Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Week in Review - Parties, Parties & More Parties

One afternoon, Hollon's dirty diaper leaked and it was close to bedtime. So I threw on an old McCallie romper on Hollon to wear until bathtime. We laughed because it made her look like a little boy!

We got new pajamas

My old flip phone has a new owner

My sister loaned us this activity table that her boys had outgrown. Hollon loves it!

Thank you Woody & Gaines!

A spoon makes a great teething toy!

Dumpster diving

On Thursday, Jake got a haircut

We were hosting a going-away party at our house Saturday night, so the Bush's offered to watch the kids Friday night so we could get ready. Hollon is warming up to their cat Tiger.

Tiger's face states that he wishes Hollon would not warm up to him
God bless my sweet in-laws. Hollon did not have a good night Friday night. She was up a lot & Granddad ended up sitting up with her sleeping on his chest for most of the night.

We picked up the kids Saturday morning. We had 2 birthday parties to attend. First up was one of our sports buddies, Joshua's birthday party. It was at a karate studio. Jake loved it!

Jake & Joshua
Baby sister hanging out

Next party up was a school friend Rylan's birthday party. I tried talking Jake into skipping this one, as the party backup up to the party we were hosting. Jake could not fathom the idea of skipping one of his best buddies party. Thankfully the party was at a park and they were there early setting up. We stopped by so Jake could play with Rylan for a little bit and we could give him his gift. 

Then it was on to the party we were hosting at our house. It was for our friends The Hampton's. Joe was an assistant coach on Jake's baseball team last year and head coach of the football team. Their oldest son Joseph played baseball & football with Jake. They live in our neighborhood, are president of the PTO and just the type of family that you love to be around. We are going to miss them! We invited over several of the coaches that Joe has coached with & boys Joseph has played with over the last year.   

We had 8 families there, which equaled 13 kids between the ages of 4-7. Of those 13 kids, 12 were boys. Let's just say there was a lot of swords, a lot of running around, a lot of sports, and a lot of noise. 3 miracles happened that evening:
1) No one got seriously injured
2) Nothing major in our house got broke
3) Hollon slept through half of it
The kids ran continuously between Jake's room, the bonus room, living room & outside. 

After the last guests left, we went upstairs to check on Jake. (Several of the boys had been up there watching a movie.) He fell asleep sitting up. 

People ask me all the time if Hollon looks like Jake. Sometimes I see it, but most times I don't. I think because one is a boy & one is a girl, I just don't see it (my mind is extremely simple). Sometimes Hollon will look a certain way or do a certain thing & it will remind me of Jake. I think once she is older, I'll be able to tell if they favor. For now, I think they both just look like an average 8M old baby. Here are pictures of Hollon from this last week and pictures of Jake when he was around Hollon's age. Do you think they look alike?

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day

At school for Mother's Day, Jake gave a plant and completed this questionnaire.
In case you don't read kindergarten spelling:
My mom is 50 years old (he got the 5 & 0 turned around)
She likes to read
The best thing she cooks is spaghetti and meatballs
Her favorite food is pizza
Her favorite thing to do to relax is lay on the bed
We like to play games together
She is really good at cooking
As you can see, my mom is special because she takes care of me

On Sunday, we went to church with my family in Prattville and then had lunch at their house.
Marrell & Jake playing with Hollon

My 2 little kiddos that call me mom
Our family

With amazing Mom/Nana
Just a typical afternoon at Nana & Gran's

Our extended family came over for lunch
Hollon & Deacon playing

I love Marrell's gloves

My Mother's Day Memories
The Bush's were out of town that weekend, so we had to celebrate with them later in the week.

I feel blessed to be the mother of Jake & Hollon and Robbie & I are so incredibly blessed to have our moms.  Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Week in Review - Musical & Baseball

My week in review post yesterday was from 2 weeks ago and this week in review post is from last week. 

I've been meaning to list our mamaRoo to sell, but then I end up using it. A lot times Hollon likes to take a quick cat nap in the afternoons. I put her in the swing and she naps and I can get dinner started. 

On Tuesday, Jake's quad at school had their end of the school year musical. He has been singing these songs for weeks, so it was nice to actually hear the full versions. 

We had our 2nd to last game of the season

He was "protecting" Hollon

Our bonus room/guest bedroom/craft room/office basically looks like a
disaster zone by the end of the day
Hollon had a beets & banana mustache after her dinner. (And no, I did not make that combination. This was some store bought baby food!)

After our last practice of the season, Nicole, the head coach's wife brought water guns for all the kids.

Chasing after Coach Ivan

We've got to lower the crib mattress again. Hollon likes to lean over the side of the crib. 

She got up from a nap and when I walked into the room, she was waving. Thankfully I had the camera already in her room, so I was able to grab it & snap a picture.

Robbie played the trumpet in middle school band. Jake had a little musical set from his baby days and H loves the trumpet from that set. Maybe following in daddy's footsteps?

On Friday, Jake's school had field day. I wasn't able to volunteer at this one, but I stole this picture from another mom's facebook page. 

Jake got to pick out a tattoo. He picked a kitten. Poor thing. He didn't understand why I wanted to take pictures of it. And why I made him keep it on until Rob got home and could see it. (As soon as Jake gets a tattoo, he wants to wash it off.) 

Last game of the season

Getting some advice from coach dad

Coach Ivan & Jake

Jake & one of his favorite friends from the team, Lance

God bless that hair. He is getting it cut today.

The Pelham Cubs 5-6 Year-olds

#1 in their age division
Keeping it real - it was only out of 3 teams, but still.
They only lost 1 game the entire season

Jake & Dad/Coach

Afterwards, we celebrated at one of our favorite places to eat - Papa Saia's. They have great outdoor seating that overlooks Buck Creek. Hollon loved looking over Robbie's shoulder at the waterfall.

One of her naps, she fell asleep holding her baby doll. So sweet!