Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jake's 4th Birthday Party!

There is the cutest fire station in our neighborhood at the end of our street. We stole a page out of the Vaughan's birthday party playbook, and thought that would be a great

activity for the kids to do. The firefighters at the fire station were WONDERFUL! They were awesome. They showed the kids the fire truck, let them sit in it, let them explore it. They were great & the kids seemed to have a great time! After the fire truck investigation, we headed down to our house for some food, playtime & presents. 

The Decorations...
I love doing decorations, but Jake is a typical boy, so I figured he could care less. Didn't stop me from doing them though! His only request was to have balloons. When Jake walked in & saw the room decorated, he said, "Is this for me? This is wonderful!". (Granted, he was looking at the balloons when he said it, but in my heart, I know he was talking about all of the paper I'd spent hours cutting out.:). I went with a black & white dot, yellow & white stripe and solid red theme. And of course a few fire trucks thrown in.  

The envelopes
(Some we mailed out & to his school friends, we handed them out)

The invite

Goody Bags

The empty space is where the fireman hat favors went
I forgot to take a picture with them set up

Now for the important thing
The Guests!...
We had 13 kids & 2 babies attend. This was our first year to invite Jake's classmates. I'm so glad we did. Jake had so much fun with his friends. We appreciate so much everyone taking time out of a busy (& beautiful!) Saturday to come celebrate with us Jake's birthday.
Birthday Boy
I told him he could not have a cupcake yet
Jake & Addie
Addie came all the way from Chattanooga to help celebrate!

Before the party
The first few kids to arrive

Exploring at the fire truck

I wish I would have gotten a group picture of all of the kids in front of the fire truck. They were running all around though, so I knew it would be near impossible.
Everyone headed to our house afterwards for cupcakes & some snacks. It was such a beautiful day. We just opened the back door and let all of the kids run wild.

Singing Happy Birthday to Jake

Opening gifts

I hate that most of the pictures I got were of kid's backs. It is so hard to try to take 4-year-old's pictures.

Jake had such a fun time celebrating with all of his friends & family.  We hope that everyone that attended had as much fun as he did!
Happy 4th Birthday Party Jake!

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Friday, January 25, 2013


Getting ready for someones birthday party tomorrow!
January 25
Poor Jake is so confused about birthday's. We had a little family birthday celebration the day of his actual birthday (Christmas Eve). He got a cake & presents. He would tell you that he was turning 4. Fast forward a month later (now). I was telling Jake that tomorrow we are going to have a party to celebrate his birthday. So he asked me if it was his birthday. I tried explaining that it was his "birthday" party, but it wasn't his actual "birthday" day. So then he tells me, "I'm turning 5!". At that rate, he is going to think he is 20 by the time he turns 10.