Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Weekend of Summer

Since Robbie & I work year round & Jake goes to daycare year round, we really don't have a "summer". Each month is the same except the traffic is MUCH better in June & July! But, we kind of count the last weekend before football as the last weekend of summer. It has been a GREAT summer. Our regular routine was Mexican on Friday night after work. Golf for the guys on Saturday morning & us girls hanging out with the kiddos. Cooking out at someones house on Saturday night, church on Sunday and then dinner with friends at Lupi's Pizza on Sunday night.

Saturday night we went to a birthday party for Alli. Jake & Connor playing their own version of corn hole.
Taking a restJake's turn at the pinata
Enjoying a Sunday afternoon nap
On Sunday afternoon/evening, instead of our standard Lupi's, we took the kids to the park downtown to play and have a picnic dinner.
Jake loves playing with balls
Being a good friend & sharing with Addie
Having fun running outside
Jake & Addie
Jake & Connor
He acts looks like he is hugging you...
...but he really just wants you to give him a piggyback ride
This little boy LOVES outside
We stopped by the fountains on the way out
To get you ready for fall, here is a small glimpse of Jake's Halloween costume. (Yes I know I'm weird for already buying his Halloween costume, but it was so cute, I couldn't help it!! And of course I had to try it on him!)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy 20 Months Jake!

So what is our little (big) 20 month old into?

He LOVES: outside, balls, snacks (especially fruit), running, Sid the Science Kid, playing in the car, water, wii remote, wrestling, sitting in your lap while you read him books, bubbles, his tennis shoes (even when naked. see videos below)

He does not like: the interchange at Hickory Valley Road & East Brainerd Road. Not sure why, but he cries every time we turn off & onto one of those roads. having his diaper changed, vacuum cleaner

Still a scaredy cat. He is getting braver. He was fearless at the beach, but when I took him to the zoo, a huge chimp walked towards us. All that was separating us was a glass wall. Jake freaked. (I don't blame him though, it was weird looking.) He is terrified of the vacuum cleaner, power tools that are turned on or anything that makes a loud noise. He is getting braver around people, just as long as you give him time to warm up to you. He sometimes just acts shy for show though. He insists on holding your hand if you are out in public though (which is just fine with me).

Still a great sleeper. He goes to bed around 8:30 (he would go earlier, but I insist on spending at least 1 hour a day with him). He takes a bath, drinks his milk & I rock him for a few minutes. He whimpers a minute or 2 when I put him down, but goes to sleep fairly quick. He is a very heavy sleeper. (Both Robbie & I are too.) I've vacuumed his room before while he was asleep. (I have to, see point above.) During the week, I wake him up at 7:00. On the weekends, he'll usually wake up between 7:00-8:00 & play in his crib until we go into his room or he hears us moving around. He takes 1 nap a day usually from 11:45 - 2:00.

He talks up a storm & we are beginning to understand him more & more. The other day he told me "snack", took me to the pantry, then got a cup from his sippy cup drawer, handed it to me & said "milk". That was the most clearly he has ever communicated with us. He doesn't yet put 2 words together, but does say "please" when he wants something. Sometimes it is hard to understand what word he is saying. Remote (mote), Milk (mok) & More (mor) all sound alike when he says them. He is usually talking about the remote if we are in the den, the milk if we are in the kitchen & he'll sign more if he wants more. Some of his favorite words to say are ball, eyes, nose, elmo, hello, shoes, outside, two (he loves the #2. none of the others, only #2), bubbles, apples, bananas (which is what he calls all fruit). He can name most of his body parts & make the animal sounds. He is clueless about he alphabet & letters.

He is moodier than a teenage girl. One second he is our lovable sweet funny toddler and the next he is a whiny unhappy bratty toddler. I figure it comes with the territory. Thankfully, the 1st personality comes around more than the 2nd!

He seems to learn something new every day. Does something funny every day. Gives the best sweetest hugs every day. And most of all, melts my heart every day.

Jake tying his shoes

Jake running (sorry for the sideways video, I didn't realize it until midway taping)

Swim Day

All summer, Jake's class has had "swim day" (which means they run around in the grassy courtyard in their swimsuits in the sprinklers) each Monday. I have a weekly meeting around that time, so I've never been able to go. I knew my meeting for this Monday was cancelled, so I checked with his teacher to see if I could come & watch (what could be cuter than a bunch of 2-year-olds running around in a sprinkler in their little swimsuits?!?!). His teacher said sure, and that they usually go out around 10:30. So Monday I show up all excited, with camera in tow. As I pull up, I see his class walking back into the building. Jake sees me & tries to dart to the parking lot, so I know I have to get out. Turns out, the teacher accidentally told me the wrong time & the class actually goes out at 10:00. So they were just finishing up & heading inside. I walked with Jake back to their classroom. Well, I guess a mommy being in the room, made the other kids want their moms, so several of the kids starting crying. I felt bad & knew that the teachers were trying to change them out of their wet swimsuits, so I tried to ease out the door. That of course made Jake loose it. He screamed and carried on. So basically I left most of the class crying. Of course, then I cried on my way back to office. I know it is stupid to get upset about missing the swim day, but I couldn't help it. So instead of getting to see all of the pictures of his cute little class, you just get to read my bummed out story. Sorry!

Over the Weekend

I only took 2 pictures over the weekend. We actually had a very low key weekend. With the busy football season right around the corner, we figured that we better take advantage of no plan weekends! Robbie & Andy played golf Saturday morning, so Margaret & I took the boys to the zoo. The Chattanooga zoo is.... interesting. It doesn't have the typical animals you think of when you think of a zoo. A lot of their animals are separated from you by a glass wall, not a fence. I guess being that close freaked Jake out. We had a good time though just walking around. Since we were finished by 10:30, we decided to go get yummy brunch! My favorite part!

Watching the tiger
Jake & Connor watching the animals

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Visit from Special Friends & End of Summer Bash

We had a very special visit from some great friends. My best friend Stephanie, her husband Jonathan & their son Grant came up to visit. I've been so excited about this visit. I've felt like it is Christmas. Stephanie & I met when we were freshman in college & had both pledged Phi Mu. We have been best friends ever since. Even though we have not lived in the same city since we graduated from college, we are still just as close as ever. We've been through a lot together these past 13 years. I was there when we were freshman & she met the man that she would later marry. I was the maid of honor in their wedding. She had to live through all the wrong guys I dated until I found the right one. And then she was the matron of honor in our wedding. We found out we were pregnant the same week & our due dates were 2 days apart. Our friends from college even threw us a huge joint baby shower. We have a friendship that is deeper than words could ever express. So to say I was excited about their visit is an understatement! We have not seen each others babies since January, so we were overdue! They made it up by Friday afternoon & the fun began!

Trying to escape from dinner Friday night

Sweet Grant at breakfast Saturday morning
Saturday morning we took the boys to the TN aquarium. Their favorite part was playing on the ledges.
At lunch Saturday
Saturday night we had a low country boil and invited several of our friends over since Steph & family were in town. 17 adults & 7 kids between the ages of 5 months - 20 months. Crazy, but so much fun!

Jake ready for his friends to arrive!
Dru (14 mths)
Playing in the ball pit
Grant (19 mths)
Grant & Dru playing with Addie (12 mths), the only girl!
Grant & Jake riding in the wagon
That's what best friends do! Grant is trying to pull Jake, and Jake is signing "more".
Addie playing with Frank (20 mths) & David (14 mths)
Jake & David having a serious conversion
Jake relaxing in the ball pit
Poor Jake, he was pouring sweat
Frank & Addie
Sweet baby Jonathan (5 mths)
On Sunday, Stephanie & family had to pack up to make the 7 hour trip back south. Jake misses his BF already & I miss mine too!

Grant & Jake enjoying one last wagon ride together
Best friends & our little boys (20 mths)
10 months
The first time the boys meet (5 months old)
Our last time seeing each other pregnant (7 months pregnant)
First time seeing each other pregnant (8 weeks pregnant)