Sunday, July 26, 2009

Catching Up Again

Jake turned 7 months on Friday. I can't believe it! The months are flying by. I'll post some updates under the pictures (I know that people would rather look at pictures than read!)

Last weekend we went to Prattville to see my parents & to take Jake for his first swim. Some parts he was in a great mood, and others, not so much. We had a great time visiting with family though!
Cowboy Jake
Jake & Marrell (my niece). This was their mood most of the afternoon. Jake is teething & Marrell's mom had been out of town for a few days. Both kept loosing it at any moment.

Jake with my brother's daughters Maddox & Marrell
Ready to swim
Showing off his 6-pack abs. I just knew that Jake was going to love the pool, since he loves baths so much. He basically just sat there the whole time uninterested.
Maybe a raft will cheer him up?
Jake & Marrell swimming (Marrell's swim diaper failed & she wet her swimsuit before we even made it to the pool)
Robbie's parents came & brought Robbie's nephew Jackson. Here is Jackson & Maddox jumping off the diving board.
We got to meet my cousin April's new son, who is also named Jackson. Such a cute & sweet baby!!
Robbie & I with all of Jake's cousins. Jackson (7), Marrell (10 months), Jake (7 months) & Maddox (5) (Please excuse how we look! We had all just come in from the pool!)
My sister Lindsey came up to spend a few days with us. Jake loves his Aunt Lindsey so much! He smiles so big when she just walks into the room. She brought her new puppy Lucy. Jake loved her. He would just die laughing at her. We got some pretty funny video that I'll post. (We've got tons of cute videos of Jake, but they are all too large to post to the blog. I don't know how to edit them down though, so I can't post them yet. I'm working on it though!)

Jake & Lucy
We were in Chattanooga this past weekend. Saturday night we enjoyed an evening at our friends Tripp & Amanda's house. Wonderful evening spent with great friends!

Jake playing with Brighton (9 months) & Dru (5 weeks)
Jake can't crawl forward, but he can slither backwards. We kept finding him under this chair.
Family photo
Okay, I don't know if you can see this, but Jake has a few birth hairs left (I counted them, he has 9). They crack me up. He looks like Woodstock the bird.

Teething: Bottom 2 teeth are in, 1 top & another one about to break through. They need to hurry! I feel like we live with a teenage girl. You never know what kind of mood you will get. Sometimes he is all smiles & laughs. Other times he is screaming, shoving his fist in his mouth. Thankfully though, it hasn't bothered his nighttime sleeping. A whines some in the middle of the night, but never enough to wake himself up. He is being a trooper though!
Sleeping: Still working on the daytime naps. Sometimes he will take them, other times he won't. He sleeps great through the night though. He goes to bed around 8:00 and sleeps until 6:30 or 7:00. I love to hear him playing & talking in his crib in the mornings.
Eating: His #1 sport. This boy loves to eat. We have tried pretty much all vegetables & fruits. He loves them both and we are now combining foods. We have to send sealed unopened baby food to daycare, but we are making the food that we feed him in the evenings & weekends. That is still going well, and we highly recommend it to anyone considering making their own baby food.
Movement: Jake can sit up, but will still fall over at random times, so you can't leave him. He can slither backwards and roll everywhere. He can push up on his arms, but can't figure out what his knees are supposed to do. I'm torn, because part of me is excited for him to crawl, but then again, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it!
Mood: He loves attention. It's great when out in a crowd. He loves to people watch & will just sit back & chill. He loves to smile when people talk to him. Not so great when it's just us at home & we are trying to get chores done. He screams until we stop to talk to him. Ultimately though, he is such a sweet, funny, lovable little boy. I just love him so much and can't believe how lucky I am to have him for my son.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


When I saw this shirt, I HAD to buy it! Jake's arm rolls remind me of Popeye's (except Popeye's was muscle!!)

Baby Dedication

Jake's baby dedication was Sunday. Thank you so much to our friends in town that came and for our family that came from out of town. It meant so much to us for you to share with us such a special and important day. Unfortunately Jake has not felt well lately so he was not his normal smiling self. He still did well, he just would not smile for pictures!

Me & my special little guy

Our family

4 Generations - Jake & I with my dad and grandmother
Jake refused to smile for any pictures
Jake with Nana (my mom)
Aunt Lindsey (my sister) & Jake
Our pastor, Brother Bill, dedicating Jake. Jake looked at the lights the whole time!
With the Bush Family
Our friends Alli & Chris came. Lara was there too, but had to leave before we could get a picture.
Both the Bush & Hollon family (just missing my brother Billy & his family!)
Kimberly, Margaret, Andy & Connor came by the house after church. Jake & Connor are great buds! (Connor was born 3 weeks before Jake)
Resting on Granddad (Robbie's dad) after a long day

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We hope that everyone had a great 4th of July! We kicked off the festivities on Thursday with Jake's school Independence Day Parade. Basically this consisted of sweet little old Ms. Ruth walking backwards with a radio playing God Bless America while the kids walked by their parents lined up. Once the kids had passed the 20 or so parents there, the parents walked with the kids continuing to take pictures and video. It was pretty silly, but I was there in the front row with my camera & video camera (not sure why I had both?). Jake looked pretty humiliated by it all. I never would have thought that I had it in me to follow a 6 month old around in a pretend parade! Isn't it amazing how parenthood changes you?!? On Friday, we went to a Lookout's Baseball Game. We had a great time even though Jake stayed up past his bed time! On Saturday we went to Pops in Park which is held in the park by the river. Robbie & I have gone every year since we met and he & Lara have been going even longer. It is always such a fun time spent with great friends. Jake enjoyed the fireworks but stayed up WAY past his bedtime. Sunday was a fun night trying to get him back on schedule!

Jake thought that it was all pretty lame
Ms. Ruth was the marching band I guess with her "boom box"
The parade
I'm pretty sure he was thinking "really mom?!?"
I kept managing the be on the wrong side

He was all smiles later
First baseball game
Staying up past his bed time
My sweet little boy
Playing in the park Saturday morning
First time down the slide!
Enjoying all of the attention
Jake had a great time getting to roll all over the big blanket
Jake & Lara
Watching fireworks with Daddy