Monday, September 28, 2015

Week in Review - Football Captain & September Birthdays

This is 2 weeks plus a weekend review. Two weeks ago, Robbie was out of town on business during the week. It was the longest time so far that I had both kids on my own. We survived. (With some afternoon/evening baby sitting help from Mimi.) How some moms do this every week, I do not know. They have my utmost respect! (I am the worst speller in the world. I kept spelling utmost with a p [as in upmost] and couldn't figure out why spell checker kept telling me the word was misspelled.)

Jake was a captain in that week's football game. So proud of him & the team. They came from behind to win the game. Rob was still out of town and was actually on a train during the game. So I was trying to watch the game, handle Hollon and text him everything that was happening. It was such a good game, I hate he missed it.

Jake #44
Rob was still out of town that weekend, so Friday night, we had a movie night. Jake got to pick everything we watched and then we all fell asleep upstairs. And Jake pulled his own tooth out! 

Saturday was my grandmother's (Maw-Maw) birthday. This is my last grandparent living and she is such a very special woman. Maw-Maw lived just right around the corner from us growing up, so I basically saw her every week for 18 years. I have so many wonderful memories of playing with my cousins at her house. They threw her a birthday party at the nursing home she lives in and I was glad the kids & I were able to come for it.
Maw-Maw with 6 of her 9 great grandchildren

The kids helping her blow out her candles
It was getting a little rowdy at the party
Later that afternoon, the kids & I headed back to Birmingham. Hollon was screaming, so when I stopped to get gas, I fed her a squeeze packet of baby food. She had eaten everything from the packet, so I let her hold the empty container the rest of the ride back. I should have known something was up she was so quiet. We make it back to Birmingham and as I go to get her out, evidently, was there just enough left over that she had squeezed it all over her & the carseat. 

 Thankfully Dad came home on Sunday!

One of her favorite things - digging in her diaper bag

Hollon has played & played in this empty diaper box.

She is wanting me to pull her around in it
 Tuesday was Mimi's birthday and Wednesday was Dad's birthday.
Hollon licked the beaters from the cake we made Rob
 I used to always take a picture of Jake before daycare. For some reason I never do with Hollon. I guess because I take so many other random pictures of her, I never think to do it before school.

Happy Friday! I'm about to go to Nana & Gran's for the weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2015

2015 Football Season - Week 2

The first home game of the season, we loaded everyone up and headed down to Auburn for the weekend. The Bush's have an RV and graciously let us stay with them. Ten years ago, it was just them & Robbie. Then I joined. Then we added Jake. And now Hollon. I'm pretty sure the Bush's have put up a No Vacancy sign.

Last year, Hollon was just a infant, so she only came to one game and pretty much just slept through everything. This year though, she was ready to explore. And Jake acts like he owns the RV. Needless to say, both kids were pretty excited.

We drove down to Auburn Friday after work.

Hollon found her spot. She LOVED the space under the booth. 

Already digging through the cabinets making herself at home
Friday nights, Chuck takes their car & parks it on campus close to the stadium, so when they leave the game, they can just drive back to the RV tailgate spot. Jake likes to go with him. On their walk back, they always take time to explore. 

He was able to walk back due to his super strong muscles

Saturday - GAME DAY!

Hollon wearing a Mimi Original outfit. Yes, I have the mother of all mother-in-laws. She smocks. And sews. And acts like she enjoys it. She is.... amazing. She made this outfit for Hollon in basically a week.  

Hollon already being an expert tailgater - eating!

I like big bows and I cannot lie

Playing peek-a-boo with Henry

Jake's 7th season of tailgating
Our family
Bad smiles & all
Granddad & his little side-kick
So, Friday night, Hollon basically slept horrible and was up all night. And being in close quarters in an RV with a crying baby is just as much fun as it sounds. She was up every 2 hours. And she got a cough. And it was hot, because generator was messing up, so we didn't want to run the air conditioner too low. And of course she finally fell into a good sleep around 7:00 when everyone else was getting up to get ready for the 11:00 kick off game. And she wouldn't take a nap before the game. So basically it was good times wrapped with a pretty bow. I had no idea how she would do for the game.

We made it to our seats. At least Robbie didn't have to worry about the game. Auburn was just playing Jacksonville State. A Division 1 team. So this would be an easy win. 
Daddy with his Auburn boy & Alabama girl
(I'm still trying to recruit Hollon to pull for Alabama.
In this picture, Hollon is expressing what she thinks of Auburn.)
The crowd and loud noise didn't bother her.

Taking it all in

She mainly liked staring uncomfortably at the people sitting behind us
And then she started getting tired
Jake of course was starving before the kickoff even happened (even though he had just eaten a biscuit before we left the RV). So while I took him down to get the first round of overpriced food and drinks, by the time we got back, Hollon was out.

And once again, for a child that acts like she is such a light sleeper, she sure can find some loud things to sleep through.

Brother was wide awake though

Dad had handed Hollon over to me at this point
Hollon would have probably slept through the whole game, but Jake was starving again and ready to leave, so the kids & I left at halftime. Robbie ended up coming with us, so he could get everything ready for the tailgate that was happening after the game.

That night, after Hollon's 2 naps. She was up for dancing with Granddad.

And because I love a collage......
Our family

The kids with dad
While going through pictures, I came across this picture of Jake & Rob. I love this picture! And I realized how long Jake has had this shirt. It was huge on him when we first got it. Now it is almost too small.

Jake - Tailgating 7 years
Hollon - Tailgating 2 years
What a difference a year makes!
Jake at his first game, Hollon at her second
(Her first one she was asleep in a Moby wrap the entire time)

Jake loves binoculars 
My children love to sleep through an Auburn game
Jake at the game though the years