Thursday, April 27, 2017

Happy Easter!

Saturday morning, we headed down to Prattville to celebrate Easter with my family. We met up with them, at their church's Easter carnival event. Jake immediately wanted to go off with Marrell and her family, so my parents & I took Hollon around to some things we thought she'd like to do. She refused to play any games😒. She finally agreed to go down a slide. That helped loosen her up.

Hollon & Gran
We waited forever for her to ride the pony (which she kept calling a cow). I was so scared we were going to get up there and she was going to decide she didn't want to do it. Thankfully she hopped on and enjoyed it.

Meanwhile, Jake was off having fun with Marrell. Doing things, like....

Eating cotton candy

Digging for treats

Playing carnival games

Meeting Spiderman

These 2 have the sweet little relationship. Here are all their Easter pictures from over the years...

Hollon & Marrell

After the carnival, we headed to Nana & Gran's house

My mom had some of my grandmother's old costume jewelry. My grandmother wanted all the granddaughters and great granddaughters to have it. Hollon had no problem going through it picking out what she liked.

Hollon Extended Family Easter Egg Hunt

Big kids Easter egg hunt

My parents did a little kids Easter egg hunt area. Hollon has loved egg hunting at her school parties. So I was excited for her to hunt eggs at my parents. 

She of course wanted to do everything but hunt eggs.

My parents got 2 Batmobile cars and Hollon has cared nothing about them for months. But today was the day she decided to she wanted to play with them instead of egg hunting.

I finally convinced her to at least act like she was egg hunting

They are all running trying to find the eggs with money in them

Hollon heard there was money involved in the big kids egg hunt

Sweet Deacon was a good sport and actually hunted eggs in the little kids area

Hollon found an orange egg. She was either mad that it was orange or it didn't have money in it.

She did get a special egg that had a Minnie bracelet it in

She played with this singing bunny most of the afternoon

Sunday morning Easter baskets

On our way home from church, I turned around and saw Hollon sitting like this

The more desperate I am to take a picture, the worst my kids act. Hollon was actually in a great mood, but refused to smile or stand for any pictures.

And even less cooperative with Mimi & Granddad

I tried to get a picture of her & Jake, and she kept trying to hide behind him

Or climb on him
How do people get these beautiful pictures of their kids on Easter?!?!?!?

Then Hollon got mad that I asked her to put down the bright lime green slinky 

And Jake complained that the sun was in his eyes

Still mad (even though she still has the slinky)

Finally a smile! As she tries to run off.
I gave up and let them change clothes.

We headed over to Mimi & Granddad's to eat and hunt eggs a little more

Hollon got her first lego set (that wasn't jumbo legos), and Jake was excited to help her put it together. 

It was sweet for about 15 minutes. Then Jake got aggravated that Hollon wasn't following the instructions and was just randomly sticking pieces together. But it was sweet while it lasted! 

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