Friday, September 16, 2016

Auburn v/s Arkansas State

We headed down Friday afternoon to Auburn. Thankfully, everything in the RV was working, so we could relax Friday evening! As typical, Hollon slept horrible Friday night, but was thankfully in an okay mood on Saturday. 

Bossing everyone around while the finishing touches are done around the tailgate.

I took baton lessons my whole life and was a majorette in high school. Hollon's Mimi [Robbie's mom] was a majorette in high school as well and was even an alternate majorette her first year of college at Ole Miss! (After her freshman year, she transferred to Auburn, which of course is where she met Chuck [Robbie's father] and the rest is history!) So anyway, needless to say, in my heart, I feel like it is in Hollon's blood to love a baton. But just as we leave sports up to Jake, that will be up to Hollon as well. But secretly, I'm counting down the days until I can enroll her in her first baton class! Until then, she settles for twirling a clear plastic stick used to open & close the RV window curtains. 

Dressed and ready to tailgate!

Her socializing didn't last long. She found my phone and we lost her.

And then we lost her to sleep. Only sleeping 4 hours the night before catches up quickly!

Of course, as soon as I try to move her to the bedroom to nap, she wakes up and will have no part of it. Rob said I should have just left her in the chair, but I felt bad doing that.

Hollon & Granddad
These fans sure do feel good

Two of Jake's besties (Henry & Owen) were not there this week, but thankfully his other bestie (Alex) was. And sweet little Emily! Until Hollon, she was the only girl of the tailgate. But she is tougher than most of the boys! They had a great time running around and playing. (With paper fans, no less.)

We all went into the game
Hollon, Granddad, Mimi, Robbie & Jake
This is Hollon's 3rd year to attend Auburn games, and her face is always the same! It is what gives me hope that she'll be an Alabama fan.

I kid! I kid!
I know that she will be like Jake and will grow up being in Auburn all the time, and falling in love with them just as her brother, dad, grandparents and great grandfather did.
But as the only Alabama fan out of the group, I like to have a little fun. And pretend.
That she will be an Alabama fan.

We stayed through halftime. The kids could have been it longer, but we decided to quit while we were ahead. Rob, the kids & I walked back to the RV. The kids & I completely crashed. We missed the whole after party part of the tailgate. But I'm glad we were able to get in that sleep, because about 2 that morning, we awoke to Jake throwing up. It is just not a tailgate season until one of the kids throws up in the RV. (It happens every.single.year.)

Week in Review

We got back from Auburn Sunday, so it was nice having Monday off (Labor Day) to recover. The kids basically went between our house and the neighbors playing and then we all ate together that night. 

Ready for our first full week of school!

Pictures from her teacher...
Hollon LOVES LOVES LOVES to paint
Her teacher said that Hollon took the longest of all of the kids to paint.
She would have painted the whole time if Ms. Donna would have let her.
(Mama don't do paint. [other than water] No wonder she was excited!)

Happy Wednesday!



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Auburn v/s Clemson

It's that time of the year again! Football time! Auburn must be mad at me, for the fact that I'll never be an Auburn fan (and I'm trying so hard to keep Hollon from being one). So Auburn decided to punish me and schedule 5 straight home games to kick off the season. 

We headed down Friday after Jake got home from school. The first weekend of every season, there is something that goes wrong with the RV. This year, it was the refrigerator not working and the satellite dish not working. Thankfully, by Saturday morning, Robbie had to TV working. Anything we needed to keep cold (like Hollon's milk) we had to keep in the coolers. #1stworldproblems

Up early Saturday morning watching dad set up

Dressed & ready and in no mood to socialize 

Coloring with Emily

I mean, does this not look like the friendliest kid around?!?!

She perked up when Robbie let her play in the bed of his truck

The main kiddos of our tailgate group
They are a hot sweaty mess! They had just finished playing & running around.

Playing hard wore her out (and the fact that she only slept a few hours Friday night)

Since the game was a late one (8:00) I let Jake use my ticket and go to the game with Robbie, so I could stay back with Hollon at the RV. It was the biggest game Jake has gone to so far.

Only one meltdown due to the frozen lemonade stand only accepting cash (which no one in our group had). But plenty of other snacks later, Jake made it the entire game! They did not get back to the RV until almost midnight.

Meanwhile, this one was zonked out