Wednesday, March 25, 2015

2 Weeks in Review - Haircut, Work Travel, Crawling, Spring Fling, Baseball

Wowzers! It has been a crazy last 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago, I had to travel to Chattanooga for work. A huge thank you to my mom for watching Hollon & to Robbie's dad for picking up Jake each day from school. 

I missed my 2 little munchkins while I was gone.

I got back Thursday night and was greeted by this little stinker. Eating her bib & trying to get her foot to her mouth to eat it too.

 Saturday night, we cooked for the Bush's to thank them for their help.
Mimi & Hollon
Jake showing us his exercising
Hollon is not so sure of some of the stuff brother does
  The following week was Robbie's turn to be out of town for work. 

Jake was showing Hollon one of his school games on the computer. 

We had batting practice

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

As I was leaving the neighborhood, I noticed the trees lining the road had bloomed. These trees are so beautiful when they bloom the little white flowers. Unfortunately, they only stay this way for about 2 weeks. Then all of the little white blooms fall off and make a huge mess. 

Little miss is trying to figure out how to crawl

She usually sits & plays in her bouncer while I shower & get ready.

Now though she tries to figure out how to get out.
She has thrown most of her toys on the floor

"Am I not supposed to be doing this?"
On Wednesday, Jake had a haircut scheduled. Robbie & I have different opinions on how Jake's hair should be cut. Robbie likes it shorter and I like it longer. For the most part, Robbie has let me win. But like most things, he finally had to have an intervention and tell me Jake was too old for that haircut. Plus it is about to be summer, Jake gets so hot, his baseball hat won't fit on his head, blah, blah, blah.... So I agreed, and they cut his hair off. 
His precious blonde hair on the floor

I don't particularly love cooking with Jake. (I have a hard enough time understanding the recipe myself, so trying to explain it to a 6 year old is hard for me. Plus, can we talk about the mess that is always made?)  But Jake loves to help cook. So I try to find recipes for him that we can make together. We made corndog muffins from the Weelicious cookbook one night.

 I could watch this little precious one sleep all night. (But I don't, because she is a light sleeper and more times than not, I end up waking her up.)

 Now you've woken me up

After my discovery of the horrible inside of squirt toys (see here for the gross recap), Hollon gets a solo cup to play with for bath time.

 Friday night, Jake's school had their spring fling.
Ready to go get brother and meet daddy

Jake had such a good time

Saturday started early with baseball pictures, opening ceremony & our first 2 games.
2015 Pelham Cubs
Opening ceremony 

He was complaining the whole time I was making him take these pictures

Jake was supposed to go to a birthday party Saturday afternoon, but the baseball games ran long so we missed the party. Robbie & I had grand plans to get our yard into shape, but after being at the ballpark most of the day, we decided to just come home & hang out on the patio. 

Hollon adores Jake and anything he does makes her laugh.

Showing her his Star Wars ships

 On Sunday, after we got home from church, I tried to get a few pictures of Hollon. (Jake is usually halfway out of his church clothes before we even pull in the driveway.)

This is Hollon's crawl...

...she gets up on her hands & toes....

...and then just lies on her tummy and wiggles to what she wants to get to.

I love those long eyelashes and chubby cheeks & fingers

The End!