Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Disney Day 4 - Magic Kingdom

Sunday, February 15th was our last day at the park. We planned to go back to Magic Kingdom. We knocked out almost everything we wanted to do our first day there, but it was nice to have a 2nd day to finish the things we didn't get to, re-ride some of our favorites and just take our time a little more. The park was a lot more crowded Sunday then it was for us on Thursday.

We parked our car, walked the half mile to the monorail, was about to board when Jake realized he left his magic band in the car. (The magic band was his ticket, so he couldn't get in without it.) So Robbie jumps out of line to run back to the car to get it. Thankfully before he got too far, he remembered that I had the keys to the car in my purse. So we met him to give him the keys and then he ran on to the car while Jake & I waited by the gates. Robbie got in 5,000 steps on fitbit before 9:00 that morning!

Once the magic band was safely on Jake's arm, we headed to the park.

We started with one of the new rides, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Jake loved the waiting area of course.

We loved this roller coaster! It was so much fun!!
Unfortunately, on this ride, the safety bar came down funny on our camera lens. The lens didn't break, but a little plastic piece that helps attach it to the camera base cracked. Hopefully we'll be able to fix it without having to buy a new lens. So the rest of the pictures are from iPhones.

We rode the good ole classic Jungle Cruise

Jake got his picture made with Pluto

By this point, we'd pretty much ridden & seen the major stuff we wanted, so we let Jake pick any of his favorites he wanted to ride again. His first pick was the Haunted Mansion. (Mind you, on Thursday he said he didn't want to ride Haunted Mansion again.) So we stood in line to ride.
Jake kept wanting us to take his picture

After the ride was over, Jake said he didn't want to ride it again. We asked why he picked to ride it a 2nd time then? He said he likes the ride, but only wanted to ride it 2 times, not 3. 

We caught the beginning of the Move It Shake It Dance Party.  Initially Jake said he didn't want to watch it, but I saw a seat open on the curb, so I convinced him watch a little of it. He ended up liking it! He was up dancing, having a good time with the characters.

Of course we made him get these pictures. Robbie & I have similar ones from when we went to Disney as kids.

We rode Aladdin's Magic Carpets

And It's A Small World. Jake enjoyed It's a Small World a lot more than he thought he would.

We rode Stitch's Great Escape, and wasn't too impressed with it. We went up in the Swiss Family Treehouse and Jake thought that was cool. We rode the Walt Disney World Railroad around the park and Jake said it was boring. We rode his favorites, Buzz & Thunder Mountain again. We were waiting in line to ride Buzz a 3rd time, when he saw the Incredible's Dance Party. He said he would rather go to the dance party than ride the Buzz ride again. So we got out of line and headed that way. He had the best time at the dance party! I have the funniest video of him dancing. My videos don't upload very well to blogger and this one is long anyway. But it is the funniest thing. He had a great time. Afterwards, Buzz was nearby, so we waited in line to meet him.

On Thursday, Jake saw Splash Mountain & wanted to ride it. Rob & I convinced him not too, because neither one of us wanted to get wet. By Sunday, I was feeling guilty, so I told him I'd ride it with him. He said he didn't want to ride it anymore. I didn't know if he really meant that, if he was scared or he just didn't think Robbie & I wanted to ride it. We went back and forth all day and finally, right before we were getting ready to leave, he said he did want to ride it. So I rode it with him. We loved it! (And we didn't get wet!)

By this point, we'd been in the park 13 hours again and Robbie & Jake were ready to leave. I kind of wanted to stay another 30 minutes so we could watch the electrical parade and fireworks, but I knew Jake was hanging on by a thread. So we headed towards the exit. But we couldn't leave without first purchasing the $15 light up balloon that he had repeatedly asked for that we had repeatedly tried to ignore. 

Jake was out before we even got out of the parking lot.
Yes he is sitting in a booster seat and yes I know the seat belt is not properly on him.
Thankfully we were only going a few miles down the street.
Thoughts: Once again, I was so proud at how well Jake did. He was a trooper (other than the magic band incident!). The park was more crowded, but we just took our time and enjoyed the things we did. We tried to soak in as much as possible.
Go Figure: As Jake & I were waiting on Robbie to run to our car, get the magic band and run back, Jake said "gah, what's taking Dad so long?".
Jake's Favorite Ride: He still loved Buzz & Thunder Mountain, but also really like 7D Mine Train
My Favorite Moments: Watching him dance during the Incridible's Dance Party

So there you have it! Our 4 days at Disney World. We had the best time. For as much fun as Disney is when you are a kid, attending with your child is even more fun. I'll be back in a few days to give an overall recap, so I can remember for the next time we go, things I'd like to remember or do differently. Plus I can show what all Hollon was up to while we were gone. 

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