Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Week in Review - feet up, pigtails & 1st baseball practice

One morning, I was working and I looked over and saw this...
No, not the destroyed messy room
Hollon had pulled her desk stool over and was using it as an ottoman while sitting in her chair watching Curious George.

Hollon is obsessed with people using the restrooms. Poor Jake. He was just trying to use the restroom and Hollon was trying to peek under the door the entire time.

Wednesday! Time for school!

Thursday & not happy at first

All better after a little snack!

It's Friday! I put Hollon's hair in pigtails, just to see what it would look like. I was actually surprised she sat still long enough for me to do it. She looked absolutely goofy, but it was so cute, I had to leave them. She was the hit of MDO that day!

I wasn't even about to try to get the back of the hair up
That afternoon, waiting for brother to get off the bus.
By this point, they were a little lopsided from her nap
Hollon has this serious look that she gets sometimes. We don't know why. She'll just refuse to smile and stare at you. I know it couldn't possibly be because she has a camera shoved in her face.

On Saturday, Jake had his first baseball practice of the season. He had to move up an age bracket this year. The field is larger and they play with standard baseball rules. (In the prior age bracket, they had softer rules. Everyone got a chance to bat during the inning, you couldn't advance if a player overthrows a ball, etc....) It is definitely going to be an adjustment this year. 
Taking baseball as serious as always

Friday, February 19, 2016

Week in Review - Valentine's Week & Mercedes Marathon

On Tuesday, this little munchkin helped me vacuum.

 When Jake gets home from school, he always wants a snack. It doesn't matter if Hollon has already eaten or even has her own snack. She always wants some of whatever Jake is having. Thankfully, most times he is willing to share. 
Sharing his jello
 This picture captures their emotions exactly. Jake annoyed that he has to share his snack (even though he knows he will get more if he shares) and Hollon grinning ear-to-ear.

Hollon pointing and bossing Jake
 After dinner. Can you guess what color dinner was?

Wednesday before school

Robbie left early Wednesday morning for a business trip and was going to be gone for the next 3 days. I was trying to hurry and get things done, and Hollon was walking around with a laundry basket on her head saying "hellooooooooooo, hellooooooooooooo".


Thursday evening, I took the kids to Target, so Jake could spend his Target "credit card" (aka- gift card) that he got for his birthday. He picked out this thing that looks like a watch. Except it doesn't tell time. You insert little discs and it plays Japanese music and yells. It is the loudest, strangest, most annoying thing. And he was so excited about it. He of course had lost interest in it by the weekend, so sister has claimed it as hers now.  
Waiting in carpool line to be dropped off at school
(I didn't let him wear the watch (that is not a watch) to school.
He took it off before he got out of the car.)
 Sister ready for her class Valentine's party. 
She got some new shoes and this was her first time to wear them. She kept looking down at them, making it impossible to get her picture.

Way too busy eating to take any pictures

On Saturday, it was the big race day! Jake's school partnered with the Mercedes Marathon. The kids had to run 10 miles at home over a 3 month time period. They ran 15 miles at school and then completed the last mile on actual race day. Jake has been so excited about this.
With some school friends before the race
It was crazy! There were hundreds of kids participating and each grade ran as a group.  
And they are off!

Sister said it was a little too cold for her tastes.

Jake nearing the finish line

Go brother Go!

Jake's official time was 9 minutes and 7 seconds. We were so proud of him. One for completing all of his miles without us having to make him. He really wanted to run the entire mile, and even though some of his friends stopped running, he kept going. (Usually Jake would stop and goof off with them.) He really enjoyed it, so we told him we'll look into some more kids races to participate in. It was a great experience! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

A lot of times after church on Sunday's, Hollon & I go to my in-laws house to use Mimi's monogramming machine. Hollon has a love/hate relationship with their pug, Bruiser. She doesn't like him when we first get there, but once she warms up to him, she loves him. But we go through the same routine every.single.time. First she cries and refuses to acknowledge him. If he comes within 3 feet of her, she screams. Then an hour later, she won't leave him alone. She is all over him loving on him, petting him. Poor Bruiser. I know he is so confused!