Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Disney Day 3 - Off Day / Downtown Disney

On Saturday, February 14th, we took a break from the parks. We spent the morning at the resort. They had a heated pool that was partially indoors and outdoors.

We ate lunch in the clubhouse. I had to go back to the room to pump, so Jake & Robbie checked out the game room. Jake had a ton of fun!

That night we went to Downtown Disney. Jake was super excited about the Lego Store there.

We took him to see the Sponge Bob movie and let him pick out souvenirs for him & Hollon at the World of Disney.

Thoughts: Taking a day off was awesome! We needed it and it helped us survive. Downtown Disney was really neat, but there was a lot of construction and traffic was super backed up. I don't know if it is always that bad or was made worse because it was a Saturday and Valentine's Day. But the traffic to get to Downtown Disney was horrible and we wasted a lot of time sitting in it.
Go Figure: After swimming in the little indoor pool because we thought it was the only heated one, on the way back to the room, we would find out the resort's awesome huge outdoor pool with dual twisting water slides and interactive water fountains was actually heated as well. 
Jake's Favorites: The Lego store (he picked out a Star Wars lego set) at Downtown Disney and arcade at the resort
My Favorite Moments: Jake running around the Lego store showing us all the Legos. Taking a nap!

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