Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summer Week 2 - Golf Camp & Potty Training

Week one of summer was spent at Disney. For week 2, Jake was signed up for golf lessons at our neighborhood golf course and I was spending the week teaching a cat to speak potty training Hollon.

First day of golf lessons. He loved it!!

First day of potty training. Did not love it!!
Doesn't everyone apply lipstick on the potty?
 We carried the potty in every room of our house.
Day one - we went to the potty approximately 2,624 times. Peed in every pair of big girl underwear we had (6 pair). Actually peed in potty 0 times. Each day it has gotten better though. I would say she is now about 75% potty trained. 

Last day of golf camp!

Jake and one of his instructors
Sweet story - on the first day of lessons, they were talking about golf and they asked each of the kids who their favorite golfer was. Jake said "Granddad". 

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