Thursday, November 7, 2013

Field Trip to Bud's Best Cookies

On Tuesday, Jake's class took a field trip to Bud's Best Cookies factory in Hoover, AL.
Waiting to go inside

Sweet little boys!

Looking great in their hairnets

We rode in a little train and took a tour of the factory

Look at all those cookies

Eating a little snack during the tour

All those boxes, ready to be shipped out
And our very sweet (yet fragile) tour guide

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weekend in review

Slowly but surely getting the blog caught up. Fall is always crazy on the weekends, but throw in either Robbie or I traveling at least once a week and I just keep falling behind. This past weekend was just the 2nd weekend all fall that both Robbie and I were at home. We took full advantage of it! On Saturday, we grilled out, sat out back and watched football all day.

I love this little boy so much
Jake has been dying to climb a tree. We've got a tiny tree in the front of our house and one in the back. Their branches are basically twigs, so we had to break it to Jake that he couldn't climb those trees. Then he walked out back trying to find one. There are a few trees, but they are not climbing trees and are surrounded by bushes and sticker bushes. We've promised him that when he goes to Nana & Gran's house in a few weekends, that they have TONS of trees to climb. My favorite tree to climb as a little girl is still there in their front yard, so I can't wait for him to finally get to climb his tree. It's funny, growing up in the country, we climbed trees all the time. It was an everyday thing for me growing up. Jake has always lived in a developed neighborhood with basically no trees. I forget that he's never climbed one. He is so very excited to do so!
Wearing his Batman mask & cape trying to find a tree to climb

We later figured out that one of the reasons he is dying to climb a tree is because he thinks he can fly from it like Batman flies. Now, Jake is a bit of a scaredy cat, so I can't imagine him actually jumping out of a tree, but just in case, mom & dad - when he is at your house, you might want to keep a hand on him as he "climbs" the tree. I won't be surprised if he comes home with a broken bone!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


All Jake has talked about for Halloween is getting a pumpkin and making a jack-o-lantern. Being the on top of it parents we are, Robbie stops by Wal-Mart to pick one up the day before Halloween. It might have been slightly mildewed and lopsided, but it worked and Jake was happy. Jake was super excited about scooping the goop out of it.
Robbie cut the top off and we let Jake go to town scooping out the goop.

He did it once and then declared he was done. Seriously? All we've heard for the last month was he couldn't wait to carve a jack-o-lantern and scoop out the inside. He was one scoop and done. So of course Robbie got stuck finishing everything.

Our finished Batman jack-o-lantern
(Can you tell we are a little Batman obsessed?)
Jake was so excited for Halloween night & I was terrified that it was going to rain. Thankfully the rain held off and Jake got to go trick-or-treating. He had so much fun. He would run up to the door & ring the doorbell 3-4 times and then knock on the door. We had to keep reminding him to only ring the doorbell once.
When someone would open the door, he would just open his trick-or-treat bag up. Once they gave him candy, he would tell them thank you and trick-or-treat. Just had it a little out of order.
Many people commented on what a nice looking Batman he was. Every time they would comment, he would say "it's just me, Jake Bush".
Were we Batman last year? Yes we were. Batman 2 years in a row? Yes we did.
When I took Jake to pick out a costume, he immediately picked Batman. I asked him if he was sure he didn't want to be something different this year, but he insisted. So Batman, 2 years in a row we were.
Jake was really excited about this year's costume, because it had muscles and came with a belt. As soon as he put it own he kept pushing the belt and had a confused look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he questioned why he was not flying. Evidently, he thought that this year's costume would allow him to fly. I hated to break it to him that no $15 Target costume was going to come equipped with a belt to make you fly. He was very disappointed and asked if we could take it back & get one that would make him fly. I told him, unfortunately, no.
I'm sure you wondering, if you are like my husband, why didn't Jake just wear the costume from last year. First off, Jake has worn last years costume at least once a week for the last year, so the thing is falling apart. Not to mention that it is so short on him now, and I doubt Batman wore capri pants.

Jake kept having to tilt his head back so he could see out of the mask.


Monday, November 4, 2013

2013 Football Season - Week 9

There are still 2 more home games (GA & AL), but this was the last game that Jake will be attending with us this year. He has had so much fun this year! He's definitely at the age where he loves playing with the other little boys at the tailgate. They actually play together (even if sometimes it is tackling) and have the best time.

Twins :)
Jake has a yo-yo, but neither Rob nor I were much help teaching him to use it
Granddad did know what he was doing though & taught Jake

Granddad & Jake

A new friend at the tailgate - Trevor

Jake & Trevor were 2 peas in a pod
They loved football, super heroes & tackling

Our family

These cute little tailgaters
Jake, Owen, Henry & Trevor
Picnic lunch tailgate

Hill giving Aubie some love

Hall brother & sister

The Vaughan family

Jake's favorite thing to do at the tailgate

I'd finally given up trying to keep him clean
Life as a boy mom :)

Even Trevor's little sister Caroline was getting in on the tackling

The Hall family

Granddad, Jake & Dad

The Bush's

This was one very tired little boy that night
Our family tailgate photo through the years

Fall Festival

The week before Halloween, Jake's school had their fall festival. (Which Jake kept calling his "fall vegetable".)
His cute little class walking up the stairs

Waiting to get their picture taken

Mrs. Mandy's 4K Class

Making cards for kids for Christmas

Bobbing for apples
Jake had to take off his spider shirt because he
thought it would interfere with game playing

Digging for treasure
 So as Jake was digging for his treasure. He dug up some fake money. Jake was beyond excited. Jake is always asking for us to go buy some toys. I always respond with "how much money do you have?". Now he is super excited because he thinks he has money to go buy some toys. He wanted to know how much money he dug up and how many toys could buy with it. He keeps reminding me now that he has money, so we can go buy some toys.
I loved watching him play with his friends

The obstacle course

He got 2 of the 3 balls in skee ball!

Going fishing