Thursday, December 31, 2015

Christmas with the Hollon's

Jake spent Christmas night over with the Bush's since cousin Jackson was in town. Saturday morning, we headed over to pick him up before heading down to Prattville to see the Hollon family.

Hollon had to get in a few more piano lessons.

Once we got to Nana & Gran's, all of the cousins came and we had a Hollon family birthday party for Jake.
You can never have enough lightsabers
Gaines really loved the lightsabers and had a great time slinging it (usually accidentally upside Hollon's head). 

Sister bear got in on the action

Jake showing Woody how to use the lightsaber

The party hasn't started until the grandkids all get to fight Gran.

These boys are crazy!

My dad found a lizard and all of the grandkids were scared to touch it except for Gaines.

Gaines hopped in the car first

And then we realized it was a wet mess from all the rain

Talent = pulling a kid in a wagon while fighting in a lightsaber match

Jake was captured

And thrown in the bush jail

I promise he is not saluting Hitler

Then Woody was captured. Jake was yelling at Woody to stab Gran in the neck with his lightsaber. Woody looked mortified. Sorry Aunt Lindsey for the bad things cousin Jake is teaching your son!

And then it was time for cake and presents

And birthday spankings

Gaines putting the Star Wars masks Nana bought on Uncle Billy
And then he put them on Hollon

A new Star Wars game!

And a 2nd birthday celebration is not complete without some zipline fun

After the zipline, all of the kids went to jump on the trampoline. Baby sister isn't quite old enough, so she stayed behind and played with her new baby doll and stroller.
It is her first stroller and she loves it!

That night, we had pizza, chicken nuggets & hot wings for dinner

And then it was time to open gifts!
Marrell & Maddox with their mom (my sister-in-law) Leigh Ann
Nana got Hollon some new red Toms. Of course she had to put them on right away.

And Aunt Lindsey got her new Hunter rain boots. Those of course had to be put on right away as well! They know the way to this girl's heart. Shoes!

Ready for bed, and still insisting that she wear shoes
Her Christmas pajamas Nana bought her
Gran was of course the best sport, and got the fun task of playing Jake's new Star Wars game with him.

Christmas morning, we all went to church

That afternoon, our extended family and grandmother came over for lunch and presents to/from Maw-Maw.

Maw-Maw has 9 grandchildren. And almost all of them share a birthday year.
Isabella & Maddox are both in 6th grade
Isabella & Maddox through the years at Christmas
Jake, Jackson & Marrell are all in the 1st grade
Gaines, Deacon & Hollon will all start school the same year too.
There was no way I was getting a picture of those 3 together.
Gaines was napping, then when he woke up, Hollon fell asleep and Deacon lost his shirt while eating.
So they just get a collage.
The 6 older kids jumping on the trampoline

Poor Gaines in the baby trampoline

Gaines & Maddox
Getting in a little more playtime before it is time for us all to leave

Nana & Gran's grandchildren

Jake & Marrell at Christmas through the years

The grandkids at Christmas through the years

And that is a Christmas wrap! It was an amazing Christmas. It was shared with family that we love, making new memories, and only slightly getting on each others nerves. But most importantly, it was spent celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

That will be for all people,
Today in the town of David
A Savior has been born to you,
He is Christ the Lord.
Luke 2:10