Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Week 3 - Camp & Father's Day

The 3rd week of summer, Jake attended Oak Mountain State Park Summer Camp. They did things like hike through the park, swim in the lake, archery, etc... He had a great time. Several of his friends from school were also attending, plus he met a few new kids.  He went from 9-3 each day.

Here are some pictures from the camp facebook page:
Jake is in the navy/white stripe shorts

Petting zoo
After we picked Jake up one afternoon, he wanted to ride his bike. Sister happily watched.

She would wave to him each time he'd ride by

It started raining, so she wanted to put her boots on

Another day, another afternoon outside playing

We had gone in for a little while and Hollon decided her baby needed a snack

She insists on the baby being buckled in and the tray on her highchair

And then she takes baby's food away and starts it all back over

Back outside and doing a little painting

She got one little drop of water on her shoes, so she threw a fit crying "boots" until I'd let her go in and put on her rainboots. Then all was back well with the world.

She got her stroller out and pushed it to the end of the driveway. I had no idea what she was doing.

Then she got in and wanted me to buckle her, so she could watch Jake ride his bike

He learned a new trick - standing up while riding his bike

Once she had rested enough, she decided to get back to painting

On Saturday I took the kids to mall to run some errands plus get them out of the house so Robbie could work on some projects. First stop was Jake's favorite - the Lego store
Sister loved the toddler legos that she could play with

It was hard to take pictures of Jake without seeming like a weirdo
 We ate lunch in the food court and then rode the merry-go-round. Hollon rode once last summer and didn't care that much about it. What a difference a year makes. This time, she LOVED it. She smiled and laughed the entire time. I wish I had a better picture, but it was hard to take a picture while still holding her on the horse (so I tried to take their picture in the mirror). Jake wanted to ride the tiger, so I just put Hollon on the animal beside it. It was a pig! (That was always my favorite animal to ride.) 
Of course, once the ride stopped, we had to get off. And sister was NOT HAPPY. She screamed. I had to pull her off the pig. She screamed the whole way out. We got our fair share of stares.

Once back home, we invited the Bush's over to celebrate Father's Day with them. We cooked out and let the kids play.

Hollon has a new dance. She holds her hands in the air and walks in a circle on her tip toes. A little ballerina. 

Happy Father's Day Granddad!

On Sunday, we headed to church

Judy (my mother-in-law) took an heirloom sewing class. This was the dress she made in the class. 

Happy Father's Day Dad!

After church, we went out to eat. The restaurant had not opened yet, so we waited outside. There was music playing, so Hollon insisted on dancing.

 And then brother had to join in

Jake is spending the upcoming week with my parents, so that afternoon I took the kids down to Prattville to see my dad. 
Happy Father's Day Gran!

Hollon & I came back to Birmingham that evening. We were sitting on our back patio watching golf. Hollon & Marrin were talking through the fence to each other!