Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Short blog entry (for me!), things have just been crazy! We were actually in Chattanooga this past weekend. Yahoo! (Besides the weekend Jake had chicken pox, this is the first weekend we've been in Chattanooga since August.) We had planned to go to Troy's Homecoming, but we were not able to get a parking pass for the RV. At the last minute it looked like we might get one, but by that point, we knew that it would be best not to go. We knew that Jake needed a weekend off the road. He is a little road warrior, but I have to remember, he is only 10 months old! So even though I really wanted to go, we made the adult decision & stayed home. Hate I had to miss it, but it was nice to not be in the car for more than 10 minutes all weekend! We went over to Andy & Margaret's house to watch the AL / TN game on Saturday. Which meant I watched the game with 10 TN fans & 1 Auburn fan. We won, but it is not like it was an enjoyable game to watch. (Really Bama!?!?!?!) All well, at least we got to hang out with some wonderful friends!

We were the only red in a sea of orange

Connor (Andy & Margaret's son) & Jake playing on the stairs. (Actually, Connor climbed the stairs and Jake just watch & laugh. He shows no interest in climbing!)

The boys playing outside
Jake in his new pajamas. 2-piece pj's! So cute, but wish I had gotten the 18 months instead of the 12 months!

Coming up, we'll be in Auburn & Prattville this weekend. We'll get back to Chattanooga Sunday afternoon, and on Monday I leave for Dallas for work. I get back late Wednesday night, and then Friday my Christmas comes. Mine & Jake's best friends are coming!!! SUPER YAHOO! Jonathan, Stephanie & Grant are coming to Chattanooga to see us for the weekend! I'm so excited! We just can't wait!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Days

Friday was just one of those days that nothing seemed to go right. Jake had 2 doctor's appointments on Friday, so Robbie & I just took the day off. We figured that after the 2nd doctor's appointment, we could get a jump start on the trip to Auburn. The day starts out with us showing up at our 8:30 doctor's appointment to a dark empty room. After some investigation, turns out that our scheduling nurse accidentally wrote the wrong date on our appointment card. Our appointment is not until the next Friday. (Our doctor is from Vandy's Children's Hospital, so he is only in Chattanooga every other Friday. He was not even in Chattanooga that day!) ARGGHHH! (On one positive note, at our 2nd doctor's appointment Jake got a clean bill of health. The ear infection is gone!!)

Next, on our way to Auburn, we almost got ran off the road by a crazy woman. ARGGHHH!

Finally, then once we get to Auburn, we pull up to find 2 RVs parked within our tailgating ropes. (The RV lot that we park in opens on Wednesday afternoon. We have a member of our tailgating group, Gary, who lives in Auburn drive the RV over from the storage lot to campus. The lot is first come first serve. Once parked, you rope off the area & space that you will need. Everyone seems to respect everyone's space. So it is very uncommon for some to drive over your marking tape, and park right in the middle of your tailgate!) We had not 1 but 2 Kentucky RV's invade our space! We couldn't believe it!! Robbie went up to talk to the men. They basically said sorry, but they were not moving. I couldn't believe it!! I don't know which I was more surprised at? The fact that they parked within our tailgate or that they were Kentucky fans talking smack! Really?!?! How rude! I walked over just to make sure that Robbie did not kill the men. Robbie was so mad he had to walk away. I told the men that I did not know any Kentucky fans, so they were now my impression the school. I told them that they were great representatives and I'm sure their school was proud to have them as rude & disrespecting fans. ARGGHHH! We usually have around 20-30 at our tailgates, so now we barely had room for the tents & table and no room for parking. Thankfully the RV behind us was an Auburn RV & let us use some of his space. All in all, the rest of the weekend was good & the mean old men tried to make nice. Saturday was freezing so Jake & I (and the rest of the kids & moms) spent most of the tailgate inside. Jake & I stayed at the RV while the rest of the gang went to the game. I can't say that I was envious!

First thing in the morning wearing Daddy's hat

In his make-shift crib in the RV

I guess I should have listened to the weather report a little closer when planning Jake's game day outfit! At least we were inside!

Henry driving the RV

Little man with big gloves!
Looking out the window Sunday morning

Jake loved looking out the window at everyone. Especially Robbie jumping up hitting the window. His laugh is too funny!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bush Family Pictures

Jake - 9 months
Cousins! Jake & Jackson

The Bush Family

(Sorry that the photos look so fuzzy. I think that we need to clean our scanner!)

Late Again

Okay, so I suppose that I'm just going to update the blog every 2 weeks. I don't know why I keep falling behind updating it weekly. I think about what I want to write so many times throughout the day. I just can't seem to find the time to actually sit down & type it at the computer. Maybe once we get over the craziness of fall! Two weekends ago, we were up in Knoxville for the Tennessee-Auburn game. Last year when TN played Auburn in Auburn, a lot of our TN friends came down with us for the game. So this year, we went to Knoxville with them. We had such a great time! It was so much fun to experience a different kind of tailgate. It was a lot easier & more like the tailgating that I'm used to, but I'll admit that I sure did miss having our own private bathroom at the tailgate! How easily you get spoiled! It was a great Saturday, spent with great friends. Even if I didn't like either team playing! (Just for the record, yes, I did wear navy to the game. Not to cheer for Auburn, but to cheer against TN.) Thanks to our Vol friends for letting us join them for the weekend. We had so much fun!! Also, thanks so much to my sweet parents for coming up & watching Jake for the weekend!

Friday night we went to a birthday dinner for Lara. Lara has been such a wonderful friend to both Robbie & me (she & Robbie have been friends since junior high!). We were so glad to get to celebrate such a special birthday with a special friend!

Robbie & I at dinner

Kimberly & I with sweet little Addie

Lara blowing out her candles

Robbie & I with Zach & Kimberly at the tailgate on Saturday

Neyland Stadium. (Way too much orange in one place for me!)

This past weekend we traveled down to Birmingham. On Saturday morning, we took some Bush family pictures. Then that afternoon I went to a baby shower for my good college friend, Julie. She & her husband will welcome Baby Jude this December. I'm so excited for them! They are going to make sure wonderful parents! I am mad at myself though, I forgot my camera! So I don't have any pictures from the shower. The shower was great though!! Julie got lots of cute things and she looked so beautiful. We just can't wait to meet Baby Jude soon!

Jake updates: He is into EVERYTHING! Crawling, pulling up, blabbering, biting, laughing. You name it, he is into it! He had his 9 month check up a week or so ago. He weighed 25 pounds (95% percentile) & was 29 inches long (75% percentile). He had a slight ear infection, so we go back to the doctor on Friday to see if it has cleared up. It didn't seem to phase him much! 2 funny things that he loves: 1) Strollers. He loves to be pushed in strollers or even to just sit in one. He gets so excited & kicks his legs. He especially loves the bye-bye buggy at school (big red buggy that sits 6) because it combines 2 things he loves: strollers & other kids! I was dropping him off at school one morning, when some kids in his class were returning from having make-up school pictures made down the hall. Jake was happily playing, but as soon as he saw the buggy with some of his classmates getting off, he thought that he had missed the buggy ride. He had a complete meltdown. He was crying, crawling over & trying to get into the buggy. He thought that they had taken a buggy ride without him! It was sad but funny! The had to push him around the room in the umbrella stroller to calm him down. The other thing he loves: 2) To be startled. At first you think you have scared him & he will cry, but then he bursts out laughing. He loves for you to jump out & scare him. He also loves anything to pop out of something. They got a new toy at daycare that he loves. A little lion pops out of the toy. One morning I was playing with him with it. He was laughing so hard he feel over. I'm pretty sure he peed his diaper he was laughing so hard! This is such a fun age! It is more challenging, but so much more entertaining! Below are some pictures from different mornings of him before school.

Can you tell I love monkey stuff!! I think that will be the theme of his 1st birthday!

Below is a random video that I shot the other night. Shows a little bit of him crawling, pulling up, blabbering & clapping. All some of his favorite things to do!