenge was keeping him from barging into people's houses when they opened their doors. As soon as they would open the door, he would just walk on in. He has asked me every day since if we can go ring doorbells & get candy. It's going to be a long 364 days until he can ring doorbells & get more candy. He has also thoroughly enjoyed the candy. We never keep candy at the house and I'm sure no grandparents ever give him chocolate, so he gets so excited when he eats it. He kept telling me "it's so good mommy". I'm glad he's enjoying it, but bummed that means less for me to sneak away to eat. I guess that's a good thing.
Hope everyone had a GREAT Halloween!

2011 Football Season - Week 8

This past weekend, we had very special friends at the tailgate... Robbie's best friend from high school & his wife came down to visit us from Delaware. We loved having Robbie & Denise at the tailgate! It is aways so much fun when they are around and we just had such a good time. Such special friends!

The Robbie's. Not only do they have the same nickname, but they also have the same real first &
middle names - Robert Charles. If that's not BFF material, then I don't know what is?!

Friends Come to Visit!!

Two weekends ago we had our very good friends from Chattanooga come visit us. Jake was so excited to see his friend Connor! They had such a good time playing together. Saturday morning while the guys played golf, Margaret & I took Jake & Connor to the McWane Center. They boys loved it! And it was so much fun to see them playing together. Love their friendship and love the friendship us parents have! Very good times:)