Monday, December 21, 2009

Meeting Santa & Christmas Parties

On Wednesday we took Jake to see Santa. I give it a 5. Wasn't horrible, but wasn't great either. I feel like he would have done better if we had given him a chance to warm up to Santa, but the line was getting long. So basically we took him from the stroller & sat him in Santa's lap. He was not happy. He didn't cry, but he certainly didn't want Santa holding him. I wouldn't have minded if he cried though. Call me morbid, but I think photos of Santa holding the screaming kid are hilarious. My mom used to put out all our photos of us with Santa through the years. Our favorite ones were the one's that one of us was crying. Those make stories so much entertaining! But Jake wouldn't cry or smile. He just looked irritated. All well!
At the house once we got home. Much happier.
Jake's class had their Christmas party on Friday. Jake got to eat a cupcake for the first time. He loved it as well as all of the other treats. He cleaned his plate! He is the funniest thing to watch eat. He acts like someone is going to steal his food. You have to watch him closely, because he'll keep cramming food in his mouth!

Sweet little Luke beside him. Luke is a month older than Jake, but Jake is twice his size. Look at the difference of the amount of food left on their plates. Jake kept eyeing the food that Luke was leaving behind.
He really enjoyed the cupcake!
On Saturday night, our friends Travis & Paulette hosted everyone over at their house for a Christmas party. Such a wonderful time! We are so blessed to get to celebrate such an amazing holiday with such special friends.

Daddy & Jake
Since their were no stairs, the kids kept wanting to play under one of the tables.

Other fun - looking out the back doors & fighting over the ornament hanging from the door handle.
The kids telling Dru bye-bye
Our family
Well, this is probably going to be the last post before Christmas. On Wednesday we leave for Prattville, and then we will visit Birmingham. We'll come back on Sunday, but minus 1 person. Jake's daycare is closed the week between Christmas & New Year's, so he'll be staying with our parents. He'll stay with Robbie's parents part of the week & my parents the other part. It seemed like a great idea a few months ago, but now that it is actually here, it is not so easy. I've been away from Jake for 4 days twice before, but never for a week. I know that it will be good for us, plus will give him a chance to spend time with his awesome grandparents. At least we have New Year's to occupy us! One of Robbie's best friends from high school, Robbie P. and his wife Denise are coming down from Delaware to visit & stay with us. So excited!! We just hope that they will be able to get out of the state with all that snow!

Jake not being very nice for Santa. His shirt says "Who needs Santa when I have Grandma?". If he doesn't start acting nice (which includes smiling for me when I try to take his picture), Santa may not be bringing him anything & he will have to depend only on Nana & Mimi. Ha! (Actually, I felt pretty bad for him. He has teeth coming in all over the place. He has 4 coming in on the bottom and we think some on top. We just can't get a good view of the top gums. Poor little guy!)
I wanted to post a video of pictures of Jake for his birthday since he'll be celebrating his 1st birthday Christmas Eve. But I just don't think I'll get to it before we leave. (I'm still finishing up birthday party #1 decor & I still haven't even thought about the menu.) So the video will have to wait until after his birthday. Either way, we cannot wait to celebrate with him!

Getting everything ready
This Christmas is going to be so very special for us. We hope that you & your family have a very Merry Christmas as well! If you are traveling, please travel safe. Take care & God bless!
(PS - Our Christmas card came in Saturday. I folded, stuffed, stamped & labeled all of them in about an hour & then ran them to the post office to go out in the late pick up mail. So who knows when people will actually receive them! Hopefully before Christmas!)

Random Pictures

Pushing me around the room at a doctor's appointment.

He LOVES baths!
Playing with the tiger Mimi & Granddad gave him

Monday, December 14, 2009


I realized that the last time I updated the blog was Thanksgiving, and it is already mid-December! Where did the first half of December go and why on earth is my to-do list still so long?!? We finally did at least get a Christmas tree last week and got it decorated. Jake has been so good around it. He has not touched it or ran into it once (of course he will probably do so tomorrow since I'm bragging on him!). He does love to stare at it though. Now I just need to go Christmas shopping so I can put some gifts under it! We did at least finally get his Christmas card photos taken. It only took 3 tries, a few broken ornaments, tears, bribery with food & me acting like a complete idiot. Of course I had this perfect picture & pose in my mind. But for some reason, Jake did not want to cooperate even though it was past his bedtime & I was making him sit naked in a box with a bow on his head. All well, we did get a few decent shots, so I put my favorite 2 on the card. Below are a few of the 150 that just didn't make the cut. (Yes, I made Robbie take almost 150 photos trying to get the perfect shot. I've finally realized that it is impossible for a 1 year old to take a perfect shot.) I ordered the cards late last night, so hopefully people will receive by New Year's?!?!

Naked, in a box, with a bow stuck to my stomach.... thanks mom

Now the stupid bow stuck on top of my head. Are we too poor to buy me some clothes?

Really mom?!?!
This is humiliating
It's not over? Now I have to wear a Santa suit?

Bribed with puffs
Stuffing my face

Eating an ornament
Bad Parenting Math: Kid that loves to clap + 2 ornaments = broken ornaments on the floor
Being Santa wears you out
Ready to call it a night
What else has been going on? On Monday (12/7) I celebrated my 31st birthday. The weekend before that we went to Atlanta. We shopped on Friday and then my sister Lindsey & her husband Brooks kept Jake Saturday & Saturday night, so Robbie & I could have some time to ourselves. Robbie & I had a great time hanging out, watching the SEC Championship Game (well, I had more fun during that than Robbie), a very nice dinner out & then a great room at the Crowne Plaza. While we were out enjoying some alone time, Lindsey & Brooks took Jake to Macy's The Pink Pig. (I'm still not sure what it is, but it is some kind of ride.) Evidently there was a 2 hour wait. Lindsey said that Jake did really good though. He did get a little scared on the ride, but she said that he didn't cry. Such a big boy trying to show off in front of Aunt Lindsey & Uncle Brooks. Jake had such a fun time with them & loves them so much!! Here are Lindsey's pictures below.
Not sure if he is ready for this
Having fun waiting in line with Aunt Lindsey
Finally their turn! Getting buckled up.
Interested, but a little scared
Afterwards with Priscella the Pink Pig
Different weekend, but recently I did get to catch up with some great friends from college. We were all in the same sorority. So great to see them & hang out!!
Jake Updates: We are getting ready for his big 1st birthday! We will have a small family party at my parent's house on his actual birthday (Christmas Eve Day). We will then have his Chattanooga party later in January. I will say that it is more of a challenge than I thought trying to plan Christmas, 2 birthday parties & send out Christmas cards and 2 sets of invitations all in 1 month. But, I figure that it couldn't get any crazier than the night he was born!
Jake is getting closer to walking on his own. He is overly confident pushing his walker. If he is standing alone by himself though, he looks like a deer in headlights. He has taken a few baby steps though. It is so funny to watch him! He is getting more confident each day.
We have started giving him whole milk some. He is drinking that now at school. (Huge cost saver & 2 less bottles I have to wash. Yea!) We are also feeding him what we eat for dinner. He loves eating while we are eating, even though it is a little bit more messy.
His back teeth are coming in. 2 have already popped up and you can see where the others are tyring to. That brings his total so far up to 10 teeth & 100 gallons of snot. (Combo of winter time & teething means the money we save on formula, we spend on tissues! How can a child's nose run so constantly?!?!)
He has figured out that you say "uh-oh" when you drop something. (Before, he was just randomly saying it while walking around.) He now loves to constantly drop things and say "uh-oh". It was cute the first 20 times. Now I'm just tired of him dropping everything on the floor!
Well, I think that gets us caught up for now. We are taking him to see Santa on Wednesday, so it should be interesting to see how he does! Hope you are having a great holiday so far!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Part III

So after a hard fought game, we end our Thanksgiving celebrations with my family in Prattville over the weekend. It was a wonderful end to such a special holiday. Robbie & I have so much to be thankful for. Especially this year:)

My niece Marrell

My niece Maddox
Jake doing one of his favorite things... pushing kids on a car
Sweet Cousins!

Maddox helping Nana cook. She insisted on wearing an apron so she wouldn't get her dress dirty.
Jake sliding down the slide
Now Marrell's turn
And finally Maddox!
Maddox & Isabella (my cousin's daughter)
Jake enjoying the ride
My Uncle Mike (my mom's twin brother), his wife & 2 daughters stop by from Enterprise. This was their first time to meet Jake.
Jake standing on his own. He does good until....
....he realizes it. Then he wants to fall into your arms.
My brother Billy. He could handle 2 that age!!
The Hollon Family
Left to Right (kind of): My cousin April (sitting), her husband Allen & their 2 children Jackson & Isabella; my sister Lindsey & her husband Brooks; my dad & mom; Robbie, me & Jake; my grandmother (sitting); My Uncle Stan (dad's brother) & Aunt Deborah; cousin Tiffany; my brother Billy, his wife Leigh Ann & their 2 daughters Maddox & Marrell (kneeling)