Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Break Week with Mimi & Granddad

Last week was Jake & Mimi's spring breaks. Mimi & Granddad were going to Helen, GA for the week, so I they invited Jake along. They were meeting up with Granddad Jake & GG Kathy, so I was excited for Jake to get to spend some one-on-one time with them. Here are pictures from their week....
Helen, GA

Granddad Jake & Jake
Checking out some model trains
Mimi & Jake
GG Kathy & Jake

Getting locked up

Playing putt-putt with Granddad Jake & Granddad
Granddad Jake helping Jake
Granddad & Jake

Jake pushing Mimi on the swings
Playing at the park
Playing at the arcade


Granddad helping Jake paddle
Getting ready to jump to Granddad
Still getting ready
Playing with the iPad
Enjoying some ice cream
Having fun in Helen, GA
I cannot thank Chuck & Judy enough for letting Jake go with them. It helped me out (because mommy's work doesn't have a spring break), but I was also glad for him to spend some time & make memories with his grandparents & great-grandparents.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Library, bikes & soccer

One of Jake's favorite Bubble Guppies episodes is about the library. He loves to talk about the library, getting a library card & checking out books. I always mean to go, but we've just never made the time for it. On Monday, due to rain, his soccer practice was cancelled. So that was the perfect opportunity to try out the library for the first time!
Jake was SO excited. We went to get his library card. He then had a meltdown because it didn't say his name on the library card.
Once meltdown was over and we had finished ruining the quite, we went to check out our books.
Showing his nameless library card
March 11
#295 & 296
No pictures. I had to go to Chattanooga for a meeting. I'm doubtful anyone would want to see a boardroom. (Of course, I'm not sure how many people want to see all of the random other pictures I post.)
Bike day at school! You drop your child's bike off & they get to ride it during their outside play time.
Since we've never really watched soccer at our house, we thought it might help if we actually took Jake to see a soccer game. Judy's school Brairwood had a soccer game Thursday night, so I thought it would be perfect to take Jake so he could see an actual soccer game (and see that it is okay to kick the ball away from someone else).
He was interested in about the first 15 minutes.
March 14
Jake feel asleep in our bed Friday night. He looked so sweet asleep hugging puppy.
March 15
Saturday morning.

Funny Jake moment. I was struggling to get Jake's soccer socks on him (those things should come with a warning, they are nearly impossible to get on a 4-year-old). As I was struggling, Jake had one of the soccer socks around his neck. He said "look mom, it's my scurf". Um, I think you mean scarf.

Meltdown Jake moment. The library is on the way to the YMCA (where Jake plays soccer). I was going to go ahead & return Jake's books since it was on the way. Robbie pulls up, I hop out & put the books in the book return outside the library. I get back into the car & Jake is balling his eyes out. He thought that I "threw away" his library books. He was so upset. I didn't think we were ever going to calm him down. We tried explaining it to him, but he was melting down so bad, he wouldn't even listen. The tears continued for a good 10 minutes because "mommy threw my library books away".

Finally, once he started warming up for soccer he calmed down. Here he is warming up. I'm pretty sure the 15 minutes of Briarwood soccer he watched is going to completely turn around his game.

Well, not so much. But the first half of the game, he did much better running with the group chasing the ball. He never got anywhere near close to the ball, but he was at least watching it & following it 10 feet away.

He got to kickoff once during the game. Here is his coach reminding him to stay with the ball.


Staying with it

#1 in orange on our team is the coach's son & he played last year. He is our only hope and scores all of our points. Jake sorta passed the ball to him (or another kid kicked it away), but #1 got the ball & scored a goal. So Robbie said technically Jake should get an 'assist' for that goal since he sorta passed it to Zach who scored for our team. Ha!
 The remaining half of the game, Jake said he was done playing & was ready to go home. Hey, we got one good half out of him!

This week is Jake & Judy's spring break. The Bush's were going to Helen, GA for the week and since Jake was off school they asked if he could go with them (or maybe we asked them?!?!). So Jake is spending the week with Mimi & Granddad and Granddad Jake & Kathy. Since he & our roommates are gone for the week, it was just Robbie & I Saturday night. We cooked out & had our very favorite home meal - filet, asparagus & stuffed crab meat clams.

I have no earthly idea why I'm including what we had for supper
Saturday on this blog.