Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lego Land with Nana & Gran

As a little mini-vacation before school starts back, my parents took the 3 oldest grandkids to Lego Land in Atlanta on Sunday after Woody's party. After the party on Saturday, they checked into their hotel. And hotels are a huge deal to Jake. 
They went for a swim that evening

 On Sunday, it was time for Lego Land!

I LOVE Marrell's face in this one!

Jake said building/racing the lego cars was his favorite

Jake had so much fun and it was made all the better because he got to do it with his Nana & Gran & cousins. Thank you Nana & Gran for this awesome treat! (And for giving Jake's mom & dad a weekend to themselves!)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Woody's 2nd Birthday Party

On Saturday was our nephew Woody's 2nd birthday party. Jake was riding over to Atlanta with my parents, so just Robbie & I came from Birmingham. Woody was born on Bastille Day (I had no idea what that was, so I had to Google it. I still am not sure exactly what it means, but it is a French holiday) so Lindsey had a French themed birthday party. Even though I have no idea what Bastille Day means, everything was so cute. I had texted Lindsey a while back & asked her if she needed any help with the party. She said that she thought she had everything handled. And boy did she ever! I was blown away by how awesome everything looked. It looked like something out of a magazine, she did a great job. I'm going to have her do my kids parties from here on out!

Woody's handwritten note on the chalkboard door

The birthday boy!

The smiling cousins!

The little brother thinking "what in the world is going on??"

Everyone singing Happy Birthday
(Cousin grinning oddly in the background)

Not really loving the hat

But very much so loving the cupcake

The cousins playing with bubble guns

3 Amigos

The 5 cousins
Jake, Maddox, Gaines, Woody & Marrell
There were other kids there besides our family! I just didn't know the parents well enough to feel comfortable going around taking pictures of their kids. Didn't want to be the creepy aunt/sister!

Family photo
My sister & her sweet little family

Summer: Week 9

This was our typical summer week. On Monday, we had a baseball game. I had my doctor's appointment Tuesday morning (34 weeks). The first half of the NST, the baby hardly moved, so they were a little concerned and had me lie on my side and ran the test a little longer. Finally she woke up and started moving. I guess she is just a heavy sleeper like her parents & brother! (I hope!!) Everything looks good. She seems comfortable & content in my belly, so hopefully she stays there just a few more weeks. Tuesday night, we had dinner at a friend's house and Jake came along. They gave a gift to baby sister and had a big brother gift for Jake. Jake was beyond excited that there was a possibility that he could get gifts out of this baby sister thing. On Wednesday, he had his weekly camp field trip. That week they went to the movies to see Despicable Me 2. Again, the highlight for Jake was riding the big yellow school bus. On Thursday they had Super Soaker Day at camp. They got bring their swimsuits, play in the sprinklers and bring their water soakers. That night, Jake had his last baseball practice.
I have been a total slacker taking pictures with this YMCA summer baseball
 One more project in the nursery complete. The crib skirt is finished. I had it specially made, hand stitched and made from the finest silk fabric. Just kidding. I made it with no-sew tape out of a $5 flat bed sheet. I knew with the way our crib was made, you don't ever see much of the crib skirt. So why go spend a bunch of money on one?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer: Week 8

Once we were all back under the same roof from being out of town, we got the crib put together & moved some of the furniture in the nursery around to open it up.

Jake had a baseball game Monday night. My mom brought Jake up and stayed for the game, which made Jake super excited. On Tuesday, he had a playdate with a Westwood Mother's Day Out friend, Tanner. Tanner has an older brother & twin younger sisters. Jake that it was awesome having so many siblings because there was always someone to play with. I dropped Jake off at Tanner's and then went to do our 2nd proof of residency for Kindergarten. When I got back to Tanner's all of the kids were in costumes playing on playset in the backyard. It was the cutest thing to see them all dressed up in super hero costumes. Needless to say, Jake had a great time & cried when we had to leave. Jake & Tanner have gone to Westwood together the last 3 years. We are zoned for different elementary schools, so we are going to miss Tanner so much once school starts. 

On Wednesday, Jake's camp had a field trip to Chuck-E-Cheese. Jake has never been, but has seen commercials for it. He was so excited. He had a great time & we've promised that we'll take him again before baby sister comes. 

Also on Wednesday, I had a doctor's appointment. We started our weekly NST. Basically they just hook my belly up to some monitors for 20 minutes and it records the baby's heartbeat & movements. So far, so good! I was 33 weeks at that appointment, and so far, everything looks good for her to make it to 39 weeks.  

 On Saturday, dad brought home donuts for breakfast. They were enjoyed very much. 

This was the first weekend in several weekends, that we were home, so I knew it would be a good weekend to knock out some projects. My lucky project partner this weekend was my mother-in-law Judy. Here's the thing about me & projects. I'm basically a nightmare to work with. I never have a plan, instructions, template or pattern. I basically just find a picture I like on a website or in a catalog, print/rip it out and then show it to someone to help me make it. I am also not a fan of measuring, taking my time or it being perfectly straight. I like to eyeball things, guess & cut corners to save time & money. So basically, I'm a nightmare to work with.  Judy is a masterful sewer (seamstress?). She smocks, she sews clothes, she sews things for the home. She is multi-talented and a sewing perfectionist. Basically, we are complete opposites when it comes to sewing. So I knew I needed her help and I'm so appreciative of her taking the entire weekend to sew for me (and for her putting up with my insisting that it was okay if things are crooked). Of course she was right, it needs to be straight and so far, everything looks more perfect than I could imagine.